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iPhone & iPod Touch Overview

The iPhone and iPod are specific types of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that run the iPhone operating system. A PDA is a handheld, multifunction mobile device equipped with computing and information storage and retrieval competence.
Traditionally, PDAs were designed as an electronic personal organizer that stored addresses, appointments and task lists. Today, PDAs use wireless networks to access web content remotely; send/ receive email and some, like the iPhone, are known as Smart phones because they function as cellular phones.
This exercise is designed to help you familiarize yourself with some basic features found on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Complete the scavenger hunt by finding the features listed in the column on the left, on your particular device. Write the location of each in the column on the right. You may work individually or as a group for this activity.
The iPod Touch and iPhone are equipped with a touch screen, buttons and icons that control their functionality. The iPod Touch/iPhone can be locked when not in use. When the device is locked, nothing happens if you touch the screen.
The iPod Touch/iPhone can also be locked with a pass code by default, the device will also lock automatically if you don’t touch the screen for a minute.
If you want to lock your iPod touch so press the sleep/wake button and for unlock iPod touch presses the home button or the sleep/wake and drag the slider.
Turn iPod Touch completely off so press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then drag the slider. To turn iPod Touch on to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
A touch screen allows users to interact directly with what is displayed on the screen, rather than indirectly via a mouse or stylus. The iPhone Application Development and iPod Touch are equipped with capacitive touch screens, which means that they only respond to finger contact and will not work with a gloved hand or stylus.
There are many applications included with the iPod Touch and iPhone. Only those listed on the subsequent pages are relevant to the PDA project. Touch any application to open it.
To the calendar enter appointment details by tapping each of the following fields. iPhone Application Developer can manage location, Starting and ending times (or turn on All-day if it’s an all-day event), repeat times—none, or every day, week, two weeks, month, or year. We can use alert time—from five minutes to two days before the event
Once you’ve joined a Wi-Fi network manually, iPhone/iPod Touch automatically connects to it whenever the network is in range. If more than one previously used network is in range, the iPhone/iPod Touch joins the one last used.
Most things are the mail feature allows to users to their e-mails box. Mail sends and retrieves email in real time on the iPhone. The iPod Touch sends and receives email during synchronization. Both of these devices work with the most popular email systems—including Yahoo! Mail, Google email, AOL, .Mac Mail—as well as most corporate email systems. Mail allows you to access PDFs and other attachments and view them on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Why PHP web developers is most important to develop your web pages

We know that lot of outsourcing companies available in the industry with skills in PHP web development. To create the best option for the website, it is essential that you have a well-maintained web page with the necessary details about your company.
As an entrepreneur it is important that you have a business website, where all information about your products and services can be found. The internet has become the best way for people to buy different products because that way they save time and money. It is important that your website has a professional look and contains all the information you need your customers to know. For such a website it is recommended to use PHP Web developers work. They are experienced with the work which will then pass on to your website.
The web page designed will tell you a lot of things about clients and his items. Hire PHP Developers who knows all the primary and innovative website development methods and will be able to use it for your web page to provide it the preferred look. After developing the web page, your organization will obtain the necessary interest it needs from clients globally.
An experienced PHP web developer can work on your site and give you all the benefits that your company deserves. These professionals have extensive experience in developing websites for individuals and legal entities. To find a reliable company, you can visit various websites and read the comments and written opinions
A professional web development company ensures that your website is easy to navigate for users. Currently, there are many experts in the market, and we recommend that you take the time to choose the best.
It is most important that your web page provides item details, images, accessibility position, delivery details, transaction alternatives etc. and a good PHP web developer can consist of all these. After guaranteeing that your site's designing and development is done as it was required, examine how well it functions and let your clients know about its release.

