Friday, June 29, 2012

One of the most powerful features of magento ecommerce enterprises

First login into your shop by the word "admin" after the web address of your store locations, you can access the administration panel of your store. By default, after logging the Dashboard display.
In the Dashboard, the most recent store displays activity such as:
Most viewed products;
New Customers
In addition there are a number of statistics to be displayed, such as:
Total order value;
Average revenue per order;
Last 5 orders;
Last 5 queries;
Top 5 searches.
Websites and Stores
one of the most powerful features of Magento development company, is the ability to manage multiple websites and stores from a backend. This gives the store manager the ability to manage several stores linked to different URLs and displaying the same products but in different languages ​​at the same URL, along with a variety of different store configurations.

If you only sell your products from a URL in a language you do not need this functionality. The ability to expand to offering your website in different languages ensures that you can quickly grow and enter new markets.

A website is made for one or several stores, which the same customer information, ordering information and shopping cart information sharing.

Stores can be created in several ways. If they belong to the same website, certain information is shared.

Store Views are mainly used for different languages. For example if you have a shop to display in English or Spanish, you once a new store, and this creates two different Store Views.
Creating Multiple Websites and Stores
If you are interested in creating multiple Web sites, stores and / or store views, you can create it by navigating to System> Manage Stores.
For a new site, click Create Web Site right.
Websites each have a unique code is required. This code can be a text name, but without special characters and spaces.

Website name as would a good rule for the Code "new" or "new website" as your website code.
You can change the order of the display by changing websites "Sort order" to be used by this change in the admin area the order of the websites accordingly.

If you have not indicated any website to be displayed, when index.php is called by the browser, your customers will automatically be redirected to the "default website". What you select the Set as default checkbox.
create a new store and click on Create store, top right.
Select the Web site that the store should be associated.

Select the Root Category of magento which the store should be associated. In your categories configuration, it is possible to root multiple classes to create and to associate with different stores. The subcategories and associated products in these categories will only be displayed in the store to which the Root Category is associated.

If you do not want to use different Root Categories for different stores, you can keep the same Root category for all stores.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magento can also be custom-made to an enormous opportunity sites with various types of Magento plug-ins

Magento is a highly effective e-commerce foundation available in both Group and Business models. In order to create you’re on the internet e shops like over globally web huge portion website so Magento is best substitute source to create your e business systems.
Ecommerce is moving the way that world does business in present interval and Magento can help you to mature you’re on the internet e-commerce Magento development foundation.
Magento’s USP is its eye finding and versatile performance of Web Styles which creates the consumer fulfilling and aggravate no cost, thereby improving the ROI (return on investment).
Magento developer providing  you ordering e-commerce solution for your growing businesses including Magento Styles, Magento Customized Style, Magento Customized string, e Business Shop string. Magento also provides Shopping Island with CMS, Customized Getting Page Style providing inclusive flexibility and control over the appearance, and performance of an Online Shop.

Why you should sign up a Magento Developer?

There are plenty of organizations which are expert with Magento platforms provide in a international e-commerce industry. If you want an absolutely properly secured and efficient Magento website, you should get in touch with to the expert Magento designers only.
Magento can also be custom-made to an enormous opportunity sites with various types of Magento plug-ins available.
Many customers have been showing their attention in Magento because Magento is effective, scalable, rich- characteristics and uncomplicated. It has e-commerce characteristics that in long-ago Magento would have price expensive.
Now your customers are able to implement a free foundation with minimal personalization to produce a first-rate online purchasing experience for their guests. Magento value is discover to the public and allows identify, how software works to fix things and add new characteristics.
1)      Flexible Pricing
2)      Increased Average Order Value
3)      Free Shipping Option
4)      Mobile Commerce
5)      Marketing Promotion and SEO Friendly Tools
6)       Import and Export Catalog Management
7)      Multiple Product Browsing and Catalog Browsing
8)      Full Customers Services
9)      One page Checkout 
10)   Multiple Payment Option Supported
11)   Order Management
12)   Flexibility and Conversion

