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Follow These Steps and Get Back Your eCcommerce Website Success

What competition is running in modern age eCommerce market, that is too complicated to decide that what Web Application Development platform is more effective for the eCommerce success. Online businesses or Web shop depends upon the store ability, technical functionalities, security, navigation, lookup and payment checkout of the eCommerce platforms. In this complicated environment website owners forget or would be fail to analysis the balance of eCommerce store activity and features. In this situation website owners should contact to the professional expert Web Developers who should give the guideline for the great selection of the eCommerce platforms.
Generally more than 60% percent website owners have not the proper information to understand the eCommerce platforms features, goals, stores ability, technical functionalities, User Interface etc. So it would be better they should hire a professional eCommerce Website Company or eCommerce Web Developer. In Customer's eCommerce website development some important things are very common for the best website management, First usability and website navigation functionality is most important than the visual basic features. If customer is not able to decide his/her goal of the website then He/She can lose his/her sales.
eCommerce website development. But the right combination of functionality, innovative design, best content writing, mindset, web analytics and a powerful product create a portfolio through which your clients learn to believe in you. A good user experience is unobtrusive and transparent to the consumer because “it just works.” Web page design, navigation, control panel, product details, payment checkouts, website security, store ability, page uploading time these also come into the user experience criteria. Because more of the user’s time is spent on the product detail page during page uploading than any other. Here, you need to offer customers all of the information they are looking for but present it in an intelligent way as well.
You need that development platforms which provide the best user experience and maximum store ability to upload the products.
There are a few things to consider when selecting the right merchant account provider for your online business, and the bank you use now may or may not have the right solution for you. First of all, you want a provider who is equipped for online sales. You want to compare what providers are charging merchants for customer charge-backs or refunds. Unfortunately some customers are fraudulent and that can be costly; your provider might charge you $20 or more in fees per charge-back. No matter what your account type or provider, you can always expect to pay a % of all credit card transactions.
One thing is most important to consider about payment getaways. The financial transaction is the all over the eCommerce website owner's goal and it should be enough transparent. First of all, take advice from some best eCommerce website developers who is expert to develop the payment checkout and supported plugin on the internet.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Growing stage of outsourcing information technology (IT) services

Social outsourcing and Software Outsourcing means the contracting out of goods or services to social enterprises or global firms which are involved in online business and networks. This types of services When used by government, it can be seen as a hybrid of the workfare outsourcing found in rural wage employment schemes, and the commercial outsourcing of government activities to the private sector.
This paper will show the features and reasons on a social outsourcing initiative operated by the government of India. Part of this outsources information technology (IT) services to dozens of co operatives of men and women from below-poverty-line families. Interview and case study explore was undertaken to evaluate the impacts on five areas of livelihood assets – financial, human, physical, social and political capital.
Governments in developing countries are increasingly involved in outsourcing: contracting out to a third party the proviso of goods or armed forces which could otherwise be provided by the buyer organization. We can illustrate two quite different models used, each of which has some probable shortcomings.

This scheme has Indian specificities and examines shows that social outsourcing may introduce vulnerabilities and questions of sustainability. Overall, though, this paper suggests that IT social outsourcing has the probable to deliver not just significant developmental benefits to marginalized groups but also economic and political benefits to government. It should therefore be moving onto the agendas of international development agencies and of governments in developing countries.
Examples include the Employment Guarantee Scheme used in India's and Argentina's Trabajar programmed. These have undoubtedly delivered important poverty alleviation benefits. The shortcomings of this approach, though, may include problems of sustainability, difficulty of application to urban poverty (schemes have tended to be rural and seasonal, focused on the agricultural "lean period"), and the failure to create any institutional basis for enterprise and independent income-generation.
There are also accusations corrupt diversions of funds, and of creating public works assets that are ultimately damaging rather than beneficial to the poor. At the other extreme is what we might call "commercial outsourcing": competitive contracting out of internal and external services to private sector firms.
Examples include outsourcing of information technology (IT) services and Software Development services by the Indian and Foreigner government outsourcing are solid productive. The shortcomings of this approach may contain the overthrow of public service values and goals to profit-seeking, and a loss of public sector control and accountability.
Outsourcing has also been politically unpopular with public sector trade unions. One may see workfare outsourcing as driven by a developmental and poverty reduction agenda seeking to deliver equity goals. One may see Software Development India and commercial outsourcing as driven by a neo-liberal and new public management agenda seeking to deliver efficiency and effectiveness goals. Both can, of course, also be seen to be driven by a political agenda and political goals, claimed to run from vote-banking to union-bashing to corruption to career enhancement.
Partly because of the problems associated with both workfare and commercial outsourcing, governments are showing an increasing interest in a hybrid form "social outsourcing": contracting out the provision of goods or services to a social enterprise. In the UK, a number of local governments have outsourced activities such as leisure centre management, care services, and community transportation to social enterprises.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Joomla Development: The Advantages and Disadvantages in CMS Features

