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Android Market Apps for Google Android and Tablet PC

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HP Tablet HP Tablet Device
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Nimbuzz for Android phone
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do You Aware From Available Features of Android Mobile Application

Google simplifies development of applications for the Android phone. Android phones have a Linux-based and programmed in Java. Linux operating system is the most effective and easiest way to handle all operating systems.
The Java programming language for its superior features of GUI development provides a good platform for the Android Application development. Data SDK is an important advantage for the development for the Android platform. This course includes the current SDK, Google, the Android platform and features of the Java programming language. Bellow is given android features:
1. Monitor status (cpu, memory, battery)-Android Assistant provides real time CPU, Memory and Battery status which can help you monitor system performance in time.
14. System Info- Platform Info, Basic Hardware Info, Sensor Info.
15. widget- Can easy to optimization memory
2. Process Manager- Process Manager displays all running processes with their real time CPU and memory use status. Unwanted running applications can be killed directly.
3. Cache Cleaner- Cache Cleaner clears all cache files and releases more space for your phone.
13. Startup Silent (Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)- Startup Silent turns off system sound on device startup and shutdown.
4. System Clean- Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History.
5. Save Battery Settings- Turning off Bluetooth, wi-fi, gps, auto-sync, orientation, haptic feedback, and setting screen brightness and timeout from Save Battery Settings will save more battery power.
6. File Manager-File Manager manages all files in SD Card. You can view, browse, rename, delete files in SDCard; you can also add new file and new folder to your SDCard through File Manager.
7. Startup Manager- Startup Manager prevents useless apps from system startup therefore improves the system running speed and save more battery power.
8. Batch Uninstall- Batch Uninstall makes uninstalling third party applications easy and simple.
9. Battery use- Battery Use monitors running processes’ battery use status. Processes with huge energy consumption can easily be sorted out and terminated.
10. Volume Control- Volume Control provides quick access to manage ringer volume, notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, voice call volume and system volume.
11. Ringer- Ringer provides shortcut to change your phone’s ringer mode: silent, vibration, sound etc.
12. Startup Time- Startup Time provides you with the exact system loading time and third-party apps loading time.
16. App 2 SD- Can get freer internal phone storage space
17. Batch Installation- Batch Installation makes Installation third party applications easy and simple.
The gearshift is much easier to use on Android devices with larger screens. You can still access them with smaller devices but it’s a bit more difficult. Overall, this is a high quality, unique and challenging puzzle game for the Android platform.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Client words to take up a Software outsourcing companies

The expression of consumer may be meaning various things to completely different folks. You will come upon that if you have internal business and external business. You will conjointly come upon that, your clarification of associate external consumer is completely different looking on whether or not you are offer the impression of being at them from your company’s perspective, or from the attitude of a neutral.
A client is a business or entity that purchases one or more of our products or services and has an exclusive shipping address or site. A client is defined by a exclusive, six-digit Client ID.
If a large outsourcing corporation has three divisions that each has exclusive data centers in different sites (different ship-to addresses) then we would consider them three different clients.
These explanations are created by a Software Development Company to illustrate the clientele expression and supplementary terms. They allowed for clearer and more specific vocabulary, and allowed for reliable communication between all internal parties.
The client number is established at the time the contract is signed. Client Site – A “site” or “installed site” is a logical term for a client ship-to address. We do not trail where the software is ultimately installed.
In most cases, the physical installation site is the same as the ship-to address. However, there are probably instances where we ship product to one location, with the company sending the software internally to the actual “installation site”.
There may also be instances where we ship products to one location, which then sends the software to multiple internal locations. Since we shipped the software to one site, we still regard as them one client.
What happens actually in the case of inactive clientele who still uses one or more of our products, but they have no products on present maintenance? When reporting to shareholders and external entities, it is important to embrace these companies in the client count. They are, in fact, using our products, even if they are not paying present maintenance.
And in the case of maintenance clients – This is not a fully accurate term. Theoretically, there are no clients on maintenance. Only products can be on or off maintenance. In fact, one client may have multiple products, some of which may be on maintenance while others are off maintenance.
To find clients who have products on maintenance, we would need to look first for all products on maintenance, and then conclude the client those products are connected with them or not.
Close relative – A phrase to aggregate multiple clients under a common corporate umbrella. The field is available, but is not kept up-to-date today. (Some people in the Marketing Group might also refer to this as an “organization”.)
Partner – A company where we have a formal, contractual partnership arrangement. There are two types of partners. One is who sell our products. These are also called resellers or distributors. These partners have Client IDs, since we ship them products that they use for demos.
And second is whose products we recommend or sell. This includes companies who have products that we embed in our software, or companies that have balancing solutions to our products.
If these partners sell any of our products to another company, that second company is considered one of our clients, and has a Client ID. These terms and conditions are implementing on both as software development or product based company.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Corporate Solutions and Applications Joomla Platforms

