Friday, August 31, 2012

Magento has turn into legitimacy ecommerce exhortation

Although we know that magento, ecommerce takes for a successful web implementation - from choosing the right development company and getting the online web shop security.
E-Commerce is no more tenacious an exhortation. It has turn into an authenticity. Ecommerce businesses are competing to survive in this competitive world and are looking forward to new technologies that can help them stay ahead of their competitors and create a unique impression in the minds of the customers, by offering customers not just what they want, but going that extra mile and providing them the customer delight. Magento ecommerce development enables creation of extra-ordinary ecommerce solutions. Magento offers unbeatable features and functions which are not available in any other e-commerce platform.
Magento offers innumerable benefits to users for survival of their business, and hence becomes a preferred choice for ecommerce website development. The multi-store facility and multiple shopping option of Magento provide website owners opportunities to handle multiple number of store’s using a single admin panel. Magento Development provides an excellent platform for development of wide range of ecommerce applications from simple to complex and dynamic.
Magento acts as a complete ecommerce solution for users who wishes to seek online presence and to make profit by selling its products and services on the web. It provide you versatility of features like unlimited product upload, automatic currency conversion, secure payment gateway integrations and much more vital for any online business. The unmatched versatility and scalability of Magento becomes the driving force behind the success of your business.
With an impressive and unique Magento ecommerce website, you are sure to grab the attention of online visitors. The simple and easily navigable interface of Magento website makes it easy for the customers to shop for the products of their choices. The various optimization features will help you offer your visitors great shopping experience, which in turn will keep them coming for more.
An online business owner has total control over his or her online store's look, content and functionality. This feature gives storeowners an edge over their competitors and help in the growth of their business in the desired direction. The platform offers unmatched and unprecedented flexibility to developers to customize a website as per the need and requirement of business.
Development of e-store on this framework is easy, smooth and simpler. Features available allow an expert Magento developer to develop user-friendly online stores that offer comprehensive information about all products and services to customers in quick and attractive way. Magento framework offers websites development that is scalable and flexible enough to integrate with open source software and other applications. This helps in going beyond the functionalities of a web store and increases its productivity and profitability.
Key Features of Magneto Development
  • Multiple, configurable wish list
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Administration permission system roles and users
  • Flexible tax rate management system
  • API for easy integration between magneto and other third party applications
  • Customizable designs that uses templates
  • CMS available for informational pages
  • One click upgrades
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why develop an iPhone Application?

The rising popularity of iPhone has shaped an incredible demand for different types of applications, which fulfill the requirement of the clients from all occupations. With increased use of iPhone worldwide, companies have an opportunity to increase their reach to customers by making their applications available on Mobile Phones and hence, iPhone app developers in the area of Mobile Apps are face with the challenge of creating more innovative, user-friendly, portable, and secure Mobile Apps frequently.

To cater these needs of Mobile Apps Developer, we have geared up to provide complete set of iPhone Application Development services.

Our talent pool of highly skilled iPhone developers leave unturned when it comes to delivering the best quality iPhone App development projects on time and within budget. Our iPhone application developers have abundant expertise in both iPhone client app development as well as in back-end/ server side programming, web services etc. that gives us a leading edge in the iPhone application development industry.
iPhone development industry has boomed after the launch of Apple Apps store in 2008. The Software Development Kit (SDK) released by Apple is widely used by the developers all around the world to create iPhone mobile applications. Our developers use Apple SDK to design and develop apps, which fully exploit iPhone features like, HD touch screen, accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc to give a sparkling performance on your mobile screen.
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3 all the third and fourth generation iPhone models bring along with them lot many capabilities and features. To benefit from these smart phones, it is important to know and understand these phones very well, expose them, explore them to know their potential. iPhone application development team at Zaptech Solutions, started iPhone app development from the very initial days when iPhone were introduced in the market. Our extensive knowledge and experience, which we have gained in developing the iPhone apps during all these years, has helped us to know the platform to the core. Our platform knowledge thus empowers us to deliver the best to clients.
Why develop an iPhone Application?
  • Advertise a business / service / brand through mobile device.
  • To provide mobility
  • Market study and fulfill the requirements
  • For the recreation purpose
  • To satisfy professional requirement and more...
There are thousands of iPhone applications available in the App Store, also hundreds of applications being submitted on daily basis. App Store offers iPhone application developed for iPhone 2G / 3G / 3Gs / 4 etc.
Recently, Apple launched iOS 4 with lots of unique features, which also offer supports to the developers to build desired applications for their clients.
Apple iOS 4 feature highlights:
Multi Tasking – This feature allows multiple applications to run at the same time without slowing down iPhone. It also helps user to switch between any applications without losing the current apps work.
Game Center – This feature allows user to improve gaming experience that is running on iOS platform.
Performance & Stability – iOS 4 controls power efficiently and offers the best possible battery life.
Face Time + iOS 4 – This feature allows user to talk iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi.
There are many other features of iOS 4 which helps developers to create stunning and rich applications considering the original requirements.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dominant and epochal countenance of Joomla web development services

