Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When first commercially available phone to run the Android operating system

Android, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California, in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, et al. to develop, in terms of Rubin "... smart mobile devices that are more aware of the location and preferences of its owner." key staff involved in the founding of Android Inc. includes Andy Rubin, co-founder of Danger Inc...

Other key personnel include Richard Miner, co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc. and former vice president of technology and innovation in Orange, and all have considerable experience in the mobile phone company in the industry.

The Android application operating system can be used as an operating system for mobile phones, tablets and networking books, including Streak Dell, Samsung Galaxy, TV and other devices. The first commercially available phone to run the Android operating system was the HTC Dream, published on October 22, 2008.

In early 2010, Google has worked with HTC to launch its flagship product, the Android device, the Nexus. It was followed later in 2010, with estimates of the Samsung Nexus Research Company is S. Canalys in the second quarter of 2009, Android development company has an interest of 2.8% of global smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2010 this figure had increased to 33% of the market to become the best selling platform for smartphones.

The calculation includes tops and variations of SGD Android. In February 2010, ComScore said the Android platform has 9.0% of the smartphone market in the U.S., measured by the current mobile phone users. This figure comes from a previous estimate of 5.2% in November 2009.

In the second quarter was Apple's IOS up 11%, indicating that Android is taking market share mainly by RIM, and still have to compete with consumer demand for new competitors offering heavy. In addition, analysts have highlighted the benefits that Android has a multi-channel, multi-carrier OS, which allows you to duplicate the early success of Microsoft Windows Mobile. In early October 2010, Google added to its list of 20 countries of the sender.

In mid-October, applications are available to purchase a total of 32 countries. For a complete list of countries that are authorized to sell and applications that are able to buy to see Android Market.

In December 2010 reported more than 300,000 Google Android Apps have been activated every day, compared to 100,000 per day in May 2010. In February 2011, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, Eric Schmidt, has announced that Android has reached 350 000 activations per day.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dig up reward of software outsourcing company in India

IT industry has evolved a lot in the past twenty years. And one can say that “Outsourcing” is a major element in this evolvement.

All IT companies are turning to become a service provider of Software Outsourcing by and large. Software outsourcing, in simple words can be explained as providing software development solutions through internet to a different company which is likely to be in a different region or country.

Software outsourcing has a lot of advantages and that is mainly why it has gained momentum in the recent years inspite of objections being raised for outsourcing such as working in a different time zone and with people of different culture. The biggest pitfall for this would be giving your entire project to a far away land that comes in a different jurisdiction.

However, all these drawbacks have been overshadowed by the advantages outsourcing has. To begin with the advantages, the company that is outsourcing its work has the benefit of giving their work in the hands of experts. They can choose from a pool of talent and select the best for their company.

Secondly, the company doesn’t have to take the burden of putting these professionals on their payroll. This saves the company a lot of money as they pay the software outsourcing company only when they work for them whereas if the professional is in your payroll, the company would have to pay him/her even when they are not on projects.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing services is cost-cutting. Lot of resources can be saved such as electricity, work space and machineries when you have outsourced at your work. Also, a company in USA has to pay only one-fifth of what it has to pay its own countrymen.

Lastly, the entire process is client-centric. The complete project is done according to their requirement and deadlines.

Apart from the benefits that a client company enjoys, there are equally good number of things that a software development company can benefit from software Outsourcing. The first one would be the independence and flexibility to work in the time frame that is decided by them.

Although there are project deadlines but the pressure of working with a boss on their head is not there. Secondly, it gives them the option to choose which kind of project they would like to work on instead of sitting with something that you don’t enjoy. And not to mention that they earn in a different currency which has a lot more value than their own!

The advantages of outsourcing are endless for both client company and the software outsourcing company. At present Indian software companies are on high demand for outsourcing IT requirements. This is because India offers the most cost effective IT solutions to countries world-wide.

Also India has more no. of English speaking professionals than its foreign counterparts which makes the communication easy between both the ends. Thus we can sum up in this that software outsourcing companies have way to go in global business world.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Award-winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla expanding features

Joomla is well known open source CMS & award-winning Content Management System which enables you to build user friendly interface websites and powerful online applications. There are many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most renowned Web site software available. By using Joomla CMS we can develop various applications like social networking sites, real estate portals , recruitment/Job portal, directory, event management and more.
With all the advanced features, our team has significant experience and expertise in development of Joomla Website, Joomla customization, Joomla web Development, Joomla extension development and Joomla module development. Joomla Development services to provide you professional website portal. We have experienced Joomla Professionals capable of designing and developing websites as per client needs.
We provide you the following services in Joomla web development: -
  • Joomla Event Management
  • Joomla Job Portals
  • Joomla Maintenance
  • Joomla Real Estate
  • Joomla Social Networking Sites
  • Joomla VirtueMart

Joomla Event Management -
Joomla CMS makes event organizing faster and easier, and it gives the customers ideal tools to create the events, invite and keep track of its subscribers. Our Joomla calendar and events extension is the ideal tool for everyone organizing events starting from individuals that invite close people to join a party to music bands organizing concerts or companies organizing meetings. Our proficient services save your precious time, they are easily customizable and we provide full support. Included in this package is a full Joomla website build and hosting. We build event management solution which best suit our customer’s budget and business interests.