Joomla Content Management System (CMS), that helps in building websites and web applications. Although it is an open source content management system. Joomla is a system, which has, wins the award of content management (CMS) that allow amazing website design with a great online Web Application Development.
Joomla is developing in PHP right now with using latest plug-in and integrated tools, which makes the source resilient, open and highly customizable. As Joomla is an open source CMS so there is no initial cost for the software.
Its purpose consists in publishing content on the World Wide Web (WWW) and intranets. By the way Joomla Stores data in MySQL and includes various different features such as RSS feeds, blogs, polls, page caching as well as an overall search and a helpful support for language internationalization.
With Joomla CMS you get the advantage of cutting-edge part of software that is created for extensibility. Joomla CMS Framework is supporting by the large group of Joomla Developers and Joomla Web Designers, which made independent modules to maximize the functionality of Joomla CMS.
If someone wants to get Joomla web Development Company so we provide expediency and flexibility to manage website on own. The flexibility comes from add - on modules provided which can be easily installed as and when required. Joomla also comes with a user friendly administrative system that allows user to alter the content and the layout as and when required.
Joomla is very easy to install and does not entail major help. Once Joomla based website or web application is live and running, it is convenient to the end user to manage it on own. They can update content on their web portals built using Joomla with basic IT skills.
Well skilled Professional Joomla Developer use Joomla CMS to design basic as well as complex corporate solutions and applications. The Joomla CMS framework has been designed for extensibility. The framework has been supported by huge community of developers who designed and developed independent modules to add new features. Joomla features acquainted by web applications are available as Plug-in modules and extensions. Few of the powerful-Plug-ins and extensions available from the open source community are
  • Form Builder
  • Document Management services
  • Photo and streaming video gallery
  • E-Commerce facility and Shopping cart (web store)
  • Forums Management and Private Chat Software
  • Calendars and Event Management extensions
  • Blogs Management
  • User Registration, user management and
  • E-Mail and Newsletter Services
  • Banner advertising systems & May more
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Monday, September 24, 2012

