Monday, December 31, 2012

How iPhone App Development Props up Your Business

Today, mobile phones get enormous admiration in the business world. Every business owner gives first priority to the mobile marketing to promote their business and get success to reach their targeted customers straightforwardly and efficiently. Customers want information promptly; so they favor mobile platform, website and internet medium to get services directly. Businesses that aim to get the complete attention of customers should utilize opportunities, as that of mobile website development, to make it easy for the probable customers to collect information on the numerous facets of businesses. With the growing demand of iPhone, businesses can make to reach the targeted audience directly and proficiently. Customers want information instantaneously, where a business that makes diligent use of mobile website development is sure to edge competition and bring more prospective customers under its fold. Number of business owner are jumping in Mobile Application Development, they are developing mobile application and mobile website for their existing business, so the customer can get services in a prompt way.

Quick-fire service
Using iPhone Website Development, business owners can offers quick-fire services to their customer. Customer can buy product and services at the right time without to go to the store and can pay money through online transaction, which is favorable for both owners as well as customers. By making optimal use of mobile website development, a business ensures that it offers quick-fire services to its customers. When a specific business ventures into iPhone app development, it adopts the right strategy to pull the attention of the customer at the right time and to cater to the demands of the customer in the appropriate manner.
Bring new customers
Businesses target to bring in new customers under their fold, and with the ultimate iPhone app development, businesses can make use of the cost-effective application to promote the products and services, which in turn can appeal the interest of new customers. Apart from this iPhone Website Development can help to get online customers, who really prefer online purchasing. Owners can also make their online presence through iPhone web development. Moreover, with the mobile website development, a business can tap the immense potential of iPhone to increase brand consciousness and to build brand image in the process.
Improve customer service
In taking efforts to develop applications through iPhone App Development, businesses can improve customer service. Such type of mobile website development provides easy access for the customers, where businesses can cater to the specific needs of the customers in no time at all. With the iPhone Development producing an effective iPhone app, businesses are better placed to keep the communication lines open to allow customers to establish contact anytime and anywhere.
Manage business
Establishing and managing business activities become easy with iPhone Apps, made possible by iPhone app development. Businesses can manage the business contacts in a better way, manage customer accounts and data, track business expenses, and can even keep track of several projects, without much trouble.
Increase revenue
Businesses prosper by increasing the revenue at the slightest given chance. When an establishment recognizes the importance of mobile website development, and when it plunges into iPhone Application Development to create robust applications, the establishment is provided with a huge opportunity to increase its revenue. The new ways afforded by the iPod apps can be put to better use to reach more customers, increase product value, close more deals, offer great service and enhance the bottom line on the whole.
With iPhone app development, businesses have found an able ally to create apps that can satisfy the immediate needs of customers, and bring more customers and revenue in the process.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Introduction and task division of Software development companies

A software development company is basically an IT service provider company. These companies are involved in providing IT services right from developing the software to its maintenance.
The efficiency of a software development company is judged by the services it offers within the time-line. In a way all sectors are hugely becoming dependent on the IT sector and therefore the scope for software companies is on the boom.
All software companies follow a cycle which is called SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). It starts from hiring required machineries and recruiting IT experts who then conduct the entire task of developing the system.
Nowadays, many IT companies provide offshore service to its client i.e. a client from USA hires an Indian company to develop their software. They give their requirements which are then analyzed by the software development company and in turn they provide the time frames and cost estimation to the client.
Even onshore services are provided by few companies who send their experts to the client’s place and work in their territory.
The IT sector is the “it” sector of present day India. It gained momentum two decades back and it accounts for more than 6% of the country’s GDP. Although we might have missed being part of the Industrial Revolution, we are definitely ruling the IT Revolution.
With thousands of offshore software development companies coming up, India has become a favorite hot-spot for IT services across the world. This is because of the state-of-the-art services provided at the cheapest rate in compare to the other countries.
Software developers in India work dedicatedly in serving the clients all over the world, meeting their requirements and never compromising on quality.
Talking about the future of software companies, it seems to be very bright. Slowly and steadily, all companies are going paperless and for that they would require reliable and efficient software to manage their internal system.
Every department, every industry is now highly dependent on technology for fast and smooth functioning. Therefore, as the demand increases, IT industry will take a step further for its growth and find its place in one of country’s highest revenue making sector.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Solid Way to Improve Software Testing Quality and Services