PART- 3: Centre spot of Magento development channel line. Pre-Launch Checklist

Hi friends now I am going to show you a next part of this article. This is the 3rd part of the Centre Point of Magento development guide line. Pre-Launch Checklist.
Error Page Design- When there is an error on the site, or the maintenance.flag file is set, a different theme is used to display the error message. Without changing this your customers will see the Magento logo and default theme. To adapt this page to your own template you will need to modify the files located in the errors directory. You will not want the error page to print a stack trace. To stop this happening open errors/local.xml (assuming you are working from the sample), and then change the action from “print” to “email”. You can then set an email address for it to send the error report to.
Index Management- Make sure you have re-indexed after making any catalogue changes.
Caching- Caching, although on by default would have been the first thing you disabled when beginning development. So, remember to re-enable and refresh it when you are ready to go.
System Compilation- Another essential way to keep the loading time of your Magento website down is to compile it. Page loading times are said to have a performance increase of up to 50%, this is definitely not something you want to miss out on. You will be able to find settings for this in System ? Tools ? Compilation.
Google Analytics- Your client is going to want to see how traffic fairs from day one. Magento does all the hard word for you (as per usual). Set up your Google Analytics account and then put your account number in System ? Configuration ? Sales ? Google API ? Google Analytics.
Google Base- Another essential Google service that is already integrated into Magento. There are a few steps to do this, but Inchoo have written a nice article on it.
Google Sitemap- No excuses for this one, my Grandmother could do it and she still thinks the postman delivers your emails (true story). Simply “Create Sitemap” in Catalog ? Google Sitemap. Then, if you are using Google Webmaster Tools you can also point Google towards it. There are further settings for this, e.g. to automatically regenerate the sitemap, and they can be found in System? Configuration? Catalog? Google Sitemap
Newsletter Subscriptions- Test that customers can sign up and unsubscribe and that newsletters can be sent out. You don’t want to be testing this process once you have real customers in the system.
Shipping Methods- If you are using a fixed product or cart fee then make sure it is set. If you are going down the cart weight route then you should confirm that the logic is correct and that all products have weights attached to them
Payment Gateways- Double check that your payment gateway is ready to jump from testing to live.
SSL Certificate- This is one that is often “left on the shopping list”. Many payment gateways will not allow you to take the system live until you have one.
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iPhone 5: 2012 Earlier entrance with 4G LTE support

Early in this past week, we published an article suggestive of that in addition to production issues; Apple may have delayed the release of the iPhone 5 in order to entrance time to build more features to the smartphone, given that the iPhone 4 is still selling very well.
A slide-show titled "10 Reasons Why Apple Should Delay the iPhone 5 until 2012" from Don Reisinger on week shares our sentiments.
As to the release date, hundreds of articles, quoting various sources, including "people familiar with the plans," or "sources inside Apple", or "a supplier who refuses to be identified," have been saying that Apple will start selling the iPhone 5 in September or October (depending which source you believe).
A report this week from 9to5mac.com, quoting sources inside Apple, says that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has been deciding between an Oct. 7 or Oct. 14 launch date but since pre-mass-production line is moving along nicely, Apple is leaning towards the earlier launch date of Oct. 7.
Latest iPhone 5 rumors point to 4G LTE support
New evidence recommends that Apple's iPhone 5 could have 4G LTE support, and land in stores as early as October 7. And iPhone Application Development Company is putting the forecast challenge that the next iPhone is so close, we can almost smell it.
Apple’s much-anticipated fifth-generation handset is leaving a trail in the form of two new rumors that give us a fragment more lucidity about what we should expect in upcoming iPhone products.
In short, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Apple and other iPhone application developer companies are testing the 4G waters — of course they are — but nothing concrete to show that the next iPhone will have that capability. We are still skeptical that Apple will place too much weight on a wireless infrastructure that is still very much under development, but anything’s possible.
The iPhone 5 has spent the past few months not being able to get a date. A release date, that is. But that’s changed now that we’re entering that stretch of the calendar year in which the gig is up by default: Apple doesn’t introduce new products any later than September and doesn’t put them on sale any later than October, meaning you’ll get yours ASAP.
In fact the odds are good that you’ll need to wait until the iPhone 6 before Apple finds its way onto either of the nation’s second-tier major carriers, each for a different practical reason.
The Smart Group of iPhone Team

Know why PHP involved with Rapid Application Development (RAD)

ocial media program and intranet web programs. This clearly testifies that with each moving day, the need to seek the services of PHP designers is improving.
Now you need to probability the organizations that have enough knowledgeable PHP developers to execute on your project. You should that organization has a healthy standing in the IT industry and has at-least 5 years of encounter of web development and designing alternatives using PHP language.
Expenditures also do problem a lot but never go for those organizations those are willing to offer you the alternatives at very cost-effective prices as when in evaluation to others. Meet to those who have well experienced in PHP development as well involved in PHP prototyping.
Prototyping has progressed as a crucial stage in web deve