There is a plenty range of content management systems, like Drupal and Word Press, available nowadays, but to be able to get the one which is pocket-friendly and yet state-of the-art, is quite a procedure. By far, Joomla!! Is the most well-known CMS to match these specifications?
Regardless of the dimension or opportunity of the company needs a web page. The on the internet industry is very effective and makes a lot of income. The concern, these days, is not whether one needs a web page or not, but which Articles Control Program (CMS) to select.
Of course Word Press which is quite popular although used primarily for blogging. Drupal is yet another prevalent CMS that is very similar to Joomla, but falls a little behind when it comes to Joomla website development Extensions.
Although you are preparing to try to hire Joomla developers to help you with the web page, (which we would recommend you to because an established can manage everything that has to be taken care of the web page and products) you must know full-well what is it that your web page is operating on, because gradually, it is you who have to be managing it. We record a few factors for you to keep with Joomla Web design.
Layouts -The Joomla web template design catalog has numerous templates that work just fine for a company need. Of course, one can decide to hire Joomla! Web developers from Indian who can build a custom Joomla! Website for you, but if yours is a online company, there is a high possibility that Joomla! Already has a design that provides your need.
Plugins - Joomla Plug-ins enable you to enhance your website's functionality.
Built-in Features -Enhanced built in features of Joomla Website development make your website light-weight, for fast downloading and a more user friendly interface.
Open Source Code - Joomla has an open source code which enables your entire tech support team to troubleshoot it for free. If there is a glitch somewhere, it is not a problem anymore.
Add-ons - Joomla! Web development takes the display mainly because of the numerous add-ons that it has. These add-ons can absolutely convert a primary web page into any stage of complexness that is preferred by your business opportunity. If it is e-commerce that you are looking for or probably want to grow into, Joomla! Website Growth creates it very simple.
Terminology Administrator - It is no invisible proven reality that highest possible income creation happens due to offshore purchases and web existence makes you more available to those customers who are not at a near actual vicinity to where you work from. However, with the Joomla! Language manager, range and language are not any issue. Joomla! Allows you to have a website in whatever language you wish for it to be in, and the administration section in your own language.

Take risk for the professional magento ecommerce website development

Magento was introduced in 2008. Within this short span of time it has created a mark for itself and captured the ecommerce market. Now thousands of online ecommerce web stores are based on Magento platforms.
Magento means a rich solution to implement the perfect ecommerce store. It includes shopping cart, catalog management, search and administration functions also. Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform built on Zend frame work. Magento is most suitable to develop small and medium size online business.
Magento is quite flexible and allows us to alter the prevailing features and modify them into new ones. It has many excellent features which attract the retailers. Magento has some of the most amazing features such as multi store functionality, easy integration, live currency updates, well define clear codes, highly customizable, huge spreadsheet import and much more. One of its important feature is it is SEO friendly.

The Magento Ecommerce Platform combines the flexibility of open-source technology with industry leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over online store operations and get the online sales booming. Online retailers who manage to pay for their own websites always prefer Magento for Ecommerce websites.

Magneto’s open-source E-commerce platform is emerging as the most popular ecommerce solutions available and is a great tool for most web requirements. Now a day, Magento Web shopping carts are famous globally and are first choice of the E commerce merchants as well as the users of these sites. Magento is very popular due to the following features.
  • As it is an open source it requires no license or initial investment to start.
  • It works to fix things and add new features to them.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It adds new look to the existing content.
  • Available with reputed companies at cost affordable rates.
We are a Magento developer from the professional Indian magento development company. We specialize in providing all services of Magento to potential clients. We believe in the philosophy that once a client with us, forever a client of us. So, with such a strong belief, our Magento team of expert developers provides you the qualitative services of Magento customization with high satisfactory work to you.
We have a talented pool of Magento developers that can use all tools of Magento to give you scalable business output. We have experience of managing Magento based stores for various products and size of clients. We understand the importance of online business model and use all the advanced features of Magento to benefit your business flourish.
We use Magento ecommerce development, Magento module development and other platforms to give your client a unique experience. We focus on building high-quality Magento stores and providing marketing and ecommerce consulting services.
Our designers, dedicated magento developers and consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience with Magento and e-commerce. We love working for clients who have passion for e-commerce and we love projects that are marketing-driven.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why you need to seek services of an iPhone Application prosecutor