Joomla is a very popular Content Management System. It is open source software and is used for a wide range of websites, and also intranets. It is available for free under a GNU or General Public License. It is beneficial for making a diversity of websites and can easily handle a variety of content: static pages, blogs, polls, news feeds, and search features. Joomla is recognized for its ease of use as well as for creating fantastic looking web pages.
Joomla CMS Advantages:

  • One of the most positive features of Joomla is the fact that it is easy to add new articles, content, images and video to your website with just a few clicks. While Joomla is very complex, there are a lot of tutorials and how-to articles provided by the Joomla community, so you can quickly learn how to use it.
  • Another advantage to using Joomla is that people with very little HTML knowledge or experience are also able to create their own templates. There are also plenty of extensions (plugins) provided by the Joomla community, so that Joomla Developers can easily link to forums, shopping carts or other features to their dynamic website.
  • Installing new modules, templates and extensions is done via the admin panel. You just upload the add-on and activate it.
  • Maintaining a Joomla powered website is simple and straightforward
  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Hotel and Tourism websites
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Government applications
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • School and church websites
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Community-based portals
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • The possibilities are seemingly endless hellip
Joomla CMS Disadvantages:
  • Joomla has restricted modules and limited variety of templates but will still experience too cookie-cutter for more impressive customers, although less so than WordPress.
  • Each website will require Joomla to be installed separately.
  • Joomla is written in PHP and MySQL, there is no connection to PostgreSQL or support for PDO.
  • The system generated URL's are poor for SEO, so you will need to use a 3rd party extension to fix them.
  • If you are new to content management systems, you might get lost when you try to use Joomla, as there are many screens you need to work with before your website will look like the way you want it to look.
  • Also, there is no update function for the Joomla system or for the extensions, so all updates have to be done manually.
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Acknowledgment for Software Development Tools and Processes

This information will introduce Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework to the software developer. Structure of CMMI will be discussed and detailed debate of different process areas of software which will be carried out.
Some of the key software manufacturing tricks like, software requirement management, software configuration management, software quality assurance, and software estimation will be discuss in feature.
Some of the tools and their significance uses throughout the development process is scattered here for the new commerce.
A course in software engineering
Software Engineering Courses are useful for the integration of module and tools so therefore, below is given what we should do and what is the element is needed for Development Process.
1. Introduce the new commerce to processes in general and software processes in particular part of developing systems.
2. Develop an appreciation for focusing on the processes during development.
3. Introduce the new commerce to current software development practices in the industry and quality assurance techniques.
5. Introduce the new commerce with process frame work - Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).
6. Enable to assess software processes maturity of an organization with respect to CMMI. Also should be able to suggest improvement in organizational processes to achieve higher process maturity with respect to CMMI.
Development Steps and Systems:

Following are the steps involved in systematic software. Examples of tools that may be used during the various stages are also provided. Note that though these steps generally apply to software development in C, C++ or Java, they may be extended to Web – based software development (e.g. software development in PHP) as well.
For these activities we would be need of as documentation, Version Control (e.g. CVS, SCCS), Software metrics – performance related tools, Complexity, resource requirements, algorithms, Debugging and memory management, Coding style guidelines, Testing, tuning, code walkthroughs, Data Dictionary, static analysis, Block diagrams / Flow diagrams) Scheduling, milestones, API design, calling interface, Maintenance, bug tracking (E.g. Bugzilla), Requirements analysis and design (with feedback).
Technologies Used for all the three requirements the team used Java as its front end while for the back end multi database support was one of the requirements of message boards and Wiki. Thus the shortlisted message board and wiki were available with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server database. However since MySQL was currently being used in Tietronix it was decided to have MySQL as the database for message boards and Wiki.
After knowing this information of Software Development we have come across some new concepts about software application development and maintenance that how we use the tools and software development process. We did learn also how many systems and tools would be adopted to develop a Software Application and then deploying it on the portal.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is the roll of JNI Android Apps Development

JNI is known as Java Native Interface. It describes a way greatly extend Android functionality which is written in the Java development language to communicate with native value C/C++. Android applications is  Java based smart phone devices, Android Application Development opens up the possibility of implementing Java managed code platform. So at least part of the Android application needs to be written in Java. This allows us to write the part of the code that is “sensitive” as native libraries.
Java is compiled to bytecode, whereas languages such as C/C++ native code with Java using JNI. While Android Native Development Kit for officially integration of C/C++ native code with Java using JNI for a perfect solution. Our goal today have to give protection to your Android applications. Thats why we use our native library to protect the Java code.
It is an independently developed Java machine known as Dalvik and DRM runs through the Dalvik VM for standard applications. Native code opens up the possibility of interfacing through JNI.
The easiest way to get the correct function signatures in the native library is to first write down their Java prototypes, and then use the javah tool to generate the native JNI header with native function prototypes.
Android Developer create an array of JNINativeMethod structures, which contain function names, signatures (they can be simply copied from the comments, generaed by javah), and pointers to the implementing functions.
Using the DRM API
The Android platform use an extensible DRM framework that manage rights-protected content according to the license constraints that are associated with the content. The DRM framework supports many DRM schemes; which DRM schemes a device supports is up to the device manufacturer.
Common uses of the DRM API include:
  • Determining which DRM plug-ins (agents) are installed on a device.
  • Retrieving information about specific plug-ins, such as the MIME types and file suffixes they support.
  • Registering a user or a device with an online DRM service.
  • Retrieving license constraints for rights-protected content.
  • Checking whether a user has the proper rights to play or use rights-protected content.
  • Associating rights-protected content with its license so you can use the MediaPlayer API to play the content.
Android also provides background services and also has a very well planned support system for GUI navigation. This is side navigation UI Pattern for an interesting design, especially on the phone that has smaller screen estate compared to tablet.
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Android Development

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Most e Commerce Website Owner Hire PHP Development Services

With the develop of PHP technological innovation, the eCommerce Web companies have found a new way to flourish their divisions at cost-effective and possitive impact by means of powerful websites within their price range budgets. It is effective and developer-friendly Web Development terminology that provides eCommerce companies a lot of versatility to accomplish their particular needs. It is a primary fact that PHP is the platform of most of the effective websites. The need of the PHP Developer is really high in the web market as most of the customers choose PHP open platforms for their web websites and sales growth.
PHP Website Development is a fully powerful service with completely packed functions and is a cuboid of internet shopping web sites. On the internet shopping has overcome the market and is increasing because these days every store entrepreneurs or eCommerce website owners wish to have the best website. And for the eCommerce alternatives PHP open source platform is one of the most helpfull Web Development languages to all webmasters. Second thing matter to the price of the hourly development process. Yes it is ideal when you have a limited price range bugdets and in this situation most of Indian PHP Development Company provide the affordable services as well as devoted. PHP Development programming language is so popular among most eCommerce business applications.
Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net
Here is a list of advantages of PHP website development:
  • It is Open Source Platforms
  • PHP supports all specific languages
  • User friendly with less cost management services
  • For the security purpose, It provide best protection
  • Cost effective Development and Smooth panel
  • Less time consuming
  • Create uninterrupted relationship between a customer
  • It is renowned for database management services
  • High quality procedures and process
  • PHP is best for developing Web 2.0 applications and frame work
  • Best coding practice and suffices all developmental needs
Although you are planning to seek the services of PHP Developers to bring out the web design and development process, you must make sure that the company has knowledgeable PHP Developers to be successful in get your business objectives. Hence, you must find out a able PHP Web Development professionals who can comprehend your specifications and turn your exclusive idea into a significant remedy.
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Leading arrangement over global software outsourcing development