How to use Magento Connect to add Modules and Extensions

Magento has the built-in functionality to install automatically additional modules for your online store. All you need is the extension's key and the script will install it for you in just a few clicks. Following are the steps in details on how to install additional modules/extensions for Magento via Magento Connect. In addition, we will provide instructions how to upgrade existing modules/extensions for Magento.
  • First, you need to log in to the Magento administrator area. Then go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.
  • A new page will open for the Magento Connect Manager and you will be asked to provide your administrative credentials again.
  • Once logged in you will see 2 sections: Extensions and Settings. It is recommended to verify the options chosen in the Settings section first.
  • In the Settings section, there are several options where you can configure, but leaving the default values is recommended.
  • The Preferred State option controls the state of the extensions you install. There are 3 states - Stable, Beta and Alpha. For live sites the Stable option is recommended. Setting it to Beta/Alpha gives you the possibility to check the latest versions of the extensions, but this is generally not recommended as extensions in Beta and especially Alpha state might have bugs and could disrupt the functionality of your online store.
  • It is of utter importance to create a backup before downloading extensions or extension upgrades. Following part deals with the information on how to create a backup. This way if an issue occurs after downloading and installing an extension you can revert the changes by restoring a working backup.
  • Once you create the backup, you can access Magento Connect Manager -> Extensions tab. click the link to Magento Connect.
  • This will open a new window for Magento Connect and let you browse the available extensions. There is a search functionality included and modules are separated in different categories.
  • There are various extensions. Some are free and others are paid. In each case, the download from Magento Connect requires registration in order to get the extension key. Instructions may vary depending on the specific extension.
  • Once you have chosen an extension click the Install Now button and choose the Magento Connect version matching your current Magento version. If you are using Magento 1.5 or newer, you need to select version 2.0, otherwise leave Magento Connect 1.0. Read the extension license agreement and then check the box for "I agree to the extension license agreement". Finally, click the Get Extension Key button.
  • You will be provided with the Extension key.
  • This is the key that you will need to copy and paste in your Magento Connect area. Then click Install and then Proceed.
  • The new extension will be automatically downloaded and installed. If there is a problem with the installation, there will be information about it so that you know what should be done to resolve it. After the extension is properly installed, a screen for a successful installation will appear.
  • Once the extension is installed, it is important to go back to Magento admin and adjust its options according to your needs. Also, make sure that your online store is properly functioning and there are no errors.

How to upgrade an existing Magento Extension
In order to check for upgrades for the Magento extensions you can follow the instructions below.
  • Log in to the Magento admin area -> System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. On the Extensions Tab click on Check for Upgrades.
  • The Magento Connect manager will automatically connect to the server and check for available upgrades. If you have, an extension that has a published upgrade they will be colored in yellow and you will be able to apply the upgrade to your Magento module. Note that it is again extremely important to back up your Magento online store before applying the upgrade. From the Actions drop-down menu, you will be able to select the desired upgrade version. Then click Commit Changes to proceed with the upgrade.
  • The chosen upgrade will be automatically downloaded and applied.
  • Once the extension is upgraded you can refresh the page via the Refresh button. Then check the status of your extension. You will find the yellow color has been removed for your Upgraded Extension and the Installed column has changed to the version number you just installed.
  • You can now click Return to Admin and check if any new Configuration Settings for your Extension are available. Also, make sure that your online store is properly functioning and there are no errors.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Assessment of PHP in Web Application Development

In today’s highly competitive world of business over the internet, every online business website needs latest web technology solutions with best web application development to be at parity with its competitors. There is intense competition when it comes to creating an eye-catching website and making it function effectively or perform fast and easy multi-tasking.
There are so many platforms for website designing like static HTML, flash websites and many more. PHP is one such platform that excellently works the best for custom cutting-edge web solutions. PHP has literally transformed the web development industry with a vibrant new format. It was originally meant for web programming but today many organizations worldwide have used the power of PHP language for gratifying their dynamic website related tasks.
PHP is the most common technology for developing complex web applications with remarkable features.PHP is a server side scripting language principally used for building dynamic websites. In this cutthroat competitive era where it is crucial to stand outside with a unique website, PHP web development is the most desired technology as it creates a competitive advantage. These websites bring a level of interactivity with users and thus help to improve one’s online presence. Thus, PHP application development has already reached maximum importance in the recent years.
The most noteworthy and robust constituent element of PHP is its capability to interact with databases. The flexibility, in addition to the number of functions provided by database interfaces, could not be better, regardless of the type of database you want to use. PHP will provide you the best interface.
Following are some noteworthy features of PHP Development:
  • PHP significantly decreases the amount of code essential to develop large applications.
  • PHP can be integrated with numerous databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL.
  • PHP can be used with all major web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS and Netscape or iPlanet Servers.
  • PHP runs on all major operating business such as Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OSX.
  • PHP is mainly very simple to learn and easy in developing self-motivated web applications.
  • The syntax of PHP language is simple which allows PHP developers to create unbelievable and dynamic web pages.
  • Supports Rapid PHP Application Development with MVC architecture such as Zend framework, CakePHP and Codelgniter.
  • Custom PHP Development services including system analysis, design, GUI design, coding, Quality Assurance and Application Maintenance.
  • PHP Ecommerce Website Development and Customize using Magento.
  • Opensource CMS development and customization using Joomla, WordPress.
  • It has the best ability to upload into the HTML value.
PHP is an open source web application development technology that has been effective in developing robust, secure and scalable web applications at low costs and in less time. It has powerful features that allow web developers to create amazing applications that attract users to view in depth, hire Php developer.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Store Manager for Magento vs. VirtueMart