To apart from all Magento allows in growing your pr of website by this means guaranteeing innovative inbound traffic. It also provides you with an outstanding performance to produce Meta tag, xml value, search term and headline for your produced products and classification websites. Magento is the newest providing of products towards progression and use helpful service.
If you have need to seek the services of Magento developer for best Magento development solutions and Zaptech Solutions is a whole Magento development Company providing all form of Magento Services at efficient cost.
Zaptech Solutions allows any form of immediate Messengers for consumer's advantage from that you should reside in get in touch with of their Professional Magento developer through the well-known quick messengers like The search engines, MSN, The search engines Discuss, Skype and besides the phone features also available there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How can make you beneficial By Magento Ecommerce

This company is an Indian based Web Application Development company and website design company. We are offering a leading ecommerce platform in Magento Development Services. We have experts Magento Developer for your ecommerce platforms solutions.
Now there are standing a question in your heart that it’s, Zaptech Solutions who is ecommerce platform of the online businesses by providing services Magento Development. Is Zaptech Solutions proper for your ecommerce platform?
Magento is newest professional open source ecommerce solutions for your growing businesses providing a new technological flexibility and user control panel. Magento has leading features to recognize the latest technological and depend on demand of the new age group.
But we ensure you that Zaptech Solution will be prove correct selection for your online ecommerce store management. We have well experienced Magento Developer and Designer to develop your ecommerce platforms by using latest methodologies and promising a magnificent revolution in the Industries. All our Magento Developers and Designers have extremely experienced and have power over brilliant communiqué skills.
We offer lot of Magento Development related services these are given below line:
·         Magento Website Design Services.
·         Magento Customization Services.
·         Magento Web Development Services.
·         Magento Module Customization.
·         Magento Module Integration Services.
·         Magento Design and Development.
·         Custom Magento Module Development.
·         Custom Landing Page Design.
·         Magento Ecommerce Development.
·         Magento Store Development.
·         Payment Gateway Integration.
If you want to hire a dedicated Magento Developer from India so opt for Zaptech Solutions, Magento Development Company contribution a cost effective ecommerce platform and latest technological user control for online businesses.
Key benefits of Magento ecommerce platform
This open-source application foundation has been designed with a variety of excellent functions, which allows its customers to set up and run internet sites efficiently.
Following are some key points of Magento:
1.       With using Magento as an online marketing progression foundation, customers can benefit themselves with standard layouts and styles. They can change the design of their websites and can also use them on cellular phones.
2.       Magento web technological innovation allows website owners to run several shops using one management section. Users can appreciate promoting same products at different shops, using different costs and in different dialects.
3.       The add-on web theme in this free foundation provide customers to use seo friendly URLs, Meta data, Meta description and pictures for a particular product.
4.       Websites based on Magento software enables its customers to chat with prospective buyers and understand their requirements.
Other features like client control, order to cash control, factory control, design and flash animated design, client commitment programs etc are worth employing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Open Source Developer Survey: Java Still on Top, Mobile Hot, Cloud Not

The Eclipse Foundation has published the results of its annual survey of developers about their usage of Eclipse and other open source tools. Some of the surprising results in "The Eclipse Open Source Developer Report 2012" include the finding that less than half of the respondents reporting that their organizations are deploying applications to the cloud; there's little interest in cross-platform tools for mobile development; and there's serious momentum behind Git as a primary source code management system, which increased to 27 percent from 13 percent last year.

Not-so-surprising: Java continues to be the primary computer language typically used to develop open source software (76 percent), with C/C++ coming in a distant second (7 percent) and dynamic scripter PHP coming in third (5 percent). Also, the popular Maven repository was named as the build and release management product typically used by 42 percent of respondents, up from 31 percent last year. Subversion continues to be the most popular version control system by a mile. And Android and iOS continue to be the most popular targets for mobile development.

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