Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Joomla Development Services Helps Smoother Business Operations

Joomla Development Services Helps Smoother Business Operations Day by day technology services are constantly growing and producing amenities. Today it is hard to imagine a single day devoid of technological services and amenities. What is hard today will be easier tomorrow? What is dream today will be tomorrow’s reality.
Therefore, organizations and small business need to adopt this running technology which is the web based application. Websites act as the face of an organization. Almost fifty percent website owner's businesses are online, selling products or services. They use shopping cart for their transactions. eCommerce businesses need more customization and integration in their website structure.
It is important to maintain an attractive as well as informative website in order to enhance the chances of gaining customer’s attention. In such a condition only the most useful eCommerce platform will be liable to convert their products according to their needs. Joomla gives full control over the customization and integration. Modern platforms like Joomla offer efficient services as far as managing websites is concerned.
Joomla has countless features. Website owners, who are using Joomla CMS, have full command on their sales and profits. Latest version of Joomla 3.0.1 provides numerous flexible functionalities.

Today thousands of websites in the world are running on Joomla platform. Most people who are doing their business online are getting positive results using Joomla and increasing their sales. They want fast moving and instant result websites which would provide them more functional options and smooth communication with their clients.
People can see that there are thousands of websites successfully running on the Joomla CMS. One of the most used techniques in Joomla development is PSD to Joomla conversion, PSD to Joomla conversion services help an organization modify and renovate its website so that it can manage business more efficiently and can have a reach to a large number of people.
It offers a variety of businesses from eCommerce websites to those for exporter and importer. Being an open source it is a highly cost effective Website Development platform for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations. Joomla Websites offer good branding.
Websites made on Joomla CMS can easily be customized by the Website administrators. They can add, edit or delete contents from the website admin panel. From the security point of view, Joomla has best security against spam and Hacking. As there are more than 1000 Website hacks on daily basis. It is an important part of the website security. Professional Joomla Developer work to increase the websites visibility and client’s website security in the search engines.
Choose the right Web Developer to build a robust Web application on the Joomla platforms for online eCommerce business. Do the needful market research and then select the right package of the Joomla Web Development. It is important to know the cost prevailing in the market. No doubt, lots of Joomla Developer India, UK, France are trying to get the clients for the dedicated services and part time but how liable they are depends upon your market research.

Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Things You Can Write As a Blog Comment Instead of Writing "Nice Blog"

So let me share 10 comments you can write other than the one liner "Great Post!"
1. Genuinely explain to them why it helped you
Does this information in this video or article really help you? You want to say thanks to the author? Then say in a few lines how it saved your day. For example, I want to fall asleep early when I go to bed, and I watched a video that shares a tip that helped me go to sleep easily.
So, I went to that video again and wrote a detailed comment on how it helped me, how long it took, and shared with others that it exactly worked.
2. Add the additional information
We see a lot of articles and read a lot of things that we already know. But we like to read the same thing again just to learn one or two new things. If I ask you "How do you get more comments on your blog?" you can come up with 12-15 ways.
But an average article will usually share 10 ways and make a blog post about it. You can drop one more tip in the comment which is not covered in this article. So it will add value and boost your comment.