PHP is generally used for website development because it is not only give interoperable with several HTTP hosting server connections but also with data source connections in companies My SQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and Informix. Since PHP web Development Company holds a stunning likeness to JavaScript, so it is no more a task to discover and seek the services of PHP developers.
Moreover PHP provides a protected atmosphere for the development of web centered alternatives through several protection stages. Another significant benefit that makes it popular is the assistance that it comes from the free open source platforms. The free groundwork of PHP allows developers across world to add additions and new features in website development. PHP development includes certain specific factors crucial to development of website and they are object oriented programming, template engines, security, regular expression, management of emails, PHP frameworks, Paypal integration, payment processing checkouts, and database tutorials etc..
PHP development embrace a huge range of web configuration possibilities and they include web programs, CMS, e-commerce programs, RIA development, job places, slopment and design because it allows including significant thoughts while planning one more programming specifications for the system. Now Rapid Application Development (RAD) is one of the prospective software development strategies that allow rapid prototyping.
Intertwined with various arranged methods, information technological innovation systems and prototyping methods, RAD is considered to have permitted quicker growth and excellent application servicing. Now PHP is known to allow the Rapid Application Development through its certain frameworks. Some of these are:
• CodeIgniter Framework: It's an application framework that enables faster development of projects through a rich set of libraries. This also reduces the amount of coding.
• Cake PHP Framework: It is an application development framework that offers exhaustive architecture for effective development, maintenance, and deployment of applications. Furthermore, it reduces development cost by offering design patterns like MVC and ORM within the given configuration.
• Zend Framework: It is an application framework released under the New BSD License. Basis a flexible architecture, this framework is focused on building secure, reliable and web 2.0 compatible applications and services.
• PHP Dev Shell Framework: It is an application framework specifically used for developing admin based applications such as plugins. Additionally, it offers a light weight functionally GUI with exhaustive configurations.
• Symphony Framework: It is a web application framework that develops enterprise based applications and replaces the repetitive coding mechanism with speed and control. It is easy to install and can run on Unix or Windows with web server or PHP installed.

• Yii Framework: It is a component based framework used for developing large scale web applications and comes with a stack of features such as MVC, j Query-based AJAX support, scaffolding.
• Akelos Framework: It is a web application development platform that speeds up the creation of complex web applications basis its MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern.

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Centre Point of Magento development -PART- 2

Invoice and Packing Slip Design- Here, you will need to upload the logo that is to be used for invoices. Alternatively you can place logo_email.gif in your images folder in the skin directory. There are a few other settings that you should pay attention to.
Tax Settings- These should be all set up already, but it does not hurt to see if anything in the configuration was overlooked. These can be found in System ? Configuration? Sales ? Tax and also Sales? Tax.
Shipping Origin- Directly related to the tax settings, the shipping origin needs to be set to the correct country in order to use the appropriate tax rates.
404 Page- Not to be pushed to the side of a development of any site. Remember to test it. Customers that find it will already be disappointed; do not let you down by leaving the default Magento blocks still there. So, please remember to “Kill the dog”. Also, in the default 404 page which can be found in CMS? Pages, there is reference to Magento Store store development”. Ditch it.
Clear Test Data- Remove all products, orders and customers that were created during development
Product Inventory- When importing products the first time around, it is likely that you did not bother with managing stock. It’s an unnecessary hassle when developing. Before you go live, check with your client what configuration he would like set up. You may have to do another product import with stock levels before going live.
Flush JavaScript to 1 file- One essential measure to reduce loading time is by limiting the number of HTTP requests that are made each time. Magento stores can be heavy in JavaScript, but you can keep the requests down by flushing all of your JavaScript files into one: System ? Configuration ? Developer ? JavaScript Settings.
You may have used the odd bit of inline JavaScript when developing. These will need to be moved in to their own file to avoid any unnecessary slowing of page load times.
CSS Settings- Use a CSS compressor. Keep two versions of the css, one in readable form e.g. styles.css.orig and then have a minified version styles.css. This is the same idea as the JavaScript flushing, but be careful, it is currently an experimental feature.
Best to enable on the staging server before taking it live to see if it has any side effects. It can be found in System ? Configuration? Developer ? CSS Settings. A useful extension available on Magento Connect is Fooman Speedster. It combines, minifies and compresses all JavaScript and CSS.
Maintenance.flag- Touch this file in the root of the Magento installation and it will display a holding page while you are going live. Especially useful if you are using something slow like FTP. Move this file across first and then queue the rest of Magento to transfer.
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Non-technical people to understand Creating Accessible iPhone mobile Applications