The iPhone-the most legendary about commercial smart phone of our time-has a number of benefits to offer, not only to the iPhone user but also to the iPhone app developers India.
One of the emerging leaders and specialist in iPhone application development Companies are now developing a fundamental application. Not other its iPhone application development team aims at shortening the time from concept to launch while keeping quality under strict scanner.
With serve a wide range of clients, from enterprise users to mass consumers and can proactively translate the client vision into fully functional iPhone/iPad Apps.
Whether it is custom iPhone application development or design, its team consists of developers and designers who have been delivering customized, scalable and high quality iPhone software on latest SDK for many years. Our skilled iPhone team has first -hand experience of developing a huge variety of applications.
Some of the applications we developed are-
  • Calendar Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Games Apps
  • GPS Tracking App
  • Business Apps
  • Proximity sensor Functionality
  • Coupon Generation Apps
  • Payment Gateways Functionality
  • Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Integration
  • Open source APIs
  • Web services for content population
We have a highly trained and fun loving team on Cocoa framework, Cocoa Touch, Core Service, Media, Web Services who loves to compete in the iPhone development arena.
iPhone is the most powerful and functionality enhanced Smartphone in the world. Later in 2008, Apple Inc. introduced App Store along with SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable 3rd party application development.
App Store allows iPhone developers to submit their applications and offer facility of one click shopping for customer. Apple has already rolled out $1 billion to iPhone developers and recorded that 5 billion apps have been downloaded up to the date.
iPhone application development turned in to a trend soon after the Apple released their Software Development Kit (SDK). There were many possibilities which have been explored by iPhone developers in our company.
Why develop an iPhone Application: -
  • Advertise a business / service / brand through mobile device.
  • To provide mobility
  • Market study and fulfill the requirements
  • For the recreation purpose
  • To satisfy professional requirement and more...
Broaden marketplace, extendable features, classic support makes it easy to develop iPhone applications. Our iPhone application Developer team can help you to indite your desired iPhone app. We have enough experience and quality knowledge of development applications, our iPhone app developers have created little to large applications, games and utilities.
It is not just our knowledge of iPhone application development—the factor that sets us apart is our approach towards a new project. Our development team ensures that we understand your application in detail not just from technical perspective, but also appreciate the business end of it, thus delivering a winning iPhone app.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Put forward a new impression for the Magento ecommerce website

Internet has brought with itself a flood of opportunities. Since the past few years, the growth in the number of online businesses has been increasing. And, this has led to an extremely competitive business environment.
Choosing the right e-commerce platform to establish your online business identity is crucial for your success. Rich e-commerce solution of Magento provides helps online merchants in having a complete control over their online stores. Magento is open source e-commerce software that is used for developing client centric online stores. We specialize in offering Magento Development services at affordable rates. We have experience in undertaking Magneto Development Projects for our clients in different industries.
Magento provides a revolutionary platform and the perfect e-commerce solution; it fulfills all your business needs and opens up new possibilities and horizons for your business to grow. It offers you a number of solutions including scalability, flexibility and all what is needed by your business to flourish and expand.
The specialty of Magento which sets it apart from other platforms is that it gives you the litheness to customize the content as per your choice. You have complete control and this is the add-on which lets you yield the maximum output.
It is an exceptional open source ecommerce solution that allows you to add and edit the products according to your needs and that too without any specific knowledge. Magento is a software application written in PHP and is closely integrated with Zend framework. In sake of open source, it is offered completely free of cost and can be downloaded easily on your server.
It is one of the most dependable and advanced e-commerce platforms today. Considering the low deployment and maintenance costs of an open source solution, it is ideal for both small and large ecommerce businesses. We have a large team of Magento developers who can do wonders with Magento ecommerce web shop. It has by far one of the most robust, free shopping cart Ecommerce utilities. With it’s easy to install and rich front-end and back-end features, it beats out rest of the e-commerce Software.
We help you customize Magneto's multi store retailing functionality with which you can easily attract your target audience and expand your business. Our Magento developers develop the best e-commerce website with which you can have full control over the entire look and feel of your Magento stores.
We are proficient in Magento Development, Magento Extensions Development, E-Commerce Store Development, Designing Shopping Cart with CMS, Designing Custom Landing Page, Callout Graphics and Photo Editing, Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects.
Magento ecommerce services include
  • Search Engine Optimization for Online Store using Magento
  • Customized Magento Themes Design &Integration
  • Shipping Methods Integration
  • Magento Website Redesign, Upgrade and Enhancements
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How use Filtering Input in PHP