3. Add your experience about a product/service
Once I wrote an article about my internet provider and asked my readers if they have experiences with them or with their rival company. Amazingly a lot of people shared their experiences with this internet provider and some even wrote about the rival company that they are using. So when you see an article that shares about a product/service you have used, you can drop in your experience as a comment.
4. Join the discussion with others
Some people will ask questions and share opinions in the comments section. You can hit the reply button and start a conversation with those commentators. It shows the author that you are here for the community, not for the shallow promotion.
5. Write something negative
Bloggers are used to hearing nice things. Why don't you write something negative?
I'm not saying you should start a fight for no reason; there are plenty of things which you may disagree about with the author. A smart blogger will keep that comment and continue the discussion. Just remember that you should judge things with facts and not with emotions.
6. Add some missing information
No blog post is perfect. You can always add something to the article.
For an example, someone wrote a tutorial on how to create a logo. They shared everything except the tip on how to make this logo transparent. You can drop a comment giving some extra information on how to make that logo transparent.
7. Add an update for old articles
For an example, you see someone wrote about the Google Reader, a while ago. You can drop a comment to inform that Google Reader is going to shut down soon. There you have it, an updated piece of info that you added to the article. You are awesome!
8. Add more resources in the comments
Blogging is all about sharing information. If you can provide links to articles that provide additional info (related to the post) -people will love it and visit these links.
In WordPress if you put more than 2 links, your comment will be moderated. So make sure you contact the author and explain why you added these links (if you have to.)
9. Introduce yourself and how you found this blog
Sometimes it helps when you introduce yourself in style. A few days ago I landed on a blog from Technorati.com (It is a blog directory.) I landed on that blog, read a couple of posts and dropped my first comment. I was honest and said that I found your blog from technorati and I saw your blog is on the top 10 risers. The author was interested and asked me more about it. So you see I made my debut for that blog and made a contact with the author. The next time I commented, the comment was instantly approved and the author knew about me.
10. Ask a question
This works best when you really want to learn more about this topic directly from the author. Trust me, no matter how pro you are, no matter how many years you are in internet marketing, there are still many things you don't know or you don't understand. I am a pro in WordPress; people hire me to build their websites; I teach my students about this platform. Yet I still don't know anything about taxonomies, and I don't know what I don't know. I asked my friend Courtney about it a few weeks ago and she explained it to me in the simplest form.
As Steve Jobs said "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" -feel free to ask questions, no matter how pro you are and how stupid that is.
And this applies to blog articles, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos. You can make a better place by not writing those one liner comments. You will have more of a chance to get in touch with the author and the readers when you write meaningful comments.
Don't aim for 10 one liner comments. Write just 1 awesome comment a day and you will see how things work out in your favor.
It's okay! We all make mistakes!
Don't think that I am the Mr. Smarty-pants here who does everything right when it comes to commenting. No I don't! I did these mistakes too by writing one liner comments, that's back then when I thought commenting is just for building links. Now I know that commenting is about building relationships and it takes time.
So go ahead and write a comment (genuine) on this article. Write how it helped you; add some missing information; create a discussion; write something that you don't agree with me about; introduce yourself and how you found this post; ask a question; share your experience; add one more point
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Roadmap to Bring PHP Up-to-Date with Top 3 Available Tools

Most PHP Developers are aware of the fact that is only extended PHP tools for website programming. They be able to know the perfect features and development support of the PHP tools on a daily basis. Because it is their profession to get aware all kinds of available tools for programming.
There is a bunch of platforms in the web development technology. But supporting tools and technology is not like old technology while changing the methods and languages of web programming flourished with constant updates and cutting edge technology. And these technologies are helping programmers to bring better roadmap for their client success and grow up the business opportunities.
Bellow is details of tools for PHP which double your programming experience with PHP and JSP so now you need to consider the feature of tools:
  • Windows Azure Platform Tools for PHP