This is fraction of an inside communication I wrote - for a layman in the field of software development. Note that these are my opinions and not meant to be absolute truth, ultimately and most are related to a project I'm working.
A growing trend in software development is the use of testing frameworks that allow the execution of unit tests to determine whether different parts of the code works as expected in different circumstances. Test cases describe tests to run on the program to verify that the program runs planned.
Software testing is part of a much broader process of Software Development quality assurance. When complex systems are built on a series of subsystems, it is important to understand measure and manage quality assurance systems for all software in the end.
There are many ways to improve the quality of work. Many test automation tools provide features for recording and playback allowing users to record user actions in an interactive and read it many times, to compare actual results to expect.
The advantage of this approach is that it requires little or no development of software for testing. This approach can be applied to any program that has a graphical user interface. These tools perform what is called the graphical user interface (GUI) testing.
Tester- This is the most significant thing. Every software project needs a tester, dedicated to finding errors and quality assurance. The cost of his / her salary is lower than the time to correct errors, which can be found later in the customer experience.
The tester will inevitably be the person who knows the best software. She/he is the one of most people who knows the business rules behind the reports, or what will happen if the user clicks the button or that button, what is the SQL procedure must be performed if it is open. It is impossible to Software Development Company to develop quality of software without a tester.
The tester can (and will) the person dealing with the customer - and, as she/he knows that the best application, you can also type help and documentation - all this is that programmers hate something and try to avoid at all costs .
Where am I going with all this - good location, business analysts and architects? Every mistake in the pre-development is more costly - both financially and in time - error made during development. Most software companies use a strange mix of Estonia iterative development and the waterfall model, which seems to work better for MSPs and medium businesses - however, have not really thought about the model or documented - and software development happens. I think in this way you can get a good software and developer from IT solutions providers.
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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Diversity Of Different E-Commerce Extensions For Joomla

In current years, Joomla has become one of the most extensively used and most widespread content management systems (CMS) in the world. One of the reasons for the platform’s accomplishment is its capacity to increase its core functionality with plug-ins, modules and extensions. E-commerce extensions are some of the most downloaded extensions because they simplify otherwise complex processes like shopping carts, persistent session management, and even user account creation, making a site much more user friendly. A handful of the most prevalent extensions that can upsurge site functionality include:
VirtueMart is one of the most widespread extensions because it provides a comprehensive shopping cart experience that has a wealth of standard features that can be tailored and stretched. Businesses that use VirtueMart have a complete administrative edge that allows even the smallest product, pricing, tax and shipping details to be managed. Customers benefit from VirtueMart because a complete account management system is included that gives customers the option to update and change their own data.

SimpleCaddy offers simple and direct shopping cart management that can be implemented by nearly any website. The extension permits products to be created through an administrative interface and can then direct customers through a shopping experience. Payment can be ported through a PayPal gateway or the entire order can be emailed to the website owner. This is a practical solution for websites that are dealing with small volumes of sales or very niche markets that do not easily fit into more formal modules.
HikaShop is a complete e-commerce solution that tries to imitate all of the functions that are present in a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront. The extension provides invoicing, extensive visual customizations and detailed store management interfaces. The extension keeps everything very simple and even includes localization services for different countries. Businesses and consumers benefit from HikaShop with a tailored experience that makes online shopping simple.
Easy Paypal
This extension is a payment system that seeks to make purchasing online as easy as conceivable. The extension allows a single button to be developed that gives customers the choice to make a payment without moving through multiple forms. This simplifies website design and allows quick purchases. Small businesses can use Easy Paypal to sell services, products or digital downloads without having to maintain a shopping cart system.
Open Source Excellence (OSE) Membership
The OSE Membership extension for Joomla offers a tool that allows businesses to manage paid memberships to websites that provide digital content. This is a forceful system that containswidespread access control and easy integration with other extensions. Small businesses can produce and manage personal accounts through administrative interfaces. Consumers can personalize the experience and take advantage of everything the website has to offer without needing large amounts of administrative attention.
The diversity of different e-commerce extensions for Joomla gives small businesses unparalleled access to some of the very same systems that large corporations use for online sales and branding. Even better is that most of these extensions are either free or come at a comparatively low price, allowing business to easily use them without having to dip into their free checking accounts or busting out their credit card with bad credit. The ease of setting up and using these extensions also gives consumers a more steady, protected and reachable option when looking to make purchases online.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to progress software outsourcing companies requirements