User input cannot be trusted. Malicious user can always supply the application with unexpected data. As such malformed input data can cause undesired application actions, it is important to filter all user input and validate that it matches the intended patterns.
In the context of PHP applications, typical user input are URL parameters, HTTP post data, and cookie values. PHP makes these user input values available for the application via the following global arrays:
• $_GET – data from get requests
• $_POST – post request data
• $_COOKIE – cookie information
• $_FILES – uploaded file data
• $_SERVER – server data
• $_ENV – environment variables
• $_REQUEST – combination of GET, POST, and COOKIE
If the feature Register Global is turned on, PHP also creates global variables for the con-tents of the above arrays. It is strongly recommended to turn this feature off, however if it is turned on, the values of these global input variables must be treated as user input too. See section 2.3 for more information about Register Global.
Depending on the scenario, it might be necessary to consider data from sources like files or databases as user input too. This might for example be necessary if the application fetches data from third party databases.
In order to ensure that all user input is filtered before it is used in the application; it is advisable to adhere to the following guidelines:
• Use variable names that make clear whether the contained user input is already vali-dated or not. For example store the filtered data in variables with the prefix “clean_”.
• Make sure that the application exclusively use these clean variables for accessing user input. Especially input arrays like $_GET should never be used as input for any function other than validation functions.
• Always initialize all clean variables. Otherwise attackers might be able to write their own values into these variables if the Register Globals feature is turned on. That way is would be possible to bypass any filtering mechanisms.
Moreover, the global array $_REQUEST should not be used for accessing user input. It hides the source of its contents. Scripts accessing data from $_REQUEST cannot determine whether this data originates for example from server environment variables, GET requests or POST requests. This knowledge is sometimes necessary in order to determine what kind of filtering is necessary.
Useful tools for validating user input are PHP’s cast operators. They convert the data type of variable values. As all user input to PHP scripts is supplied as string, these operators can be used for converting input parameters to their destination type. The following cast operators are the most useful with respect to filtering user input:
• (int), (integer) – cast to integer
• (bool), (boolean) – cast to boolean
• (float), (double), (real) – cast to float
• (string) – cast to string
Other useful functions are the character type functions. They check for example whether a string consists of only alphanumeric characters. PHP provides various of these functions that check for different character classes. The following list contains especially useful examples with respect to input filtering:
• ctype_alnum()
• ctype_alpha()
• ctype_digit()
More specialized methods for validating user input are presented in the following sections of this paper.
• Do not trust user input. Validate it carefully.
• Access user input only via the global arrays $_GET, $_POST, etc.
• Use a dedicated naming convention for variables that contain the filtered input.
• Make sure only these variables are used for accessing user input throughout the application. Filtering functions should be the only exception.
• Always initialize all variables that store clean user input.
• Use cast operators for converting user input to the desired type.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Best marketing promotions and tools offering ecommerce Magento-II