You can do your development in any of the many languages supported on Windows Azure, such as .NET, Node.JS, Java, PHP, or Python. In addition, you’ll get the benefits of Windows Azure’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) for low-latency data access in diverse locations. The Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP are now available in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI). Windows Azure support for open source software applications, frameworks, and tools. This venture provides a set of PHP client libraries that make it easily accessible Windows Azure platforms, blobs, queues (queues and topics), service run time and service management APIs.
  1. create and delete tables
  2. create, query, insert, update, merge, and delete entities
  3. create, list, and delete containers
  4. create block and page blobs (from a stream or a string)
  5. work with blob properties, metadata, leases, snapshot a blob
  6. create, list, and delete queues, and work with queue metadata and properties
  7. create, list, and delete topics, subscriptions and messages
  8. discover addresses and ports for the endpoints of other role instances in your service
  9. query and set the status of the current role
  10. storage accounts: create, update, delete, list, regenerate keys
  11. deployment: create, get, delete, swap, change configuration, update status, upgrade, rollback
  12. hosted services: create, update, delete, list, get properties
  • Visual Studio
PHP is one of the most popular web coding languages for creating website applications. PHP Visible Studio is a PHP IDE (integrated development environment) based on Visible Studio IDE. With PHP Visible Studio programmers do the design, development, debug and set up PHP programs within the Visible Studio IDE. PHP has the biggest pool of rich open source applications, frameworks and sources of easier development environment. PHP Visible Studio key features are around offering rich PHP editor with Smarty editing capabilities and also has the capability to debug PHP scripts locally as well as remotely.
  1. Full PHP 5.4 support
  2. Automatic updates & Easy installation
  3. Seamless integration respecting conventions
  4. PHP IntelliSense, code completion
  5. Function parameters assistant with PHPDoc support
  6. Browse namespaces, classses, functions, variables and constants in your solution
  7. Navigate directly to symbol definitions
  8. PHP/Javascript debugging
  • Kendo UI
Kendo UI is a comprehensive framework for building JavaScript and HTML5 websites and mobile apps.  Traditionally, before the current release it supported ASP.NET MVC wrappers but the current features brings the lot for PHP and JSP server wrappers. With Kendo UI, PHP and JSP developers can form modern HTML5 apps without hand-coding JavaScript.
  1. Kendo UI added Windows Phone 8 support
  2. Server-side wrappers for ASP.NET, PHP and JSP
  3. Single Page Applications (SPAs) architecture
  4. Broad HTML5 support
  5. Kendo UI developers can deliver hybrid mobile applications across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry.
  6. ColorPicker Widget: A cross-browser color picker with palette and spectrum modes, as well as HEX, RGBa and HSLa color model support.
  7. Tooltip Widget: Tooltip widget with support for rich content
  8. Multi-Select Widget: A Facebook-style multi-select widget that allows users to select multiple values in an expanding text box.
  9. DataBars: A bar chart variant that enables the visualization of trends in a series of related data.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Computer Visionary Who Invented the Mouse

Douglas C. Engelbart was 25, just engaged to be married and thinking about his future when he had an epiphany in 1950 that would change the world.
He had a good job working at a government aerospace laboratory in California, but he wanted to do something more with his life, something of value that might last, even outlive him. Then it came to him. In a single stroke he had what might be safely called a complete vision of the information age.
The epiphany spoke to him of technology’s potential to expand human intelligence, and from it he spun out a career that indeed had lasting impact. It led to a host of inventions that became the basis for the Internet and the modern personal computer.

In later years, one of those inventions was given a warmhearted name, evoking a small, furry creature given to scurrying across flat surfaces: the computer mouse.
Dr. Engelbart died on Tuesday at 88 at his home in Atherton, Calif. His wife, Karen O’Leary Engelbart, said the cause was kidney failure.
Computing was in its infancy when Dr. Engelbart entered the field. Computers were ungainly room-size calculating machines that could be used by only one person at a time. Someone would feed them information in stacks of punched cards and then wait hours for a printout of answers. Interactive computing was a thing of the future, or in science fiction. But it was germinating in Dr. Engelbart’s restless mind.
In his epiphany, he saw himself sitting in front of a large computer screen full of different symbols — an image most likely derived from his work on radar consoles while in the Navy after World War II. The screen, he thought, would serve as a display for a workstation that would organize all the information and communications for a given project.
It was his great insight that progress in science and engineering could be greatly accelerated if researchers, working in small groups, shared computing power. He called the approach “bootstrapping” and believed it would raise what he called their “collective I.Q.”
A decade later, during the Vietnam War, he established an experimental research group at Stanford Research Institute (later renamed SRI and then SRI International). The unit, the Augmentation Research Center, known as ARC, had the financial backing of the Air Force, NASA and the Advanced Research Projects Agency, an arm of the Defense Department. Even so, in the main, computing industry professionals regarded Dr. Engelbart as a quixotic outsider.
In December 1968, however, he set the computing world on fire with a remarkable demonstration before more than a thousand of the world’s leading computer scientists at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, one of a series of national conferences in the computer field that had been held since the early 1950s. Dr. Engelbart was developing a raft of revolutionary interactive computer technologies and chose the conference as the proper moment to unveil them.
For the event, he sat on stage in front of a mouse, a keyboard and other controls and projected the computer display onto a 22-foot-high video screen behind him. In little more than an hour, he showed how a networked, interactive computing system would allow information to be shared rapidly among collaborating scientists. He demonstrated how a mouse, which he invented just four years earlier, could be used to control a computer. He demonstrated text editing, video conferencing, hypertext and windowing.
In contrast to the mainframes then in use, a computerized system Dr. Engelbart created, called the oNLine System, or NLS, allowed researchers to share information seamlessly and to create and retrieve documents in the form of a structured electronic library.
The conference attendees were awe-struck. In one presentation, Dr. Engelbart demonstrated the power and the potential of the computer in the information age. The technology would eventually be refined at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center and at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Apple and Microsoft would transform it for commercial use in the 1980s and change the course of modern life.
For more visit : http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/04/technology/douglas-c-engelbart-inventor-of-the-computer-mouse-dies-at-88.html