If you’re under pressure and the person you’re dealing with seems impressive and knowledgeable, so you go for it – only to find down the line that deadlines have been missed because of all sorts of issues and excuses, despite your partner having the best intent at the project outset. Choosing the right partner should not be done hastily.
Meet the directors of the company and do your homework on them; check for judgments, get SARS clearance certificates, phone clients for references and physically visit the company’s premises and meet key staff. Ascertain if the company has the appropriate support structures, ensure there is a culture-fit with your organization and, most importantly, review CV’s and meet the people who will be working on your project.
Understand how the potential partner manages projects similar to yours – ask for evidence or get expert software consultants to conduct appropriate audits if need be. It is also important to ensure that the software outsourcing company is in a strong enough financial position to carry the costs of default if contract milestones are not met. Is here lower risk to hire your own software staff or Software Development Company to outsource?
If you perform the equation “(time to delivery) times (hourly fees) over (quality as a percentage)”, a good software outsource partner should come out at a lower number than if the project was performed by your in-house development staff. By quality I refer to a product that is easy to maintain, user friendly and bug free. I have personally seen it happen with companies that have invested in good business plans, only to be stumped by a software development project gone wrong.
With big blue-chip companies who have comprehensive support structures, the same can happen: project deadlines keep getting missed, often with unrecoverable costs to the business. If a software product can’t be demonstrated, or is not demonstrably rolled out to a number of clients, you can safely assume that the vendor is designing and developing a custom built solution. Most corporate systems have a significant amount of custom requirements because, more often than not, systems are tailored around a business, not the other way around.
In this instance, ensure that the vendor has all the right credentials, supporting infrastructure, design processes, technologies and, most importantly, academically qualified software engineers or computer scientists. Would you hire an unqualified engineer to build and sign off a bridge? The same level of engineering professionalism should apply in the design and delivery of a piece of software – in particular if it is core to one’s business.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joomla content management system and its Importance

Joomla gives features of flexible web development opportunity. Design of website and content management structures can be changed easily according to your own business needs. With this CMS You can make the website very attractive using the several modules of Joomla. Joomla is total different from the other Web CMS. Using Joomla you can make sure that you give a stylish and unique look to your websites. Further content is improving Joomla 's importance:
Importance of Joomla Web Development
  1. Joomla has developed into one of the most widespread content management systems (CMS) in current times. The CMS offers improved platform to develop corporate applications and web portals.
  2. Joomla CMS is so easy to use. You can easily add or modify or change new pages and images using the Joomla content management system.
  3. You can also do the text formatting using the editor support of this CMS.
  4. Joomla supports numerous languages. This gives your visitors the capability to change to any other language user wishes too. This is one of the best features of Joomla which make it user-friendly.
  5. If you want a group of people to work on the same site, Joomla is an excellent choice for you.
  6. The CMS permits different authors of the website to easily upload their content rather than waiting for designers or developers to do so.
  7. You can easily allow multiple author authentications in a Joomla website. This means that many people can log on the website together with their definite permissions.
  8. The same feature in another website need lots of programming work by the developer. However, a Joomla site doesn't require all such development efforts.
  9. Joomla offers a great template support. You may select any of the templates available based on your website theme.
  10. You can also change the template in future in order to modify your website with the changing requirements.
  11. Joomla content management system will offer the similar look to all the web pages and all new pages created in the website will automatically adopt the current template design.
  12. The best thing about Joomla CMS is use of extensions. These extensions provide extra functionality and usage to a website.
  13. It is very flexible, where there can be built upon a large amount of libraries and files for using, besides being easily extensible to fit in as per the custom necessities easily.
  14. The exclusive functions which are associated with it eventually tend to minimize and reduce the issues which appear to surface when developing online stores or shopping portals.
  15. It also supports various databases such as MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc. which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to e-commerce and online store development.
  16. It also comes across as being widespread for the ease which it displays, it is easy to use and to learn as well, making it even more desired, besides being tremendously cost effective.
  17. It has a great community support and if one faces any issues regarding the back end or anything related to adding/editing of products, images, etc. there is help always ready from the active members of the communities.
  18. Moreover, the security aspect related with Joomla looks to be very solid when compared to the rest.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reasons to Use Zend Framework and PHP


PHP is the top of the powerful-but-easy-to-use scripting languages. At least as far as reputation was involved. It was set up on most UNIX®- and Linux®-based web server. And if you are a PHP Developer, it simple to get a website web wide range assistance that would let you use it. If you recommended to make a website using dynamically designed material, but you weren't sure that you required to go so far as to use an program web wide range web host hosting server like J2EE, you would very likely use PHP. It was quick, simple to understand, genuine, and you didn't have to understand Perl.