This content is showing further activities and features of Magneto eCommerce Development store. Increase in the popularity of Magento eCommerce for developing online stores is well backed by the highly advantageous features which Magento provides.
Catalog Management Offering
  • Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Inventory Management with Backordered items, Minimum and Maximum quantities.
  • Batch Import and Export of catalog.
  • Batch Updates to products in admin panel.
  • Google Base Integration.
  • Simple, Configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), Bundled and Grouped Products.
  • Virtual Products.
  • Downloadable/Digital Products.
  • Customer Personalized Products - upload text for embroidery, monogramming, etc.
  • Tax Rates per location, customer group and product type.
  • Attribute Sets for quick product creation of different item types.
  • Create Store-specific attributes on the fly.
  • Media Manager with automatic image resizing and watermarking.
  • Advanced Pricing Rules and support for Special Prices (see marketing tools).
  • Search Results rewrites and redirects.
  • Approve, Edit and Delete Product Tags.
  • Approve, Edit and Delete Product Reviews.
  • RSS feed for Low Inventory Alerts.
Full Catalog Browsing Offering
  • Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Category View and Purchase permissions per on customer group (limited catalog access) Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Categories.
  • Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Search Results.
  • Static Block tool to create category landing pages.
  • Ability to assign designs on category and product level (unique design per product/category).
  • Configurable search with auto-suggested terms.
  • Recently viewed products.
  • Product comparisons.
  • Recently compared products.
  • Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Items.
  • Popular Search Terms Cloud.
  • Filter by Product Tags.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Product listing in grid or list format.
  • Breadcrumbs.
Product Browsing Offering
  • Multiple Images Per Product
  • Product Image Zoom-in Capability
  • Product Reviews
  • Related Products
  • Stock Availability
  • Multi-Tier Pricing Upsell
  • Product Option Selection
  • Grouped Products View
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Send to a Friend with Email.
Store Design
  • Professional Themes
  • Upgradeable Themes
  • Industry-specific Themes
  • Design Editor
  • Drag and Drop Layout Customization
  • Edit Themes with CSS
  • Create or upload custom CSS
  • Upload custom logo and images
  • Edit Web Page Text
  • Customize System Labels and navigation buttons
  • Customizable layered navigation
  • Category-specific design
  • Design marketing and content pages
  • Override active theme for specific products and categories
  • Design grouped products view for customers
  • Customize Search Results
  • Design Static Category pages
  • Popular Search Term Cloud
  • List products in grid or list formats.
  • Payment Gateways:
      • Authorize.net
      • Authorize.net Direct Post
      • Braintree
      • Card Gate Plus
      • CCAvenue
      • CyberSource
      • DIBS Payment Services
      • eBay
      • Google Checkout
      • Ogone
      • PAYBOX
      • PAYONE
      • PayPal Express Checkout
      • PayPal Website Payments Pro
      • PSIGate
      • Sage Pay
      • WorldPay
  • Payment Methods:
      • Credit Card
      • Check or Money Order
      • Gift Cards
      • Purchase Order
      • Store Credits
      • Zero subtotal checkout
  • Checkout
      • One Page Checkout
      • Integrated, real-time shipping rates from FedEX, UPS, USPS and DHL
      • Flexible Credit Card Charging - Authorize Only, Authorize and Charge
      • Guest Checkout
      • Register Users
      • Tax and Shipping Charge Estimations
      • Optional Account Creation During Checkout
      • Save Shopping Carts
      • Ability to charge for VAT
      • Store Credits
We provide Magento Development services to the global market. Our Magento developer team has well organized and has the proper skilled in magento ecommerce website development and design. Need help; hire magento developer for the best and unique web development services.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Now Mobile Apps strive to indite a seamless brand experience

We know that a lot of work goes into creating and establishing your brand new product or application. We understand that your mobile applications will be an extension of that brand, so Mobile apps Development Company strive to indite a seamless brand experience that connects to you and your customers in the most engaging ways.

The need to have an app of your own becomes more urgent and obvious with each passing day, as consumers increasingly choose to interact with businesses through wireless mobile devices. It's no longer a luxury, but a convenience they have grown to expect— communication, service, entertainment and research needs must be accessible at their fingertips, no matter where they happen to be.
By responding to this demand and developing iPhone, Android, window, symbian, BREW apps that allow them to connect conveniently, smart businesses, manufacturers, and service providers are strategically positioning themselves as attentive, responsive and sensitive to their customers' needs.
With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, organizations are keen on making significant advancements in the mobile space. Organizations are focusing on Mobile Application Development as a lever to improve operational excellence and efficiencies, reduce cost, and enhance customer experience. The functionality of mobile phones is also changed and getting more and more useful from first generation to third generation phones.
Mobile phone now are not only used for communication but have converted in multi functioning devices such as storing data, numbers, messages, email, multimedia, Gaming, songs, video, Bluetooth connectivity and many more. The whole picture of Mobile development is changing.
We believe the most successful mobile and web applications are conceived out of solid, well thought out strategy, elegant and well formed architecture, and beautiful, unique design.
The competitive mobile market requires a company to make a number of significant choices: the device your application ought to use; the operating system and the networks that should be relied on etc.
If you are looking for a mobile application developer to bring your project to life, you are in the right place. At company service, we build mobile apps. It’s all about understanding your organization and your mobile needs in order to indite a valuable, intuitive and enjoyable experience for your users. We are a full-service mobile app development firm offering end-to-end solutions for organizations and individuals.
Company Solutions is an expert idea in mobile application development and is specialized in integrating various mobile platforms with back-end services. With many mobile applications released and more are coming, Company has a proven record of successfully designing, developing, and delivering mobile applications and websites on iPhone/iPad, Android and other devices.
With a large pool of talented and experienced mobile developers, Company can quickly turn your business needs into solid mobile applications.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best marketing promotions and tools offering ecommerce Magento-I