Our team is your one-stop solution for all your event management needs.
  • Event management – creates, edit and amend events throughout the year.
  • Registration management – easily create an online or on the day registration process.
  • E-mail – integrated e-mail solution for updates, confirmations and news.
  • Full Delegate Management – to efficiently manage attendees, registrations and un-registrations.
  • Integrated payment gateway – to automatically handle any payments required
  • Name badge creation – Customizable name badge styling.
  • Easily editable templates
  • Workshop registration – Allow users to register for specific workshops throughout the event.
  • Front end – Easily customizable Front end administration – so each event looks good on it’s own.
  • Full telephone, e-mail and online chat support for your administrators.
  • Car Sharing manager
  • Speaker registrations
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Full social network integration, Facebook updates, Private Messages.
  • Forum management.

Joomla Job Portals -
Joomla have been working on this Job portal web technology for a significant time, and we like to help our customers by customizing the job portals to meet their requirements. Being an experienced Job Portal Company, we really on the fast growing technologies for coding, designing, management of content, web analytics etc. that make a successful Job Portal for our customers.
Benefits of Our Job Portal Solutions:

  • Manage different Job Categories easily
  • Jobs Management Console
  • Resume Management – From creation to approval
  • Banner Ads Provision
  • Complete database on registrations, approvals and deletions
  • Mass mailing
  • Applications Management and Interview Scheduling

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What kind of permission needs to Android Apps

The basic concept of android is JFX(or JSP) like development of UI in java. You should know that android testing using emulator is very slow (unless you do it on an actual device eg droid incredible)- and unlike iphone you can freely deploy your apps on your phone. 
Android (like java permission file or vista/widows 7 model) like to warn before installing application - and applications have to indicate what kind of permission it needs. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android.

Android consists of a kernel based on the Linux kernel, with middleware, libraries and APIs written in C and application software running on an application framework which includes Java-compatible libraries based on Apache Harmony. Android uses the Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation to run compiled Java code.

First, we will look at techniques for building Android applications that adapt to the ways in which mobile apps differ from traditional desktop or Web-based apps: constrained resources, small screen sizes, varying display resolutions, intermittent network connectivity, specialized sensors, security restrictions, and so forth.

Second, we look at best practices for making Android Application Development flexible: using XML-based layouts, managing multimedia, storing user data, networking via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, determining device location and orientation, deploying applications, and gracefully handling shutdowns and restarts to the application.

Optional topics may include embedding Web components with WebKit, showing maps with the Google Maps plugin, and storing local data with SQLite. Students will be provided links to download free tools for building and testing Android apps; there is no requirement that developers have own a physical Android device.

Android has a large community of Android Apps Developer writing applications ("apps") that extend the functionality of the devices. Developers write primarily in a customized version of Java. There are currently more than 250,000 apps available for Android. Apps can be downloaded from third-party sites or through online stores such as Android Market, the app store run by Google.

Android applications are developed using the Java language. As of now, that’s really your only option for native applications. Java is a very popular programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle).

Developed long after C and C++, Java incorporates many of the powerful features of those powerful languages while addressing some of their drawbacks. Still, programming languages are only as powerful as their libraries. These libraries exist to help developers build applications.

Some of the Java’s important core features are:
* It’s easy to learn and understand
* It’s designed to be platform-independent and secure, using Virtual machines
* It’s object-oriented
Android relies heavily on these Java fundamentals. The Android SDK includes many standard Java libraries (data structure libraries, math libraries, graphics libraries, networking libraries and everything else you could want) as well as special Android libraries that will help you develop awesome Android applications.

We have experience of developing variety of Android mobile applications for diverse businesses including several small scale companies to large enterprises. Whether it's a simple program development or a highly sophisticated and complex application; we will serve you right away at your affordability. Our Android Application Developer provide your most annoying android apps.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What platforms provide the best ecommerce store development quality: Magento