In the global research we have found this, that,” India is one of the hottest locations for Software Outsourcing with software exports to the tune is large in 2000-11. According to a McKinsey-Nasscom study, the potential for software services exports from India will be USD 52 billion by 2009.
The following are the charts constructed using the data of Nasscom what shows India’s position with respect to the other countries and how far are other countries in the race with India to become world leader in the field of Information Technology.
During 2000-11, we have got seen 185 of the 500 companies outsourced their Software Development requirements to India.
We find many destiny 500 companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Citibank, United Airlines, IBM, Lucas and British Aerospace beneficiaries in short period.
According to global research, coming out of China, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa among others as developing market alternative to India’s IT intelligence has threatened India’s supremacy in this field.

China and India as an example has managed to maintain its leading position over global Software Outsourcing Development and in the manufacturing sector for many years. Currently China is creating a potential threat to India’s power in the IT services sector.
China’s and India advantages have all the resources and capabilities to develop its IT sector and services hastily. “China not only has the scientific workforce but also has been very aggressive in pursuing training programs specifically targeting their English deficiency.
The Indian premier has also been seeking countries help in software technology transfer and business cooperation in this regard. Some researchers argue that the benefit for Indian firms to tap into the huge Chinese market can only come at the cost of developing the intellectual asset of China by Indian companies.”
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language mentions on their website that the learning of English in China now occupies the attention of millions of its people. It is believed that currently three hundred million people are actively engaged in the job of learning English. (IATEFL.org). this new English speaking population may give china a competitive edge over India.
A report from market research firm Gartner, Inc. states that in addition to China, Philippines and Russia a number of emerging countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland, are also starting to create a threat to India's control in business process software development outsourcing (BPO).
Unless India formulates a long-term strategy to improve its infrastructure and consistently work on growing its skilled labor force, India will face the movement of its foreign clients’ BPO to other countries.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The two most prevalent open source CMS solutions used on the Web are Joomla and Drupal

Both of them Joomla and Drupal offer plenty of features for users to customize their websites and they have almost the same functionalities. Both Joomla and Drupal are free and open source Content Management Systems. But each of them has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique features. Each has its own community and user base, as well as a well-maintained repository of themes/templates and plugins/extensions.
Drupal is considered to be less user-friendly. It needs a lot of time to get used to it. It is known for its robust code and has varieties of rich add-ons. Drupal is mostly used in many large and corporate business environments. With the advent of Drupal 7, it has gained the reputation of being as user-friendly as a CMS can be. Modules such as Panels, Webform and Views make website creation very simple for the end user, and such features are expected to progress even further in upcoming releases.
Drupal is more of a framework CMS nurtured by a large community of developers. Therefore, Drupal developers grow as fix/create things that matter most to them. The positive point is the loyal community that is always willing to give back to Drupal. On the negative side, more often than not, a newbie to Drupal is greeted by the, “if you don’t find/like it, please feel free to contribute,” condition.