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s powerful marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and catalog-management tools give merchants the power to create eCommerce sites that are designed to meet their unique business needs.
The development has been set up properly and is advancing fast, there are regular updates available packed with new functionalities. However, Magento does have a few drawbacks. First, the entire web shop package is extremely heavy and not every hoster can therefore accept it. Another common complaint is that the system is slow. In addition, if you want to use Magento you'd have to have some knowledge of programming language such as PHP. Expanding or customizing Magento can be tough, also because Magento uses advanced programming techniques that not all programmers are familiar with. One also has to take his time to learn Magento and then can get to work.
VirtueMart is an open source eCommerce platform that was designed as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla content management systems (CMS). VirtueMart was formerly known as mambo-Php Shop, an eCommerce web application. It was the first substantial stand-alone native eCommerce component for the Mambo CMS. After Mambo (essentially) became Joomla, phpShop became VirtueMart. VirtueMart is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage.Virtuemart require less technical knowledge. Granted, the PHP code and layout is sloppy, but Virtuemart allows you nevertheless to quickly put your shop online and maintain it easily as there are many extensions readily available so you don't have to program this yourself. And if you already know your way around Joomla, Virtuemart will prove to be a breeze to work with. Functioning of both Joomla and Virtuemart are based on the same principles.
Joomla has more than 3500 extensions and Virtuemart will usually function seamlessly with these. The big advantage of this is that you can easily transform your website into a community including a forum, blog, guestbook, photo album and so on. Your web shop will rank higher in Google because of this and you'll also retain more customers.
A major drawback of Virtuemart is the slow development and a lack of (default) advanced functionalities. There are luckily often (commercial) providers that have developed these functionalities and offer them as paid extensions, like PDF invoices in Virtuemart. However, you would naturally rather see these extensions standard in the Virtuemart package, as some of them are standard in Magento.
VirtueMart vs. Magento
  • Both are open source
  • Both have large development communities
  • Price by range feature not available with VirtueMart
  • Product comparison capability not available with VirtueMart
  • Magento is an eCommerce platform, while Virtue Mart is an eCommerce addition to a CMS
  • Magento boasts vastly improved inherent SEO capabilities: auto generated Google sitemap, Meta for products and categories, etc.
  • Magento combines open source while offering merchants unprecedented control over store functions.
  • Magento offers layered navigation, which saves time for merchants selling technical products (can filter products based on attributes)
  • VirtueMart may be a better fit for small businesses, while Magento can handle any size online store, from small to enterprise
  • The Magento Dashboard offers more options and greater flexibility than the Store Summary in VirtueMart
  • Magento’s shipping options allow for shipping cost by weight, flat rate or free shipping, ship to multiple addresses, ship the order in multiple shipments, and restrict shipping destinations OUT OF THE BOX, while these are not available with VirtueMart without various extensions
  • Speed of both depends on specific hosting and server details
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How big role of iPhone application in the app market