This article has been stated in the Two Parts. The first is showing below right now. Friends In the best marketing promotions era magento ecommerce web shop is the robust and keeps the flexible features. Magento has huge list of features which I cannot show you in the short But I promise to your to sharing a full and complete information regarding marketing promotions tools of magneto ecommerce Store.
Increase in the popularity of Magento eCommerce for developing online stores is well backed by the highly advantageous features which Magento provides.
Some key features include:
Marketing Promotions and Tools Offering
  • Private (Club) Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Flexible Coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories. For example: Percent Discount | Fixed Amount Discount | Free Shipping | Buy x, get y free. | Buy x, get y with percent or fixed amount discount | Buy x, get free shipping on order | Buy x, get percent discount | Buy x, get fixed amount discount.
  • Catalog Promotional Pricing by percentage or fixed amount with ability to restrict to stores, categories, products.
  • Free Shipping Option.
  • Multi-Tier pricing for quantity discounts.
  • Bundled Products.
  • Customer Group-specific pricing and group-specific tier pricing.
  • Landing Page Tool for Campaigns.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's.
  • URL Rewrites.
  • Recently Viewed Products.
  • Recently Compared Items.
  • New Items Promotional Tool.
  • Up-sells in Shopping Cart.
  • Cross-sells on product pages.
  • Send to a Friend for all visitors, or registered users only.
  • Send Wishlist to a Friend by Email or RSS.
  • RSS Feeds for New Products, New Specials and New Tags.
  • Auto-generated Site Map.
  • Google Site Map.
  • Polls.
  • Newsletter Management.
Complete Analytics and Reporting Offering.
  • Logging of Administrator Actions Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics.
  • Admin Dashboard for Report Overview.
  • Sales Report.
  • RSS feed for New Orders.
  • Tax Report.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Report.
  • Best Viewed Products Report.
  • Best Purchased Products Report.
  • Low Stock Report.
  • Search Terms Report.
  • Product Reviews Report.
  • RSS feed for New Reviews.
  • Tags Report.
  • RSS feed for New Tags.
  • Coupon Usage Report.
  • Total Sales Invoiced.
  • Total Sales Refunded.
  • Best Customers Report by Total and Number of Orders.
Search Engine Optimization Offering
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly.
  • Google Site Map.
  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL's.
  • Meta-information for products and categories.
  • Auto-generated Site Map for display on site.
  • Auto-Generated Popular Search Terms Page.
Site Management Offering
  • Content Staging and Merging. Support for both on-demand and scheduled merges and rollbacks of content. Feature available to Enterprise Edition only.
  • Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed.
  • Multi-Lingual.
  • Support for localization.
  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Administration Permission System Roles and Users.
  • Web Services API for easy integration between Magento and any third-party application.
  • Flexible tax rate management with support for US and International markets.
  • Fully 100% customizable design using templates.
  • Customer Groups.
  • One-Click Upgrades.
  • Content Management System for Informational Pages.
  • Google Website Optimizer Integration for A/B and Multivariate Testing.
We provide Magento Development services to the global market. Our Magento developer team has well organized and has the proper skilled in magento ecommerce website development and design. Need help; hire magento developer for the best and unique web development services.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why use the ecommerce web stores platforms for the product and shopping based website

In the modern world, the scope of ecommerce websites has increased leaps and bounds. One of most popular web development is Magento. Magento is an open source for E commerce. And now I am going to indicate the company that has experienced team to design ecommerce sites with Magento web development.
Magento Ecommerce store helps to build an ecommerce web site with advance feature in less time & money. Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce web store based platform built on open-source technology that provides online retailers with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. It is designed to be completely scalable; Magento offers retailers the ultimate eCommerce solution.
It is attractive and professional websites that enhance the marketing, business and profit goals of clients. These are useful in building business rapport of respective companies. From building your site, marketing your products or building content, Magento Development Services can provide a complete solution. This allows you to focus on what your do best, run your business! It doesn’t just build websites, rather than build user experiences that generate revenue and streamline business operations.
There are so many professional Magento Development Company based in India providing Magento eCommerce development services at affordable rate and high volume services. We’ve been working with Magento development since the early days when the platform just came out in early 2008 and have been using it ever since.
Company has specialized in top-notch website design, online marketing, and e-commerce. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies. Since last 4 years, we have built our reputation by creating superior returns on investment for our clients. We create integrated customer interactions that build better brand experiences and business performance.
Magento eCommerce solutions provide scalability, flexibility and features designed to grow your business. Magento implementations deliver feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer online merchants flexibility and control of the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel.
It is has the large number features of ecommerce development circle, where you can get the lot of benefits to find out the magento based services. Product categories and catalogs management is the normal face of the magento platforms. Clients can gross the help benefits and ideas it ends points of services from the best professional Magento developers.
For more information and help users can find us from best Magneto Development Company in India, Which are providing leading services and grouped the dedicated Magneto Developers India. Hire Magento programmer form the ecommerce website company.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This is new might hit you hard to brace yourself for downloading iPhone 5