Joomla is known for its comfort of use and installation. You do not need any programming experience to build websites using Joomla. It offers a one-click installation for websites, letting you to set up a site within a few minutes. The interface is very user-friendly and it permits new sites to be easily managed and updated with a variety of extensions. It is well suited for small ventures and startups. Joomla attempts to cater to end users, designers and developers alike. The CMS is flexible and customizable, and boasts of a large community, as well as numerous extensions and templates.
With each release, Joomla has shown a steady pace of development. However, there is still a long way to go. For instance, when it comes to out-of-the-box SEO, Joomla lags behind Drupal. While the admin panel lets you do virtually everything — from publishing articles to sending newsletter emails, running a big website with Joomla can get puzzling.
How to Use CMS
Joomla has a great graphical interface and is the most user-friendly CMS. It is the easiest full-feature CMS for the site owner or the webmaster. The admin usability is good in Joomla. Even non-technical people can use Joomla without any effort and clients can be trained to use it efficiently.
In contrast, Drupal is not so easy to handle. You need some technical knowledge to work with or install the modules of Drupal. The admin interface is text-driven and is often confusing to beginners. It is difficult to manage the site when any kind of ACL (Access Control List) is used.
Performance of the CMS
When it comes to performance, Drupal always stays on top. The powerful and coarse structure of Drupal makes it easy to manage any kind of issues.
Joomla lags behind in performance when compared with Drupal.
Joomla offers a dedicated Joomla Development community that offers updates and fixes as soon as problems occur. Your website is secure if you use up-to-date extensions and configure your website properly.
Drupal users subscribe to the security mailing list in order to stay informed of the security advisories. The weaknesses are found and fixed even before they conquer any live website. A survey says that more than 90% of security-based issues are caused by user-made modules and themes in Drupal.
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Software Outsourcing in China and Japan

Software and IT services (SITS) industry will shamble along for at least the rest of this year and the next before staging a very gradual recovery. This is according to bean-counters at Tech Market View, whose stats show the sector has been in annual decline since the recession that started in 2008 – and shows no signs of improving in the medium term.
China's growing Software Outsourcing trade with Japan is expected to rise even faster after Premier Wen Jiabao's "ice-melting" and DHC started outsourcing computer software from Japan in 1996, a time when Sino-Japanese relations were at low ebb tide.
Political hindrances have not impeded our business," said Liu. Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technologies (DHC) Co. Ltd is one of China's leading Software Development firms. Manager Liu Jun is proud of its big-name customers, including technology giants Hitachi, Sony, Mitsubishi and NEC.

Dalian, a Japanese colony for 40 years before the end of World War II, became the outsourcing center of information technology to Japan due to its geographical proximity and its skilled labor force. The city's software industry sales last year set a new record at 10 billion yuan (1.23 billion U.S. dollars), maintaining a 60 percent annual rise in the past six years.
China accounted for more than 60 percent of Japan's outsourced software trade in 2009 and has become the country's biggest software outsourcing base," said Mine Shentaro, of the Japan External Trade Organization based in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province. "We think 2011 could be even slightly worse than 2010," it warned. "We are now forecasting that the UK SITS market will shrink again in real terms by 3 per cent ... and then one more year of decline in 2012, of just another 1 per cent."
This is why we have reduced our growth forecasts from 2012 onwards," it said, "We still believe that we remain in the midst of a five-year market decline in real terms. Cloud computing will have the most disruptive influence on the UK SITS segment, accounting for 30 per cent or £12.5bn of sales by 2014. But only software outsourcing company resellers and service suppliers that overhaul business and operating models will take advantage of this new delivery mode and those can do this the quickest stand the best chance of making money.
Previous years According to a government plan for the software development and information services, China aims to generate 168 billion U.S. dollars from the software sector and export 12.5 billion U.S. dollars worth of software services in 2010.
INDIA is in a recovery mode from the hugely impacted global financial meltdown surfaced in mid-September 2008. An advance estimate of the Central Statistical Organization indicates to 7.2 percent GDP growth during the current fiscal year (2009-10), though the government expects it may even surpass the CSO estimates. Coupled with this, the industry is sending encouraging feeler to fuel the hope for a better revival of the economy from the onslaught of the meltdown that had impacted among others India's exports like most of other countries around the world. The cumulative growth for the period April-December 2009-10 stands at 8.6 percent.
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Captivating & free mobile phone applications utilizing complex SDK platforms

Technology is changing rapidly along with the way in which people communicate. Leading the way are mobile devices that use Android mobile apps exclusively and extensively.
In recent times people not only depend on their mobile devices to stay in touch, they also use these devices to make purchases,
play games, read books, check the emails, online chatting, face book, twitter, ebay marketing, to use the SMS application and to watch movies etc .As a business owner or manager, you need to capitalize on the trend by giving your business an edge in communications. For Android application users, that edge can be effective Google mobile apps that allow clients and customers to keep in touch and to communicate. We build mobile applications that make sense and are easy to use. Now the application development process and its implementation can be made faster than other operating systems. Android SDK [Android Software Development Kit] helps the Android Apps Developers in starting and implementing applications very rapidly.
Android is a complete Open source mobile platform built on the Linux 2.6 kernel that exposes a robust operating system, a comprehensive set of libraries, a rich multimedia user interface and a complete set of phone applications.