Zend Framework is a new open source effort aimed at producing a high-quality framework for developing modern, robust, secure web applications and web services in PHP 5.


Zend Framework components include:


Zend_Controller module provides the overall control for the application. It translates requests into specific actions and makes sure they get executed. Zend_Db- This is based on PHP Data Objects , Zend_Feed- it easy to consume RSS and Atom feeds.


Zend_Filter provides string-filtering functions, Zend_Mail - This enables you to send text and multipart MIME email, Zend_HttpClient enables you perform HTTP requests easily. Zend_Log is for general-purpose logging functionality. Zend_Pdf enables you to create new PDF documents, and load and edit existing PDF documents. Except this modules there are lot of functionality which enables the best customization in framework.


Reasons to Use Zend Framework


  • Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces. This makes most, if not all, of ZF’s components extendable to some point.

  • In Zend Framework, everything is an object. This poses its own disadvantages, such as making things more complicated to code. Its main advantage, though, is the ability to make code reusable, and since nobody likes to repeat themselves, this is a very good thing.

  • By design, Zend Framework is simply a collection of classes. Normally, you’ll use Zend MVC components to create a fully-functional ZF project, but in any other case, you can just load the components you need. ZF is much decoupled, which means we can take advantage of the components as individual libraries, instead of the framework as a whole.ZF, by default, is a glue framework. Its decoupled nature makes it easy to use as “glue” to your already existing application.

  • Zend Framework’s decoupled nature makes it very easy to integrate other libraries that you want to use.

  • Free and open source framework

  • Extreme Simplicity

  • High productivity

  • Flexible Architecture

  • Supported by more than 300 contributor, include IBM and other major companies

  • It also aims to make your programming life easier, not just in general by instituting the MVC pattern, but also for specific things you tend to do all the time, like access databases or output to a PDF file.


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to show your own online visibility and where increase sales

Significantly need to opine in which variant of business you involve. Well, customers want to research your products or services. The customers can be a lot of thoughts and business ideas. SO that your websites or your products display resource will be solid and more informative regards of services and products. There are many kinds of way to promote your businesses. Although A website Publishing is perfect for the current time. It is well known every one is doing business on the internet.

Website show the all features of your business. Customers come on your website, and then buy from your business in the traditional online way or offline way.

If your customers face difficult and unpleasant experience on your website then they won't hesitate to click on to your competitor's site. For better relationships with your customers need to hire professional and expert Web Developer. Reach more customers and fulfill your website exigency by hiring a web developer or Web Designer. They will work according to your exigency to develop the creative and unique eCommerce Website Design and development services. He will help you in selection of your online eCommerce businesses and platforms.

The proper collection of codes and information that are used by developers is important for search engine optimization (SEO) and other significant things concerning in driving more traffic to the website.

Web Developer

In the web development segment designing is one the most important rescue for the web developer. Do you know on the internet there are so many website themes and templates are available free but these are old or can be utilize by others while web themes or web templates to be designed and published on the internet to use freely. However hiring a web developer or web designer is need to develop the creative and unique website design and development services.

A website is describe your online services, popularity, products, employee placement, advertisement, fashion, reduced communication, customer service, save marketing costs, Increased sales, Offer instant information, and fast communication to your customers, Create customer relationships with newsletters, give general information about your business, reach global customers.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What does PHP have that Python doesn't?