The iPhone is a smart phone that combines a web browser, email, iPod and personal computer into a single, fashionable, easy-to-use device.
This document is intended for non-technical people to understand that I want to tell you what it takes to make it available, and iPhone developers who want to know how to write in App available If you do not need technical details, you can skip the sections "Creating Accessible iPhone mobile Applications", and accessibility checker panel "application for testing accessibility."
Since the arrival of iPhone 3G, iPod Touch generation and iPhone Secondly, Apple has included several features to help people with sight, hearing and physical and motor disabilities to use. These features include:
  1. Voiceover, a spoken text and objects on the screen, to help blind users, who cannot see the screen.
  2. Zoom. This magnifies the entire screen contents.
  3. Black on white. This reversal of the colors on the screen, which helps many people who need the contrast of black and white, but finding a white background gives him plenty of light.
  4. Audible, visual and vibrating alarms, so that people can choose what works best for them.
  5. Voice Command. This allows users to make phone calls and control music playback via voice commands.
  6. First steps in creating accessible applications
Accessibility of iPhone:
  1. Supply availability attributes for UI elements in Interface Builder:
iPhone OS Programming Interface Accessibility UI, which is explained in the availability of Apple's iPhone in the Accessibility Guide for iPhone OS programming.
This describes how to check and add or edit tags, tips, features and other details in standard and custom views and controls, and refers to tools for this in XCode and Interface Builder.
  1. Test applications for accessibility
Test the accessibility is incorporated into a two-step process. Accessibility Inspector can be used during development, but not completely mimic the user experience, so that the final control Voiceover is also necessary.
  1. Test applications with Voiceover
When testing with Accessibility Inspector is completed, the software is tested using Voiceover.
  1. Is this all about control?
  2. Can each of the control is selected and will be activated?
  3. If you could not see the screen, you can always use your application?
The iPhone combines smart phone capabilities with a simple to use graphical interface projected on a large ‘multi-touch’ display. Apple has managed to create a Macintosh computer with mobile phone capabilities, bundled within an Internet enabled PDA and an iPod body.

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The most popular solutions when choosing a web application Industries

Two of the most popular web application solutions to compete for supremacy in the web industry today are the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) 4.0 and Active Server Pages (ASP) 3.0. Companies choose web-based application-specific solutions on a variety of reasons, such as the installation requirements, the language of architecture, development environment, performance and online support.
Companies that are currently in the Microsoft web server software often turn to the ASP as a scripting platform, because it is a very simple upgrade.
Similarly, companies that use a variant of Unix, Apache web server is used to install PHP. Even if PHP is installed on several others list server software-only description of the ASP supports Microsoft server line. Experienced programmers in Visual Basic (VB), preferably coding ASP VB Script, why not has a steep learning curve to overcome.
Similarly, Perl, C + + and Java programmers tend to PHP is a scripting language similar to an effective web application. Microsoft offers a wonderful suite of applications, the ASP program, than PHP, which offers little more than basic supply of electricity. Instead, PHP and ASP brilliant performance tends to lag behind. It 'hard to overcome the performance and the price of the system configuration, such as the Unix operating system, Apache Web server and PHP module.
The speed is unbeatable and the price is unbeatable, which is free. Consequently, the competitive nature of PHP web developers, many sites are comprehensive setup gurus to promote their favored technology for web applications.
If the publication is a valuable article, or to answer questions Support Forum, ASP and PHP community is dedicated supporters who volunteer their time to training their peers. Even if the ASP is to support one of the largest companies in the world (eg, Microsoft), is back again to strengthen the free software movement, which support PHP.
A powerful development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 is an attractive asset when choosing a Web application solution. Visual Studio ASP enterprise-level development is a good reason why companies choose ASP.
The ineffectiveness of PHP IDE allows software developers using PHP editors and software source code control for a variety of suppliers. However, the Zend IDE is a tool of maturation that is likely to grow at a competitive foreign direct investment in the near future.
Currently, the PHP community is not your favorite IDE. One of the most widely used editor for PHP Web development, Allaire HomeSite, the PhpED and EditPlus. While the PHP community has not yet adopted a common IDE, Zend has just released version 1.1.0 of their IDE maturation. In addition to standard features like syntax editor and project management, Zend IDE includes a debugger, complete the first of its kind in PHP.
Important features are currently supported by Zend IDE includes integrated source control, deployment of files and automatic code completion. Although Zend and IDE has received only modest criticism, made an appropriate approach to deliver a quality business environment for the development of integrated PHP.