Android SDK can be downloaded from the official web site of Android Developers. Android SDK is a Droid emulator that allows developers to test functionalities, capabilities and process of Android App Development which make developer free from loading and unloading software.
Android software development kit offers APIs and other useful and needed tools to develop android mobile applications. By nature, android is an open source so it is easily available in the android app market; which helps developers use
Java programming language and create applications of different types.
Android has rich support for
Audio/Media types and Graphics and has support of its core library for developers to build third party applications. It offers plenty of benefits to the Android App Developers which help them in building suitable application for Android development project.
Utilizing the complex Google Android SDK platform, our highly qualified
Android Application Developer explores the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools. Benefits of Zaptech Solutions - Android App Development:
  • Android applications have Linux core, which safe guards them against anomalies and prevent them from crashing which leads to robust and stable android apps.
  • Simple and easy Android application development process.
  • Easy to use APIs and development tools.
  • Ability to gather information fast.
  • WebKit engine integration for rich browser facility.
  • Hassle free application porting.
  • Low mobile application development costs due to its open source nature.
  • Save time of developers which tend to understand them client’s requirements.
We develop highly interactive and customized smart phone application on Android platform. Our developers have got the talent of converting your ideas into reality through the Android platform, and we will meet your expectations by delivering you the simplest and economical solutions for your corporate needs.We have experience of developing variety of Android Mobile Applications for diverse businesses including several small scale companies to large enterprises. Whether it's a simple program development or a highly sophisticated and complex application; we will serve you right away at your affordability.

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Market overview and performance of software outsourcing and Development Company

Application development is the development or progress of a software product in a planned way and prearranged process. It is also referred to as software process, software outsourcing, and software lifecycle and Software Development Company.
Application development involves producing a computer program, or set of programs to execute responsibilities, from keeping track of inventory and billing customers to maintaining accounts, speeding up business process and, in fact, even improving application efficiency.
Unlike vanilla programming, application development involves higher levels of responsibility (particularly for requirement capturing and testing). The Software Application Development industry has seen a lot of revolutionize in a relative short period of time. From both sides–customers looking for software solutions and the resource pool of application development talent – there has been considerable upheaval over the last few years.
Software preservation is a very extensive activity often defined as including all work made on a software system after it becomes operational. It covers the correction of errors, the enhancement, deletion and addition of capabilities, the alteration to changes in data requirements and operation environments, the improvement of performance, usability, or any other quality attribute.

The IEEE defines Software preservation as the process of modifying a software system or component after delivery to correct faults, to get better performances or other attributes, or get used to to a changed environment.
Previous Years Market Overview and Performance
According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending exceeded $3.4 trillion in 2008, an 8% increase compared with 2007 expenditure. In a separate report Gartner (IT Key Metrics November 2008) estimates that 20% of global IT is spent on Software application development, which represents $625 billion in 2007 and $680 billion in 2008. Gartner Dataquest (March 2009) estimated 2009 Global IT spending at $3.235 trillion, which is a decline of 4.8% compared to 2008. The corresponding size of the application development market for 2009 would be US$ 647 Billion.
Current Market
According to Gartner, the growth in worldwide IT spending in 2010 is expected to reach $3.4 trillion by the end of 2010, a 4.6% increase from 2009. The projected growth reveals the significant improvement from the previous year (4.8% decline in 2009) and is expected across all major segments – computer hardware, IT services, software outsourcing, telecom, and telecom services.
Based on this, the application development and preservation market is projected using a growth rate of 4.6% from 2010 to 2012. It is assumed that 20% of global IT expenditure is exhausted on Software Development.
Competition in the Market
The Leading Competitors of the application development and maintenance industry are shown below. Further, in the US alone, there are 117,000+ firms dealing with Computer systems design and related services. IBM leads the list with a market share of 11.6% followed by HP and Microsoft at 9.3% and 8.6% respectively. IBM is also the leading employer followed by HP and Accenture.In the case of growth rate, Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro lead the list with growth rates of 16.4%, 12% and 8.1% respectively. Accenture recorded the least growth rate of 8%.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Advanced PHP Features in Your Client-Side Applications