Since the entrance of the iPhone, IPhone has certainly taken the handheld market targeting audience from the tech savvy to the not too technical crowd. Due to the vast and increasing audience of the iPhone and their distinctive distribution platform via iTunes store, it is becoming more and more progressively prevalent and essential to develop applications for the iPhone for marketing, advertising, entertainment, gaming and utility based applications.
Our iPhone application development team are very comfortable with the process of building applications and are always determined to become better and better with every application that they develop. All of our iPhone developers not only have extensive experience and understanding in programming on these devices but also are also very primarily involved in the design phase of any of these projects and have always benefit to the product by doing so.
iPhone Business Application development:
Businesses can build applications over the iPhone that may help in their day-to-day practices with their business.
iPhone Marketing Application:
Businesses can now shape applications to authorize the consumers to interact with their product and make it fun and enjoyable while they do so, they can trace how their probable audience via the iPhone interacts with their product and collect data based on their behavior and make intelligent and smart choices with how to deal with their product.
iPhone Advertising Application:
Since an iPhone is so customized that we can track and gather information for each individual iPhone user. Delivery of advertisements through applications on the iPhone makes it much more targeted and operative. You can build applications that are for entertainment and deliver advertisements through them to the end user of the iPhone. This method of advertising to individuals via the iPhone is by far the most effective advertising platform. Our iPhone apps programmer and developers can assist you in developing such an advertisement delivery application on the iPhone.
iPhone Entertainment and Gaming Applications:
With the iPhone and its wide-ranging capabilities such as the Accelerometer, 3D rendering capabilities, Touch Screen capabilities and much more – it makes the iPhone the perfect device for entertainment applications for Music, Visual Entertainment and Games. Our iPhone game development team has worked on a few game titles of their own on the iPhone and is always looking for more opportunities to build more games and entertainment based applications.
iPhone Game Industry Facts
  • Phone’s game-changing touch-interface has for the first time created a product that is revolutionizing the usage of mobile devices.
  • This has opened up doors for a wide range of applications to be ported on to the iPhone and companies across the globe have started building an iPhone roadmap into their customer relationship strategy.
  • iPhone game market is fast developing among game creation for other platforms. High quality screen with large diagonal, high-end capabilities, easy-to-use interface and other features can't be ignored.
  • Modern game market is constantly growing and improving. iPhone is a strong and stylish gaming gadget, which has won attention of many people.
  • To own one of them is relevant for not only children and teenagers, but for adults. A large number of software is produced and released for these gadgets every day.
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Joomla social networking sites and Joomla VirtueMart

Zaptech Solutions helps you create your own Social Network with Photo and Video Gallery, Event Management, Activity Stream and other features. Zaptech Solutions frees you from restrictive social environment and customizes your own community with unique features and brand identity. Our experienced social networking experts can help you in analyzing and gathering the requirements tailored to your business needs. Zaptech Solutions is a leader in developing social networking software and social applications. Social networks are becoming popular and dominant on the Web. We have developed numerous social networking applications using our Social Networking Solutions. We create quality, professional, and robust social networking sites.

Services we cater to implement “Social”: -
  • Community & Social networking portals
  • Integrating/ developing third party custom modules.
  • Integrating games to the components
  • Integrating Avatar.
  • Social” custom developments and modifications.
  • Developing “Social” compatible templates and template integration.
  • Forum management and instant chat software.
  • Blog management.
  • Commercial/ non-commercial “Social” modules integration.
  • Application maintenance.

Our Community Builder Features: -
  • Works natively with all stable flavors of Joomla
  • Know your members with categorization, lists and reporting features
  • Encourage member interaction with member connect features (search, messaging, more!)
  • Enable members to create content on your website
  • Empower key members to be moderators, 'front-end' moderation available!
  • Fully translatable language options (front and back)
  • Create your own brand by integrating any CB commercially available template plugin
  • Additional add-ons available
  • Scalable, reliable, robust, secure
  • Open source with GPL

Joomla VirtueMart -
Zaptech Solutions has an experienced team for your Joomla Virtue Mart Development and we offer various services related to Virtue Mart Development. Joomla Virtue Mart development in Zaptech Solutions is the best solution for complex yet simple and sober ecommerce shopping cart solutions. Our experienced and talented team of Virtue Mart developers delivers proficient and productive solutions as per your business needs for your company to grow and be profitable. Our Joomla Virtue Mart customization services are aimed at providing tailor made solutions for efficient management and business expansion. Some of the services are Virtue Mart maintenance, Virtue Mart template design, Virtue Mart theme design and so on. Our Joomla Virtue Mart Expert exhibits their expertise in following:

  • VirtueMart custom template development
  • VirtueMart template integration
  • Joomla VirtueMart integration
  • VirtueMart customization
  • VirtueMart e-commerce development
  • VirtueMart shopping cart design
  • VirtueMart custom module development
  • VirtueMart component development
  • Joomla CMS Integration
  • VirtueMart Development
  • VirtueMart Template Design
  • VirtueMart Theme Design
  • VirtueMart Custom Modification and Customization
  • Joomla Components Development
  • VirtueMart CMS solution
  • VirtueMart website design
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Web Development: PHP – latest web technology solutions

With the development of internet technologies, the use of online business portals has increased manifolds. Nowadays most of the businesses are lead through the internet, which serves as an international arena. Therefore, it is appropriate for business websites to include latest web technology solutions with effective web development applications. In today's competitive market scenario, it is imperative to create attractive and eye-catching websites that function fast and simplify easy multi-tasking. There are different platforms used for designing websites, which include flash websites, static HTML and PHP.
Before we try to work with PHP we need to understand and realize the role it fills – what problem does it address? The World Wide Web is constructed on a client-server model. A client computer requests a page, which is provided by a Web Server. The browser then renders the page for the user to view. The simplest types of pages contain static (unchanging) content. The server could serve plain text files, and the browser would not have any trouble rendering them.
HTML is a markup language that lets us describe attributes and features of the text and blocks on our pages. This works great for simple requests, making pages much more interesting than plain text. However, it leaves us with a very simple structure. One page from One URL (address) results in one rendered content (every time this URL is requested, the output is the same).
To give us more possibilities we have programming languages. Some like PHP run on the server side. That means its processing happens in the server by consuming server’s resources and sends only the output to the client.
Importance of PHP web development in India
We all are very well aware of the fact that for a successful online business, effective web development of the concerned company is very essential. PHP Web development in India has always been satisfying this need in the most optimized way. Offering services like creating websites, website designing, and other services like cost effective web solutions, Web development India has become a great desire of all the big organizations. Similarly PHP Development Company in India is considered the best option by all big as well as small business houses. They deliver you with excellent PHP development services and PHP development programs, which are extremely interactive and guarantee easy creation of PDF documents.
Realizing the importance of PHP these days, it is being used along with MySQL as well. PHP MySQL programmers efficiently use MySQL as well as PHP to create effective web applications, such as random fact generators and search engines. This field requires specialization and knowledge and fascinatingly PHP web development in India is considered the best for this. The reason behind this is that they have a team of dedicated and skilled PHP developers and programmers, well updated and acknowledged with the open source language.
The benefits of PHP Web Development in India are as follows:
  • It costs low with cost effective database applications
  • Improves the visibility of organization by building excellent performance data warehouse applications
  • The experts are skilled with proper art of developing automated application development systems, which is useful in upgrading manual processes.
  • Also they provide assistance to platforms like Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, QNX, Mac OS X, etc.
Apart from all this, Indian PHP web development services also bring cost efficiency and their services include Python scripting/programming languages, Linux operating system, Apache Web server, Perl, My SQL database management system etc. To get the more benefit Hire PHP Programmer from the best Indian company.