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PART- 1: Centre Point of Magento development guide line. Pre-Launch Checklist

Today I am going to show you a new experience and information regarding how to development a magento website, how to add base URL, favicon, HTML header, how to place image of product, client contact information and how to manage transactional emails.
Taking any website live can be a very stressful time as a developer. Your client is pushing to go live as soon as possible and the pressure can make it easy to forget steps. I’ve compiled some tips and tricks that I have picked up on Mean bee’s projects for moving your Magento store development to production.
Base URLs
These are URLs that are stored in the database table core config data but can also be accessed through the admin interface if you have access to it: System ? Configuration? Web. When you move the site, they will need to be updated otherwise all URLs will be referring back to the staging site. P.S. Don’t forget the trailing forward slash!
Favicon- Magento can be hard work at times, but that does not mean you can get away with making a fool out of yourself by forgetting to create a favicon.
HTML Head- Do not leave the original settings in the HTML head. You should change the title and set the meta description and keywords, these are important for SEO. System? Configuration? General? Design? HTML Head.
Placeholder Images- These are the images shown when a product does not have its own image. Create a default set for your site and place them in: catalog/products/placeholder/image.jpg, catalog/products/placeholder/small_image.jpg and catalog/products/placeholder/thumbnail.jpg. Alternatively they can be uploaded in admin: System ? Configuration? Catalog? Catalog? Product Image Placeholders.
Contact Information- Ensure all the store information and email addresses are set. You will be able to find these in System ? Configuration ? General and System ? Configuration ? Store Email Addresses.
Transactional Emails- Transactional emails use a different logo to the default one. Make sure that the image that you want to use is saved in your theme directory as logo_email.gif.
Most of the emails will now be sorted due to using the configuration that you have already set. However, there are a couple of templates that as of version still use hard coded values so it’s necessary to go in to these and make some changes manually. To save you some time, the email templates that are affected are:
o Newsletter subscription confirmation – “Demo Store”
o New account confirmation key – “Demo Store”
o New password – “Demo Store”
o Share Wishlist – “Demo Store”
o New Order – “PST”
Plain-text Passwords in Emails are Evil- It really gripes me when websites send out plain-text passwords in emails. Unfortunately, Magento does this as soon as you sign up for an account. So, I would personally recommend going into the transaction email for account confirmation and replace the password with some holding text e.g. “********”. If people are interested in a “click-to-reset” password recovery module for Magento For security, it is best to change the URL that the admin interface resides on. This can be set in System ? Configuration ? Advanced ? Admin ? Admin Base URL.

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These tools help you to develop iPhone application