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.
When someone visits your PHP webpage, your web server processes the PHP code. It then sees which parts it needs to show to visitors(content and pictures) and hides the other stuff(file operations, math calculations, etc.) then translates your PHP into HTML. After the translation into HTML, it sends the webpage to your visitor's web browser.
PHP - What's it do?
  • Reduce the time to create large websites.
  • Create a customized user experience for visitors based on information that you have gathered from them.
  • Open up thousands of possibilities for online tools. Check out PHP - HotScripts for examples of the great things that are possible with PHP.
  • Allow creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.
PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do anything any other CGI (Common Gateway Interface)program can do, such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send and receive cookies. But PHP can do much more.

There are three main areas where PHP scripts are used.
Server-side scripting - This is the most traditional and main target field for PHP. You need three things to make this work. The PHP parser (CGI or server module), a web server and a web browser. You need to run the web server, with a connected PHP installation. You can access the PHP program output with a web browser, viewing the PHP page through the server. All these can run on your home machine if you are just experimenting with PHP programming. See the installation instructions section for more information.
Command line scripting - You can make a PHP script to run it without any server or browser. You only need the PHP parser to use it this way. This type of usage is ideal for scripts regularly executed using cron (on *nix or Linux) or Task Scheduler (on Windows). These scripts can also be used for simple text processing tasks. See the section about Command line usage of PHP for more information.
Writing desktop applications- PHP is probably not the very best language to create a desktop application with a graphical user interface, but if you know PHP very well, and would like to use some advanced PHP features in your client-side applications you can also use PHP-GTK to write such programs. You also have the ability to write cross-platform applications this way. PHP-GTK is an extension to PHP, not available in the main distribution
PHP can be used on all major operating systems, including Linux, many UNIX variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and probably others. PHP has also support for most of the web servers today. This includes Apache, IIS, and many others. And this includes any web server that can utilize the FastCGI PHP binary, like lighttpd and nginx. PHP works as either a module, or as a CGI processor.
So with PHP, you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server. Furthermore, you also have the choice of using procedural programming or object oriented programming (OOP), or a mixture of them both.
With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. PHP's abilities include outputting images, PDF files and even Flash movies (using libswf and Ming) generated on the fly. You can also output easily any text, such as XHTML and any other XML file. PHP can autogenerate these files, and save them in the file system, instead of printing it out, forming a server-side cache for your dynamic content.
One of the strongest and most significant features in PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. Writing a database-enabled web page is incredibly simple using one of the database specific extensions (e.g., for mysql), or using an abstraction layer like PDO, or connect to any database supporting the Open Database Connection standard via the ODBC extension. Other databases may utilizecURL or sockets, like CouchDB.
PHP also has support for talking to other services using protocols such as LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (on Windows) and countless others. You can also open raw network sockets and interact using any other protocol. PHP has support for the WDDX complex data exchange between virtually all Web programming languages. Talking about interconnection, PHP has support for instantiation of Java objects and using them transparently as PHP objects.
PHP has useful text processing features, which include the Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE), and many extensions and tools to parse and access XML documents. PHP standardizes all of the XML extensions on the solid base of libxml2, and extends the feature set adding SimpleXML, XMLReader and XMLWriter support.
And many other interesting extensions exist, which are categorized both alphabetically and by category. And there are additional PECL extensions that may or may not be documented within the PHP manual itself.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Turn Your Wordpress Site Into a Powerful Online Store

