Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Does Responsive Web Design Affect My Website

Responsive web design is a fairly new concept in website development and design. That is fast being a importance in the ever-changing mobile, web, tablet world. With a variety of tablet, smartphone, laptop and pc display dimensions, it is important that you utilize a responsive web design plan and strategy that focuses on one website views that will adjust to each of these display dimensions, for a better consumer experience and user interface.
Currently it is running as best website design and development methods. May be some people will not be aware from it. But I am sure when they will engage with RWD (Responsive Web Design) then will feel likely well for visiting online, viewing on the mobile phones, smartphone, gadgets, tablets, laptops and searching on the web because it it search engine friendly also. Responsive Web Design and Development method helps to the visitors viewing website, functional and tested menu give amazing surfing web experience. Firstly we need to understand the concept of the Responsive web design.
Definition: Responsive Web Design
A web page that responds to the all size of devices like mobile, laptop, tablets, with small to large dimensions, that accesses it and provides the appropriate outcome for it uses responsive design. Rather than developing several websites for different-sized gadgets, this strategy styles one site but identifies how it should appear on different gadgets. Responsive mathematical percentages for images instead of the more traditional fixed-width parameters, designers and developers can create a more fluid design that can adapt to a wide range of displays.

Why Responsive Web Design
The thing is why responsive web design?, why not other? Because the time has been changed and technical elements utilize has taken the place. Today the moment is technical. All kind of business, entertainment, shopping etc happens online. Companies and businesses today need to consider sensitive web layout as an complex piece of their web design technique. With over mobile internet utilization increasing day to day to view the websites. It is important that you make a website that will not only be easily readable on an Apple iPhone, but also easily viewed on a Microsoft company Surface or Android-powered product.
Take for example a site or an e-commerce web page displaying pictures of your products, using your old web style and style technique you make a web page that can be considered completely on a PC or laptop computer, but customers on a mobile, tablet or smartphone, will need to "pinch in and out or run their handy every few a few moments in order to study a tale or see a new product. The mobile and tablet users are increasing fast. They don't want to waste their time to carry out their heavy desktop door to door or in long travel. And it seems unnatural to take out the PC in travels. But now the mobile technology has solved the problems. Every individuals can do any thing on the mobile and also can access their website. They can buy the products and can pay it easily to checkout.
Responsive Web Design Reduce the Development Time
Over half of the U.S. population owning a smartphones, it is become necessary for all businesses and companies to consider how their websites are viewed on mobile phones and whether or not it's about a chance to change their web design strategy and add in responsive web design.
Responsive web design is unbelievable technique because responsive web design utilizes multiple style sheets for the same web page, thereby re-purposing HTML code, whereas a traditional website and mobile website will need to have two different types of code to be written for the website layouts, often from scratch. What would you rather choose, a house that has a sturdy frame and only needs to have a few things done to it in order to become your dream home or start with a blank piece of land and work your way up to a home?
The practice of designing a product or a website to make it available to as many people as possible, regardless of their physical abilities. On the web, this can include using subtitles on video or employing text markup protocols that ensure the content will work with assistive devices (for example, to read the text out loud).
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