This is most important thing to know that which tools are used for an iPhone application development with software versions. As well, the software which runs the back-end of the application's website is detailed.
Before you get began composing for your iPhone, you'll need a consideration on Apple's developer site. I often listen to some misunderstandings from people new to iPhone growth who do not comprehend how the program performs.
A consideration on Apple's developer website is no cost. You can obtain the resources, create programs, and run them in the iPhone simulation at definitely no price. However, if you want to run your program on actual components, you'll need to pay $99 for a program consideration.
This gets you the capability to electronically indication your value for both growth and, gradually, development.
It is one you'll need to get past if you ever want to successfully develop for the iPhone. You'll need to be running one of the (somewhat) newer Intel-based Macs. Most dedicated iPhone application developers won't need an 8-core MacPro with 32GB of memory just to get their application up and running. Second one is Xcode developer tools like Eclipse, Netbeans, and IntelliJ IDEA. And third one is SQLite manager with firefox plug-in.
Further we'll see a lot of development will take place on the MacOSX edition 10.6 foundations. Resources used mainly include those found in the iPhone Software Development Kit edition 3.1.2, such as the Xcode growth package edition 3.1.1, the iPhone/iTouch Interface Designer, and the iPhone/iTouch simulation.
User input device is the multi-touch screen where users can use their fingers to interact with the iPhone/iTouch interface. Users can force down any button on the iPhone touch screen to perform a specific function. While creating their account or text cards, the user will utilize touch screen keyboard to input words in the text field.
iPhone apps developers create application to such as way that Card deck sharing option is very is to the online interaction. If the user wishes to share their card deck with other users, they have the option of setting the deck private, where a password is required to access it, or they may set the deck public and anyone may download it. In order to share the password another medium must be used.
Core Data Information allows data structured by the relational entity-attribute style to be serialized into XML, binary, or SQLite shops. It manages many of the responsibilities of the information Model n a Model-View-Controller style.
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Learn hosting environments for security critical applications how it works

When you write PHP applications and general guidelines for writing secure Web applications apply. The most important rule is to take care of all user input. Before this entry is used by the application must be carefully validated.
With the built-in PHP session, it is important to properly manage to prevent session fixation attacks. Moreover, the default method to store session data in the file system must be replaced by custom methods that store data in a database.
A problem that is not directly in the area of responsibility of the PHP developer of web applications is security in shared hosting scenarios. Usually, it is advisable to use PHP shared hosting environments for safety-critical applications.
Especially when the PHP interpreter runs as an Apache module, all scripts run with the techniques of the web server user. Therefore, all scripts have potential access to all virtual hosts with all the directories in the system. Thus, it is possible to access files on other hosting customers. Now we should know the PHP safe mode;
PHP safe mode is an attempt to solve this problem. However, approaches the problem with PHP, not the operating system. So the problem could be open, depending on what other languages are allowed in the housing system.
The following configuration directives can be used for configuring Safe Mode restrictions:
1. safe_mode – Turns Safe Mode on and off.
2. safe_mode_gid – By default Safe Mode limits access to those files that have the same owner as script file. This option relaxes this restriction to files that have the same group owner.
3. safe_mode_include_dir – This option defines a list of directories. For in-clued files within these directories the owner and group owner restrictions do not apply.
4. safe_mode_exec_dir – This option defines a list of directories. Functions like system () that call system function, can only execute files that reside in the defined directories.
5. safe_mode_allowed_env_vars – This option defines a prefix for environment variables. PHP scripts can only set variables with this prefix.
6. safe_mode_protected_env_vars – This option defines a list of environment variables PHP scripts are not allowed to change.
7. open_basedir – This option defines a path prefix. If defined, PHP scripts can only access files with a path that begins with the defined prefix.
8. disable_functions – This option defines a list of PHP functions that are disabled and cannot be executed by PHP scripts.
9. disable_classes – This option defines a list of disabled PHP classes. These classes cannot be accessed by scripts.
Although based on a conceptual error safe mode it operates on the wrong layer, it can help reduce risk. This is true not only for shared hosting scenarios, as well as dedicated web servers that host a single application.
For example, by restricting access to files of a specific path and debilitating act as a system () can help limit damage when a hacker finds a way to inject code.
Do not use PHP Safe Mode as an substitute for proper programming and input validation.
Only use it as an additional line of defense.
Consider the usage of Safe Mode even on dedicated web servers that host a single application.
The configuration options are most important to the PHP interpreter is Register Globals. This function must be turned off and the applications should never use this feature. Moreover, the error reporting functionality of the PHP interpreter must be configured correctly. Error messages should never be displayed to the user. They must be written in local newspapers. For all relevant information to the extent of reported error messages should be lowered.
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E-Commerce Solutions Magento Module Development and Integration