Friday, September 14, 2012

General rule of thumb for deciding Word Press eCommerce vs. Magento

With so many eCommerce platforms available in the market, it is hard to figure out which eCommerce platforms is right for you. Many platforms offer different functionality, which is essential for some eCommerce stores, while simple functionality may be your piece of pie. Our experience has been stores, that have invested in simple functioning eCommerce platform but as time goes on, their business grows and they want to offer more customization, they ultimately migrate their eCommerce site to Magento.
From our experience, selecting an eCommerce platform that your business is able to grow into is the best route. This route is better than investing in one eCommerce method that may do the trick for your business at its infancy stage, and then needing to migrate your whole site to a new platform that can handle all your desired functionality and customization.
At Customer Paradigm, our general rule of thumb for deciding if your site should be run on Magento or a WordPress Plugin is an important question. If your goal is to sell products, we highly recommend Magento Development services. If your goal is to post content and blog then WordPress CMS is recommended. Generally, when the amount of products you have to sell are more than 25 it is a smart move to switch to Magento.
First we will go through the Magento ecommerce development and WordPress Development resemblances, then we will look at the functionality that Magento has that WordPress does not, then the functionality that WordPress has that Magento does not.
Magento and WordPress Similarities
  • They are both Open Source platforms accessible for any aspiring web developer to download instantly.
  • Both have the ability to integrate blogging into their functionality
  • Both have the ability to easily add products
  • Both have the ability to use themes to design and personalize the look and feel of your website
  • Both can be managed (once set up) with slight technical knowledge or training.
  • Both offer all the vital functions compulsory of any reputable online businesses.
  • Both have active development and support communities.
  • Both can be extended with plugins, extensions and templates (free and premium) created by numerous by third parties.
Magento vs. WordPress eCommerce Plugins
One advantage of Magento vs. WordPress eCommerce is the fact that Magento is developed specifically for eCommerce. The Magento Logo overall functionality is going to be more tailored towards a business structure for sales.
  • Customization of shipping options
  • Various payment integration
  • Custom Shipping methods
  • Dynamic pricing functionality
  • Order fulfillment
  • Gift Cards
  • A more secure eCommerce platform than WordPress third party plugins
  • Ability to add more functionality than a WordPress Plugin
  • Great forums available on the web if you run into problems because Magento is the most widely used eCommerce platform
WordPress eCommerce Plugins vs. Magento
WordPress is perfect for your eCommerce requirements if you are only selling a few products. If you mainly have a site that is driven by content, news updates, and you sell a few t-shirts or tickets to an event then the WordPress eCommerce will work for you.
For those serious about conducting business online, we generally recommend Magento Commerce. It’s designed from the ground up for managing online shops, and offers a very fine degree of control. For major businesses with any degree of complexity, Magento is an ultimate choice.
WordPress, on the other hand, is a broader, more popular content management system, designed primarily for blogs and non-ecommerce websites. Online shopping competency isn’t available out of the box, but via third party plugins and extensions (some free, some premium) such as Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.
Use Magento if:
  • You want whole control over every aspect of your business and inventory.
  • You are selling larger or more complex items with multiple payments and shipping possibilities.
  • You would like the choice of branching out into multiple stores.
Use WordPress if:
  • Your budget is narrow. And your store is comparatively straightforward.
  • You would rather limit your input to the product name, description, photo and price.
  • You want blog functionality out-of-the-box.
  • You have an existing WordPress website you’re looking to expand into an online store.
  • Your web space or bandwidth is limited.
  • Your website requires a broader range of other WordPress plugins the Magento community does not offer.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Technologies of Mobile Applications