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Does Responsive Web Design Affect My Website

Responsive web design is a fairly new concept in website development and design. That is fast being a importance in the ever-changing mobile, web, tablet world. With a variety of tablet, smartphone, laptop and pc display dimensions, it is important that you utilize a responsive web design plan and strategy that focuses on one website views that will adjust to each of these display dimensions, for a better consumer experience and user interface.
Currently it is running as best website design and development methods. May be some people will not be aware from it. But I am sure when they will engage with RWD (Responsive Web Design) then will feel likely well for visiting online, viewing on the mobile phones, smartphone, gadgets, tablets, laptops and searching on the web because it it search engine friendly also. Responsive Web Design and Development method helps to the visitors viewing website, functional and tested menu give amazing surfing web experience. Firstly we need to understand the concept of the Responsive web design.
Definition: Responsive Web Design
A web page that responds to the all size of devices like mobile, laptop, tablets, with small to large dimensions, that accesses it and provides the appropriate outcome for it uses responsive design. Rather than developing several websites for different-sized gadgets, this strategy styles one site but identifies how it should appear on different gadgets. Responsive mathematical percentages for images instead of the more traditional fixed-width parameters, designers and developers can create a more fluid design that can adapt to a wide range of displays.

Why Responsive Web Design
The thing is why responsive web design?, why not other? Because the time has been changed and technical elements utilize has taken the place. Today the moment is technical. All kind of business, entertainment, shopping etc happens online. Companies and businesses today need to consider sensitive web layout as an complex piece of their web design technique. With over mobile internet utilization increasing day to day to view the websites. It is important that you make a website that will not only be easily readable on an Apple iPhone, but also easily viewed on a Microsoft company Surface or Android-powered product.
Take for example a site or an e-commerce web page displaying pictures of your products, using your old web style and style technique you make a web page that can be considered completely on a PC or laptop computer, but customers on a mobile, tablet or smartphone, will need to "pinch in and out or run their handy every few a few moments in order to study a tale or see a new product. The mobile and tablet users are increasing fast. They don't want to waste their time to carry out their heavy desktop door to door or in long travel. And it seems unnatural to take out the PC in travels. But now the mobile technology has solved the problems. Every individuals can do any thing on the mobile and also can access their website. They can buy the products and can pay it easily to checkout.
Responsive Web Design Reduce the Development Time
Over half of the U.S. population owning a smartphones, it is become necessary for all businesses and companies to consider how their websites are viewed on mobile phones and whether or not it's about a chance to change their web design strategy and add in responsive web design.
Responsive web design is unbelievable technique because responsive web design utilizes multiple style sheets for the same web page, thereby re-purposing HTML code, whereas a traditional website and mobile website will need to have two different types of code to be written for the website layouts, often from scratch. What would you rather choose, a house that has a sturdy frame and only needs to have a few things done to it in order to become your dream home or start with a blank piece of land and work your way up to a home?
The practice of designing a product or a website to make it available to as many people as possible, regardless of their physical abilities. On the web, this can include using subtitles on video or employing text markup protocols that ensure the content will work with assistive devices (for example, to read the text out loud).
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