As you known that magento is powerful ecommerce platforms which provide the scalability, flexibility in the adding product and features for business growth. Magento is rich ecommerce platforms for the online business and ecommerce stores. It offers the complete solutions flexibility and control over the project presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel.
These days we want to offer appealing information about magento component progression and incorporation which offering you a versatile and scalable e-commerce alternatives for your online stores.
Actually module is a system that interfaces with other modules to carry out a specific function where ever we applied this system. Magento module is specifically designed to extend the functionalities of the e-commerce site. Magneto based e-commerce site is collection of modules that work coherently to create compact e-store.
Modules have the intrinsic section of Magento and every aspect on the online shopping cart, whether front end or backend goes through a module. Magento has contains database schemas and models, rendering objects and utility helpers and multi language supports.
Magento module is a powerful extension, which can be configure and database settings, right now it becomes necessary to develop and integrate custom modules that enhance the functionality of the online vendor without compromising the core e-commerce functionalities.
Our Experts magento developer is well educated and versed in Magento Modules development, customization and integration. The magento developers are proficient in creating customized modules that serve the specific requirements of the online business.
Magento modules development is a part of the Magento development process and our developers inject functionalities in according to your Magento website through customized modules to boost its performance.
We are eligible to empowered offer to our clients with huge pure quality of Magento modules integration services, by offering them a range of varied modules as per their prerequisites. We do Magento ERP integration, Magento Joomla integration and Magento Drupal integration and Magento integration services include an array of industry leading offering like Magento form integration, Magento template integration, payment gateway integration, shipping integration etc.
Company offering individualistic module integration designs that are unique and clearly identify with hosted products and services. We integrate modules at very competitive price rates and our tailor made services are also available in exciting prices.

To develop ecommerce website hire magento developer India , from the best reputed service.

Hi I am Software Developer and Programmer from India. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you people or online readers regarding Software Outsourcing, Software Application Development, iPhone application development, ASP.NET Programming, web design and cutomization, php development by using plate form of Joomla , Word press, Drupal. We have also expertize in Flex, Silverlight, Share point technology, want to gain more from you and want to share with you also.

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How does it allow for two way communication between the iPhone and webcam?

This iPhone application must run on a smart phone device to wirelessly communicate with external webcams. The webcam’s captured image should be displayed and continuously updated on the smart phone to the mobile users.
The ambition of this iPhone application design is to allow for two way communication between the devices. The webcam sends its image to the phone and the phone controls where the camera is pointing. It should be flexible to allow for multiple webcam connections
I think now that the iPhone apps are going to be the main driver and control part of the system. It is a powerful smart phone with more than enough memory and processing power to meet our requirements. The user’s input and tilt of the phone will control the webcam’s pan and tilt orientation to move the viewpoint of the camera and update the image.
Network and communication from the iPhone is controlled by the built-in iPhone OS and API. The device can access Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, and cellular communication networks implicitly. Manipulation of these networks is usually not defined by the programmer and the phone can seamlessly transfer between different networks.
The implementation Our dedicated iPhone application developers simply needs to verify that the phone is either connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network, because only these two have the data capacity to constantly transfer the live video feed. This can be checked with an API call to the operating system which will report which connection is being utilized.
The iPhone application development also is going to be constrained by the SDK (software development environment) and the device hardware. The iPhone application development company must be able to give suitable connection and communication with a wireless webcam through a Wi-Fi connection.
It must be able to accept and display a streaming video feed from the webcam on the phone’s screen. The application must allow the user to control the orientation of the camera and must send control signals back to the webcam.
Apple, Cydia, and RockYourPhone would all utilize the same SDK, although Apple requires the developer to purchase a license. They all run on the same iPhone hardware and utilize the same AT&T cellular network. Therefore, there should be no performance tradeoffs between these alternatives as they should identical.
The iPhone SDK is free to download from the Apple developer’s site. Currently our team zaptech solutions have organized training program for the iPhone Student Developers. Zaptech Solutions allows university students to develop applications for free and testing.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get involved in PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and it is a one of the most admired Open Source scripting language. It is mainly expected to developing web applications and dynamic web content. Therefore it can be easily embedded into HTML pages.
Similar systems are Microsoft’s ASP.NET and JSP from Sun Microsystems and additional competitors are like as Macromedia ColdFusion and the application server Zope based on the Python scripting language.
The focus of this paper is on secure programming practices in PHP. The secure configuration of both the web server and the PHP interpreter are not within the main scope of this document. However, such topics are addressed wherever they affect the programmer. For example, administrators wish to turn off certain features of the PHP interpreter in order to secure the system. To allow such hardening measures it is important that these features are not utilized by the PHP developer.
PHP as a programming language is effortless to learn and effortless to utilize. This is also the reason for its popularity. Unfortunately, PHP does not only make it effortless to write applications, it also comes with certain features that make it effortless to write insecure code.
This essay gives guidelines on how to avoid precarious language constructs and features. Moreover, it gives instructions on how to perform proper security checks that help to defend against common attacks. Each section deals with a specific security problem or function group and is accompanied by a list of recommendations. These recommendations can be utilized as a checklist during the development phase and for security assessments.