There are roughly four major categories of technologies for mobile applications:
Android, Bada, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Embedded Linux, Palm OS, Symbian, WebOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, iPhone
In addition to the above categories of mobile application OS, there are two approaches to facilitate the development of cross platform mobile applications development:
  • Thin Native Clients which provide access to native APIs and / or render Web-based applications with a native look and feel (PhoneGap, AppMobi, AppCelerator…)
  • Domain Specific Language from which native or Web-based code is generated (Applause, Mobl, Canappi…)
The beginning of powerful, user-friendly smart phones with always-on Internet connection has foreshown a new era in mobile technology. For businesses, there is a new channel to count with, which, if appropriately used, is a powerful medium to connect with customers, suppliers and employees. The mobile channel has both benefits and handicaps vis-à-vis the old-style Internet accessed through the desktop. The form factor is not the same.
Users relate differently too as they associate the usability of both these devises differently. Instead of point-and-click, they touch, pinch or flick. On the other hand, mobile applications are more easily accessible and are location aware. All this gives mobile technology a lot of scope to reach its users.
As company mobile application- iPhone application development, android apps development, BREW application development, we help your organization plan out a mobile strategy and implement it. The strategic decisions includes whether to use mobile-web or go native, what phones to support and the type of architecture based on the dependability of the connection and the application.
Mobile-web works across most smart phones with no need to rewrite the application for each device. However if you go for a smart-client architecture, data can be stored in a local database within the mobile. This will allow users to use the application even when there is no network. The application architecture can get quite complex though - the effects of data being stale must be thought through.
The popular smart phone platforms in the market today are iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile (WinMo for short). Unfortunately, each of these phones has different development SDKs and APIs, and that rules out the write-once-run-anywhere paradigm at least for the time being. That said, proper design of the app could reduce porting costs to multiple platforms. One strategy is to keep all business logic on the server-side, thereby keeping the client thin.
In addition to programming smart phones, Zaptech also has experience with Java for Mobile (previously J2ME) programming then Hire iPhone apps developer or android developer. J2ME is cross platform and works on any mobile with Java support including most models from Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

Joomla website maintenance services & packages

Which Company offers Joomla maintenance packages for those who use the Joomla platform to run and control their websites and want the peace of mind that someone is monitoring and maintaining the security of their website? Our web maintenance and management packages take the stress out of updating your website. We take care of software updates and even update your website with any new content or images that you provide us with.

Our application maintenance and enhancement solutions include:

  • Be Secure. Automatic Joomla core version updates.
  • Component, Module and plugin updates.
  • Bug fixes
  • Custom development
  • Multifaceted support options
  • Support via telephone, VOIP, Instant Messenger, Online Chat, Support Forums, Support Tickets
  • Fully featured, secure, online project management system.
  • Testing after every edit
  • Full Monthly Backup copy of your website
  • Monthly, detailed invoicing
  • Convenient Maintenance/Time Tracker.
  • Friendly, personal service!
  • Product changes and additions
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • Site facelifts and makeovers
  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers

Joomla Real Estate -
Joomla Real Estate is an excellent way to place your property listings in a fast and easy way. This component has only the essential things without any unnecessary items. It allows Real Estate Agencies and Real Estate Brokers to upload and manage real estate and property items on Joomla based websites, Upload Photos, manage real estate categories and subcategories, display property on Google map, post comments, manage Rent and Buy Request and more.

Joomla Real Estate package has following main features:

  • Custom Design: Our design will be unique, not a copy of someone else. Designing will be done according to your business needs and specifications.
  • Joomla CMS: Our Joomla CMS can manage CMS pages easily from control panel.
  • Real Estate Features (Component integration, Property management, Featured property etc)
  • SEO friendly: Our Joomla web design would be more SEO friendly.
  • Compliant XHTML and CSS (W3C validate)
  • Members area
  • Contact us page with email facility
  • Site search: Allows users to search with-in your website.
  • All Browser compatibility

Joomla! SEO Friendly website

Joomla SEO is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Joomla site for search engines. Our experienced and talented teams of Joomla developer cut your SEO time considerably, and manage all your Meta tags conveniently. We monitor your keywords/phrases on Google and mark important keywords to monitor them easily. We check and fix keywords saturation and create automatic anchor links for specific keywords.

Here's how Zaptech Solutions can help with SEO for your Joomla website.

  • Define a better structure for your website
  • Adjust menu items
  • Insert content specific keywords
  • Add Meta Descriptions
  • Add appropriate Keywords
  • Install relevant titles
  • Add correct naming for images
  • Add ALT tags for images
  • Check for duplicate content, titles, or meta content
  • Track progress up the rankings.
  • Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Strategy and Planning
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Keyword and Key Phrase Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Meta Tags Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt Generation
  • Internal Linking
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Posting
  • Data Feed Optimization
  • Product Submission
  • RSS Feed Submission
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