If you are being wondering tips on how to upload songs to your new iPhone5, download. you‘ve come to the right place, because in this article we will offer you a step-by-step guide on the you have to do to put music on your own your iPhone 5. So get ready guys.
The most recent Apple iPhone 5 has started to be one of the most common entertainment little bit of hardware acquirable right now. One of the main ways in which this brand-new innovatory cell phone is going to be software package lied is for platting music.
Because this brand new gadget seems to integrate every one of the possible leisure that is acquirable now in iPhone 5. You can use it for you to browse the net, listen to tunes (works just like an iPod).
The first is to hook up the iPhone to your computer, and transfer the music that is certainly currently stored in your hard drive. And you can supplyitionally download songs to your software package iPhone by searching for some significant libraries of music which might be currently on the net.
You tend to make use of pc with regard to both these kind of 2 methods for putting songs on your iPhone 5.iPhone 5 Download. To the first technique, brand, home accents. You will need a personal computer to obtain software that is going to allow you to copy the songs from your favorite CDs for your computer, new. And encode this to MP3.brand. One of the most well-liked software that will does that‘s Audio Grabber.
It‘s easy to make use of and all you need to do is press a button supplyitionally you may copy a music Compact disk to your laptop or computer. And from a difficult drive it will be possible to copy the songs to your software package iPhone.
The first step that can be used to enrich your iPhone 3gs 5 with plenty of music would be to transfer the normal music that is by now on your computer. This can be one of the quickest steps. iPhone. Can be as easy to do is use a software called ripper, 5.
That is certainly able to replicate your tunes from your disc having a significantly greater rate than the regular CD playback, new. This means that dependent your CD-ROM drive pace you will be able copying an audio CD throughout 5-10 minutes…
One of several hardest techniques for getting music to your iPhone5 is by getting a reliable totally free music acquire source. As an exorable if you tend to utilize P2P software you might get found and put in the very same time a number of spyware and adware, the. That induce damage category to your personal machine.
Another way you can manage category downloaded songs legally is with the software provided by Apple: i-tunes. This tunes download software lets you acquire music from the internet, decade. But you must pay for each song which you download.

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Joomla Custom Website Development Services

Web development technologies companies are changing their way to leading specialist in the development of powerful Joomla content management system. One thing we know that we are one of the most in the Joomla development company and so we bring you array of services that deal with Joomla!
We developed our Joomla services with the main goal of catering ever-growing demands of Joomla requirements.
What have we done?
Our web systems focus on skills around Joomla development and web design and growth. We are not new in this industry. We have 5 years + experience and have thousands of testimonials. Our Joomla development company has a team of highly skilled of 500 hundreds developers’ designers group. We have built thousands of successful website based on Joomla! CMS.
We have been developing portals, complex applications and directories that require custom Joomla modules, plug-ins and components. Our expertise in Joomla development services is not just installing or setting up Joomla websites.
Our Joomla expert team can take a project of any size and scale. We can build the solution our client’s specifications. There is nothing too big or too small for us. Every new project is a pleasurable challenge for our company.
We take pride in providing a tailored and custom Joomla web service that meets our client’s requirements, no matter how simple or complex they are. Most of our client’s websites are built with Joomla. What you get is a bug free open source and a community driven CMS.
We realize satisfaction in providing a designed and custom Joomla web design service that fits our customer's requirements; it is no matter how complicated or simple they are. Most of our customer's websites are built with Joomla! What you get is a bug free and a community motivated CMS.
We can provide you these services:
Joomla component development
• Joomla module development
• Joomla template design
• Joomla custom development
• Joomla ecommerce development
• Joomla community site
• Joomla mover’s website
• Joomla plug in development
• Joomla menu development
• Virtuemart template development
• Upgrade Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 website
• Convert HTML to Joomla
• Convert PSD to Joomla
Do not hesitate to give us a call. We can be the Joomla designer and developer for your next project. Contact us right now and Hire dedicated Joomla programmer! We always present with our web development services at affordable price for you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