Wordpress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS (content management system) for managing a blog or site. It's flexible, user-friendly and packed with awesome features. What more could you want? Well, if you're one of the many small business owners trying to conduct business online, the ability to sell products would be a great plus.
But, why Wordpress? Why not some other eCommerce solution? For me, the answer is clear. First, Wordpress allows anyone without programming experience to manage their own website. There is no need of technical programming skills and designing templates layout. Second, most of the eCommerce solutions out there are not nearly as intuitive or stable as Wordpress. Wordpress offer multipale widgets and plugins to enhance its beautyful nevigation and website layour for design.  Third, if you've already tried Wordpress, there's no way you'd consider using a different CMS because you know how user-friendly Wordpress is.
Wordpress is one of the best blogging platforms out there, but how would it work for an online store? By itself, Wordpress isn't much of a storefront, but when you integrate a professional store theme to it, then you get an amazing online store. This is where Market Theme comes in.

Wordpress provide lots of commercial website themes where clients can upload their own products well. Its commercial theme and web template give a robust Wordpress theme that turns your simple Wordpress site into a fully functioning online store in a matter of minutes. Just look at some of the great benefits you get in touch with Wordpress Website Designer. You can rest assured that with WordPress you will be on the cutting edge of the technology available.
Wordpress Website Development Features:
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Easy customization via admin section.
  • Easy product management.
  • Multiple images per product.
  • Nicely integrates with your blog.
  • Cross-blog communication tools
  • Intelligent text formatting
  • Ping away
  • XML-RPC interface
  • Easy Importing
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Active support community.
  • Free lifetime upgrades.
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Definition of CMS like Joomla vs. WordPress Development

When it comes to CMSs, WordPress and Joomla are the leading names today. Both are open source Softwares, and are free to use and customize. Each has its own community and user base, as well as a well-maintained repository of themes/templates and plugins/extensions. And all have their pros and cons.
Joomla vs. WordPress Comparison
The WordPress content management system is aperfect platform for the bloggers as it is easy to install and use.
  • You can tailor it according to your requirements.
  • Furthermore for its customization you don’t need to have in-depth and extensive programming knowledge.
  • You can make your website more vibrant by using WordPress plug-ins which can be installed easily.
  • This technology gives your website an in-built platform letting visitors to comment on your posts automatically. WordPress is one of the best CMS platform used and recognized by many bloggers.
  • Joomla CMS is an outstanding content management system letting easy management and maintenance of your website, with little or no programming knowledge needed.
  • It offers all the mandatory features right from adding and updating everything such as images, article pages, navigation menus.
  • Increasing the functionality of a website can be managed by number of extensions offered by Joomla software.
  • Joomla provides full flexibility to developers to design a website the way they want.
  • left
Joomla vs.Wordpress
Comparison between Joomla vs. WordPress
  • If you want to add images, publish new items, WordPress is exceptionally easy to use. Whereas Joomla presents a more “feature-rich” CMS, though one needs to get the hang of making the modifications.
  • In comparison to WordPress, Joomla is supported by a strong community to help the end users.
  • Joomla is unsurpassed for creating websites concerned with e-commerce and website needing a more professional touch. Joomla has thousands of extensions to offer, which are instrumental in increasing the functionality of a website. With its wider flexibility, improved features and premier extensions, Joomla to greater extent out beats WordPress.
  • Joomla was created from the ground up and over the years it has grown as an acclaimed CMS, while WordPress was designed as a publishing platform that has developed gradually into a CMS, offering each unique skill. These are the reasons why many developers declare that Joomla wins in the comparison between Joomla vs. WordPress.
Why use Joomla over WordPress
Because of the power and flexibility provided by the Joomla CMS, it has become one of the most popular CMS available in the market. Reasons for its enormousacceptance are its features, plentifulcapabilities and a well-developed custom database work. Joomla offers a complex multiple user privilege system, with user registration and layered content privileges, while WordPress does not have the privilege system capability. Joomla is also the best open source CMS solution when it comes to multiple user groups. In nutshell both platforms work well for managing websites, WordPress is the best option for small to medium business. But Joomla is a fantastic option for a website that requires multiple user privileges or custom database work.
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