Following steps as the general outline of the Article

  • General Utilizes Input Handling: This section deals with general aspects that how to handle utilizes input, how to filter and validate it, so it does not contain any malicious data.
  • File Handling covers security aspects related to file handling. For example, it gives details on how PHP handles access to files on remote systems and the associated risks.
  • Include Files: The PHP include statement allows programmer to include the contents of other files into a script. This section mainly takes care of the risks that the contents of these include files is exposed to attackers and the risk that attackers exploit improper usage of the include statement for injecting their own code.
  • Command Handling: This section deals with security aspects related to commands that are passed to and are executed by the system shell.
  • Databases: Typical security issues of database systems like SQL injection attacks are part of this section.
  • Sessions: Information about how to properly utilize the PHP session functions constitutes this section.
  • General PHP Interpreter Configuration: Finally, this section adds information on general configuration options of the PHP interpreter. Especially important are the instructions on how to configure and utilize PHP’s error reporting functionality.
During the development phase think about ways to bypass restrictions and misutilize functionality. All users input must be mistrusted and thoroughly checked. Utilize library function when they exist instead of writing your counterparts. Chances are that the library functions are reviewed by many people and that they contain less error than a custom function that serves the same purpose. This is especially true when it comes to encryption algorithms.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How allot progression of designs on category level for magento project

Products can be assigning to a category when that is creating or may later be added in the categories. If you do it then basically selecting the desired category and navigate to the Category Products tab (top of the category page).
You will see that in leftmost column in the grid is a dropdown menu located. The default selection will be yes that means that the grid only shows items that have been associated to this category.
When creating a new category of products with the grid will always be empty. Before you get start to finding for existing products, you will have to associate with this new category. Select No so that the products displayed are not associated to this category or select any, and all associated which products are displayed in the dropdown menu and click the Search button.
These are all done by Magento Developer or magento platforms you can optimize your search by filtering on ID, NAME, SKU, Price, or positioning. (These filters work only if the products are associated with the category)
Select the checkboxes for all the products which one you want to connect with this category, deselect all checkboxes of products that you no longer want to associate with this category. When a product is selected, the Position field is active, here you can specify the sort about which order the products should appear in the Front End.
When your assigning categories process has been completed after that you have need to assign design on your selective categories level. Below is being given a way how we assign designing process on behalf of categories level.
The assign process of designs on category level
You can design each category in the Custom Design tab. This determination gives look of the category page, including objects on the page and the structure of the page.
1. Select the design from the Custom Design drop. Magento comes with several different designs, but you can add your own design. If you drop this blank, you will automatically be used the Current package name. This can be edited by navigating to System> Configuration and click the Design tab. Enter the name of the design you want in the current package field, and this model will apply to all categories for which you do not have the design set.
2. Select your preference from the Apply To dropdown. This category only means only that the design will only apply to this category page. This category and the products it means that the design will apply to that category page and on the pages of all products belonging to this category are associated.
If a product is associated with multiple categories, each with a different design, the design of the product displayed page, where the user was today. This category and its sub-categories means that the design will apply to this category page and on the pages of all subcategories etc..
3. With the active from and Active to fields, you can specify a timeframe in which the category will automatically switch to a design, and then back to a blank option when the term ends. This is ideal for the holidays, so during your holiday a holiday design for your pages can be displayed and that your site automatically switches back to the normal design whenever you want, without forgetting to do.
4. The Page Layout drop-down determines the structural aspects of the page. No layout updates uses the default settings in the Magento Installation.
5. The Customs Layout Update is essentially a static block, with a few differences.
Instead of HTML, the structure in XML format to be introduced.
The update appears at the bottom of the page, within the product, which has a static block appears above the products (and the static block is set to display the products)
The update will be displayed on the page only during the dates specified in the active period.

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