What we can offer you for your Joomla website

Do you need help and suggestion regarding you Joomla website development and designing? We can help and provide the essential solutions for your quotes. We have profession team of Joomla programmers because Joomla web development is our specialized.
When you need a reliable website which makes results and get you payback mean to say where you find the higher business volume, Zaptech Solutions Joomla development services are rated the best. Let us tell you why...
Our Joomla development services go way beyond assistance. We associate with you to not only provide you the expert Joomla developers that you would anticipate from a Joomla web development company. We get websites achievements. We are a one-stop store. It means, we do not just make a website for you rather than we are here to help you make effective internet company existence, now and later on.
Joomla website design and development is a set of procedures. If you don't have a web page then your first step would be to take a look at our Joomla web design solutions. Joomla website makes up a set of services that we provide. Getting designed in order to fulfill the objectives that you would have for your web page and business. Our objective is to help you generate the profitable outcomes over your online business.
Joomla is written in PHP, uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques and software design patterns, stores data in a MySQL or (since version 2.5) MS SQL database, and includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, search, and support for language internationalization.
Here are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors:
• One of the first factors we ask is why? We are not drones; we offer reviews, recommendations, thoughts.
• We pay attention. Knowing what you want and planning a direction is extremely important to your achievements.
• We analysis and assess to create sure we are offering you with exactly what you need.
• Our designers generate ideal value which can be authenticated against the W3C Requirements for quality.
• We can always be achieved. You can e-mail us, or you can choose up the cell phone and here us talk in British.
• We have received awards year after year for the work we produce on the internet for our excellence in service.
• We are innovative, ideal, careful, communicative, practical, funds oriented and always satisfied :)
• We offer guarantees and complete assistance for all perform that we do.
• And lastly, we are not about the venture, we are about the connection. Come develop one with us!
Discovering the right organization to hire dedicated Joomla programmers can be a complicated process. So, we provide our collection, sources, recommendations and cost-effective services to create sure that you can be assured your venture is getting done right once. There is nothing more intense, then shelling out someone to do a venture that they can't, probably won't or don't complete.

Why users prefer Magento due to its flexibility

Magento is innovative e-commerce foundation. There are many free frameworks to make your e-commerce sites, but Magento by far is the best. For a Magento Developer it needs time for you to comprehend, but once you know how framework and framework performs, Magento can be fun to perform with.
Users prefer Magento due to its flexibility. Here we have recapitulated some constructive Magento plug-ins for you. Magento has a number of plug-in or plug-ins that help to update your web shop, improve its performance and take your Magento shop to the next stage. Magento has a big list of compensated and free plug-ins. Paid plug-ins provide business stage functions and performance.
Here I am trying to emphasize some of the free Magento plug-ins those are incredibly useful for handling delivery, e-mails, layouts, item pictures, publication subscribers and many other features.
  1. Canonical URLs for Magento adds the canonical links to Magento pages.
  2. Yoast MetaRobots is a useful SEO plugin that adds meta robots tags to Magento pages
  3. Remerce CMS Meta Robots is another meta tag plugin for Magento.
  4. MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting helps you to measure the rate of return of email campaigns you’ve created. It tracks everything from clicking the email, to visiting your website to the end of the purchase process. MailChimp aggregates the information and display it on your campaign report.
  5. Auto CrossSell Products automates product cross sell maintenance. If a customer checks out, all the products chosen are linked as cross sell products.
  6. Lazzymonks Twitter displays Twitter updates and allows updating by the admin.
  7. Product Gallery Importer lets you import multiple product images from a CSV file.
  8. Lazzymonks Google Ads adds the Google Ads blocker.
  9. Auctionmaid Matrxrate enchances shipping fee table rate for international shipping.
  10. Category admin product tab : edit product link adds a product edit link in the category tab.
  11. Change Attribute Set lets you change product attributes after your product is registered.
  12. Fontis WYSISYG ads what you see is what you get feature in product description.
  13. Mass Product Relater registers related products, up-sells and cross-sells.
  14. Fooman Google Analytics Plus tracks every individual page and track actual typed keywords by your user.
  15. Advanced Sitemap lists products from current store.
  16. Post Affiliate Pro Connector automatically handles click and sale affiliate tracking using Javascript or PHP API.
  17. IW PayPal Standard Currencies lets you choose any PayPal supported currency and adds in your shops admin panel.
  18. J2T Points & Rewards allows to the customer do gather points on products they are buying. The points can be used for discount on other purchases.
  19. Fontis SecurePay payment module process payments through SecureXML gateway.
  20. Checkout Newsletter sends newsletters to the customers about your latest sales, newest products and special offers.
  21. Events Calendar displays your events on your website.
  22. Exploded Menu replaces standard menu with a multi-column drop down menu system.
  23. Magento EasyLightbox displays the images of your products as a lightbox.
  24. Fooman Invoice=Order Number creates separate invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers for one order.
  25. Teaserbox shows the teasers of your products if they are available.
  26. Magento EasyTabs adds additional informational tabs on product page.
  27. MostViewed module automatically generates the list of your store’s most viewed products and displays it at the homepage in the customer area.
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