Friends do you know, what is the perfect and important source to develop an ecommerce businesses online fluently. No one can ignore this points that every online businesses are depends upon internet based eterprises ecommerce application which allows to user interface functionality and core business experience.
In the internet business or we can say that In web based market there are huge bunch of ecommerce applications available as Drupal, Joomla, PHP, Magento, Cake PHP, Zen Cart, and so more. All is well for the internet based ecommerce businesses. Those all have easy customization user controll panel with lot of development tools.
Each platforms having best core specialization in the development of website and each are speciafic for some reason. Drupal is best for community website development and Joomla is available with theme based website, and Magento is available for ecommerce store development.
I will suggest you if you have product or more products with some many categories so Magento will be best choice for your ecommerce store. It will give you pure feel of administrative athourity. It will give you perfect control over the thousands of prodcut.
Magento is now avail with so more module plug in which allow you to develop the best user experience and gives a special facility for the merchants to have the control over the look, content and functions from the online store. They can tailor their sites according to their business needs.
Magento contains a special property to satisfy the requirements of today's on-line merchants. it's placed a platform to manage all the net merchandise with not restricting the business processes and flow.
It is natural that why your are suggesting for use of magenot development services because It has an unprecedented flexibility and control to make e- commerce a unique and innovative so that no businesses look alike it.
There are several nubmers Magento developer and designers who work systematically to supply services to shoppers in India, USA, UK, and more countries. Due to its options Magento is quickly gaining quality among Shopping-cart solutions.
There are distinguished services in Magento Development with new added services like:
Magento GO Configuration
Magento Themes
Magento Customization
Magento Website Optimization
Magento module Integration
Magento module development
Ecommerce store design
Magento to PSD configurations
Magento template design
Magento theme style is vital for the general customization and in conclusion Magento Enterprise permits one to store the majority design and development that fit your business in one place.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cost effective create a native mCommerce experience

People know itthat what is growing rapidly in the leading ecommerce market and what is significant demands of marchants? Yes it is Magento’s market-leading eCommerce platform. Mcommerce has been increasing quickly, and there is considerable need for suppliers who want to muster their business with mcommerce store development.
All greater part of suppliers want interact with their clients with the wealthy & personal functions that only mobile phone applications provide.So in this circumstances the cost and time to develop the mobile commerce devices, include set up and handle these local applications for various popular gadgets is considerable, and therein can be found the foundation for our product.

Magento mobile can shop over 70,000 suppliers to easily designed product, local storefront applications those are greatly incorporated with Magento’s market-leading eCommerce foundation. It has involved a new management administrator which available for free on Magento connect, a local iPhone app that is completely personalized with shades, pictures, control buttons, etc, and maintenance procedure for the iTunes App Store service.

Magento Mobile facilitates discussing product details with all common public networking including Twitter, Facebook or myspace and LinkedIn. Consumers using a Magento mCommerce store application can share details about their favorite online retailers with friends using their public networking sites. And its provides the tools necessary to create and distribute messages using the service. It is very functional ecommerce store that can be handle without any techniques.

Now Magento commerce is growing Magento mobile to the iPad, iPhone and Android operating system. Good thing is about Magento mobile development, the website is designed to support all these mobile phones as a platform supports all of these operating systems.
Some other functions of Magento mobile growth assistance for Magento e-commerce growth can be detailed as below:
  • Support for various kinds of finance options
  • Support for mobile HTML5
  • clean and obvious item webpages with your data
  • User helpful most appropriate results
  • Audio and movie abilities, as reinforced by the device
  • Replacement item images
  • Multi-touch, contact and zoom capability images
  • Zoom in and out of options
  • Drag and fall the items into the cart
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
All of these Magento mobile growth functions really assist in the Magento E-commerce development advantages for clients is much greater.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally Joomla 3.0.1 now released professional Joomla Developers

This update fixes a few bugs and introduces a few new features in the Joomla 3.0.1 to their dedicated efforts investigating reports, fixing problems, and applying patches to Joomla. This is the next major release of the Joomla CMS in the Standard Term Support (STS) track.
Joomla users can update thier issues on top priority and that will be resolve early in the Joomla 3.0.1. Who wants to conversions between Joomla 2.5 into 3.0.1, that process is very easy and customisable. However, it is likely that many templates and extensions for Joomla 2.5 will need modification to work with Joomla 3.
Be acquainted that the technical necessities for running Joomla 3.0.1 is completely different. If you don't have enought development informatoin, Do not waste time unnecessarily Hire Joomla Developer who will take you on guideline and with the help of them you can cutomize it easily.
Bellow is given technical Requirement that will guide to you:

What are the new features of Joomla! 3?

  • Incorporation of Twitter Bootstrap into a jui media package.
  • A new responsive, mobile device friendly administrator template--Isis-- and interface.
  • A new front end template--Protostar-- built using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Updated accessible template called Beez3.
  • A simplified 3-step installation process.
  • PostgreSQL Driver. You will be able to run Joomla 3.0 sites using the PostgreSQL database.
  • PHP Memcached Driver
  • Use of JFeed for feed management rather than SimplePie
  • Installation of language packages directly from the extension manager
  • Guest user group present by default
  • Saving blank articles allowed
  • New administrator statistics module
  • Update TinyMCE to version 3.5.6
  • Continued clean up of older unused code, files and database fields and tables and improved standardization of tables.
  • Improvements to Smart Search
  • Extensive work on code style standardisation and consistency
  • Unit testing in the CMS
  • Updated system tests in the CMS
  • Custom active menu item for menu module
  • Let the SEF plug-in add the canonical url to the head
  • Version 12.2 of the Joomla Platform
This release also includes the current version (12.2) of the Joomla! Platform, which includes a large number of new and improved packages.
News Source:http://www.joomla.org/announcements/release-news/5468-joomla-3-0-1-released.html
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