PHP and Python are diffirent world's but they are most popular Web programming languages in technology. Naturally both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. PHP often seems like it's developed simply for developing Websites, even if some individuals uses of PHP for other projects also. By standard it's really an HTML design with value placed in.
However, Python appears on as a common objective terminology. First one is used for general purpose of programming or Web Development and second one is used for web framework. Development for the website in Python includes selecting one of the web structure that gives you the performance you want. If you're programming something different, however, it doesn't experience like you will work against the objective of the terminology, exclusively as you can often use other general-purpose frameworks.
But in the some features both have same includes:
  • are interpreted, high level languages with dynamic typing
  • are Opensource (except where various Zend products, recommended by some, are employed)
  • are supported by large developer communities
  • are easy to learn (compared to C++, Perl)
  • are easy to extend in C, C++ and Java
  • Are extremely portable. They run on almost all platforms in existence without recompilation.
  • Support for variable number of function arguments.
  • Have the ability to freeze live objects in a string representation (for storing arbitrary objects on disk, moving them over the network, etc.); they can then be converted back to identical objects with data intact. PHP's serialize function; Python's pickle and marshal modules. Note that PHP, handling of serialized objects and classes is much weaker and error prone than Python's due to PHP's lack of modules. When an object is serialized, only its attributes are stored, not its methods. Thus, the object's class must be present (with the exact same name) in the script that unserializes it. In Python this is handled automatically via the module/import framework. (this COULD be handled with PHP 5's autoload(), but is not done automatically)
  • support namespaces
  • support for docstring (pydoc / reflection + phpDocumenter)
  • support method chaining
  • have several debuggers and IDEs
  • support for dates that aren't limited to UNIX timestamps (<1970, >2038)
  • support for cached byte-code compilation (an extension in PHPs case)
  • have a standardized database API
  • support GTK and QT
  • support lambdas and other builtin functional programming constructs
  • have a single statement (unset/del) for all data types
  • can be used for scripting and general programming (CLI sapi, embedded etc., in the case of PHP)
Compared as Languages
  • syntax from C/C++ and Perl, with lots of curly braces and dollar signs and "->"-s
  • the 'switch' statement and 'do ... while' construct
  • increment and decrement and assignment operators (assignment is a statement only in Python)
  • The ternary operator/statement (...?...: ...)
  • Confused tableau of function names. The builtin library has a wide variety of naming conventions. Functions often have prefixes to denote their source (but often not). Functions are often placed into classes to simulate namespaces.
  • a somewhat weak type system (not to be confused with dynamic types)
  • an expedient (commonly installed) environment
  • One array type that doubles as a list and a dictionary. Dictionary keys are iterated in their original order.
  • private, protected and public modifiers for both properties and methods
  • abstract and final modifiers for both classes and methods
  • interfaces
However, as Python has multiple inheritances, there's less need for interfaces. Also Python 2.6 has introduced Abstract Base Classes.
  • variable variables
  • default arguments in functions
  • embedding in HTML
Note: mod_python got this as well.
  • a wide range of byte-code caches available
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New Source: http://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonVsPhp

Monday, December 3, 2012

Elements and aspect to developer the android Phones

These days in the market we can see that there are lot of verities of mobile devices and OS devices is available. Mobile application development is really hot these days and it is new for all, and Managing system is now out before side of the reset in the mobile app world.
It is really possible to become able to make Android application program, no matter your qualifications, and the sources to research and make with are no cost and simple to use!" So let's begin with the sources. The number one device for Android application development is the Surpass IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Surpass is no cost, operates on many techniques (including Windows and Linux), and is often improved to provide better efficiency in apps development.
Moreover, the Android Apps Development Company from Look for engines has offered the Android application development Tool set (ADT) device for Surpass that changes it into an Android apps mobile program production powerhouse! It changes program collection into a one-click procedure, provides customized authors for structure information and sources, and performs up-dates for the newest changes of the Managing system SDK.
Some Apps developer discovers Eclipse a little unique or even push chair to use at times (myself included). For example, it won't always identify new source information until you reboot it, which is sometimes a pain. However, I always use Eclipse with the ADT device for all of my Android Apps Development, and I recommend that you do the same thing.
You may always opt to use different software, and there are many out there. But a term of warning about IDEs: many Android application IDEs declare to turn mobile development into a "drag-and-drop" procedure, or allow android application development in other dialects besides Java. Is it simple to make cell phone programs using these tools?
Of course will they be good apps? May be but will they be great programs - programs that really surpass objectives and increase easily with new features as the Android apps mobile company evolves? No. mobile development is just like any other procedure value doing: do it properly (in this case, do it the mobile development way) and you will always have better success.
Now on the research aspect. This aspect will take much longer than just installing a simple device. Studying Android application development is like learning any other vocabulary (and that is what this is - just a vocabulary, except a vocabulary that allows you to discuss to a computer instead of another human). It will require determination, and a lot of trial-and-error.
If you don't comprehend Java, that is how you need to begin. When I started learning Android application I got a little disappointed, because I didn't already comprehend java beforehand. After investing a week on the fundamentals of java, I discovered that I could study the value cases and comprehend the cases. So begin there.
Next is the Managing system SDK itself. There are so many learning training for android application available. Really don't have the room to list them all in this publish. But Look for engines do, so look for it. Look for "Android app Development Company" and begin with the guide that you wish the best. They are one of my preferred locations to discover immediate help from real developers who enjoy assisting new Android Apps Developer.

Android Development