Thursday, May 30, 2013

iPhone Development Companies Exploring ios SDK

The leading iPhone Apps Development group that introduced you the top selling mobile devices iPhone 4 is returning again for Starting iOS 5 development, As company providing this specified information up-to-date with Apple's newest and biggest iOS SDK, as well as with the newest edition of Xcode.
There's store of devices new technology, with sections on storyboards and iCloud, for example, as well as important information to current sections to carry them in range with all the changes that came with the iOS 5 SDK. You'll have everything you need to make your very own applications for the earlierest iOS gadgets, such as the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the newest iPod contact. Every individual example system in the guide has been renewed from the begining using Xcode 4.2 and the newest iOS 5-specific venture layouts and developed to take benefits of the newest Xcode functions.
Apps development guide lines and working information of Objective-C is not difficults. It is published in a helpful writting, It's easy-to-follow design, structure and maping. Starting iOS 5 development provides a perfect course in iPhone, iPad, and iPod contact development. The guide begins with the fundamentals, strolling through the process of setting up and setting up Xcode and the iOS 5 SDK, and then books you though enhancing your first simple program.

You will understand there, how to include all the interface components The apple company touch customers have come to know and love, such as control buttons, changes, pickers, tool bars, and slider mobile phones. You’ll expert a wide range of design styles, from the easiest single view to complicated ordered drill-downs. The complicated art of desk building will be demystified, and you will understand how to preserve your information using the iPhone data file system.
You’ll also understand how to preserve and recover your information using a wide range of determination techniques, such as Primary Data and SQLite. And there is much more! You’ll understand to sketch using Quarta movement 2D and OpenGL ES, add multi touch gestural support (pinches and swipes) to your programs, and work with the photographic camera, picture collection, accelerometer, and built-in GPS. You’ll discover the excellent points of program choices and understand how to localize your programs for several dialects.
  • The iOS 5 update to the bestselling and most recommended book for Cocoa touch developers
  • Packed full of tricks, techniques, and enthusiasm for the new SDK from a developer perspective
  • Written in an accessible, easy-to-follow style
What you’ll get there:
  • Everything you need to know to develop your own bestselling iPhone and iPad apps
  • Best practices for optimizing your code and delivering great user experiences
  • How to create “universal” apps for both the iPhone and iPad
  • What is data persistence and why is it important
  • Get started with building cool, crisp User Interfaces
  • What and how to use Table Views
  • How to do graphics with Quartz and OpenGL ES
  • What geo app development features the new iOS 5 brings to the iPhone 4S
  • How to get your app in iCloud and much much more...
Possitive plus point of this book
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Rare Apple 1 Computer Sells at Auction For $671,400

A very rare Apple 1 computer sold for a record $671,400 in a German auction on Saturday, according to The New York Times.
As Mashable reported ahead of the auction, the Apple 1 computer is a low-powered PC from Apple's humble beginnings, which began with original co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This specific computer that was up for sale at German auction house Auction Team Breker is still functioning. It is reportedly only among six Apple 1s left in existence.

The New York Times reported that the buyer wants to stay anonymous, but is a wealthy entrepreneur from the "Far East." Saturday's sale was higher than Auction Team Breker's recent sale of another Apple 1 that went for $640,000.
The Apple 1 is quite a piece of history from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, which these days ranks among the most valuable companies in the world.

Friday, May 24, 2013

What are some of the unique features of e-commerce technology?

Ecommerce words describes its own explanation for all internet based business. eCommerce Technology has expanded their branches in all market segaments. Day by day we look some new technology and eCommerce application for our business. eCommerce is not new technology. It has been running from 10 years back. From back to current eCommerce technology has changed the lots for business profiles and vital product, pricing and retailer client details on more than 1,200 application developers and service providers in 23 different e-commerce market segments. These changes make it better.
The time is for gainning and achieving the some more features to stay away for long time in the eCommerce market. In the eCommerce technology development hundreds of eCommerce solutions and vendors are running and continualy developing the best features to make it useful and perfect for their client.
The most important thing is how do you find the right one for your business ?, what do they have the quality? Basically it is important to know much that unique features of eCommerce Technology have included.
The unique features of e-commerce technology include:

Ubiquity: It is available just about everywhere and at all times. Consumer can connect it to the Internet at any time, including at their homes, their offices, on their video game systems with an Internet connection and mobile phone devices. eCommerce is ubiquitous technology which is available everywher and can access all times by using internet and Wi-Fi hotspot such as airport, coffee cafe and hill station places.
Global reach: The potential market size is roughly equal to the size of the online population of the world. eCommerce Technology seamlessly stretch across traditional cultural and national boundaries and enable worldwide access to the client. eCommerce website have ability to translate the multilingual websites as well as allow the access to internatoin visitors all over the world.
Universal standards: The technical standards of the Internet and therefore of conducting ecommerce, are shared by all of the nations in the world. The whole online tradition are growing and expanding their own features in the world. To development the any kind of business need Internet and communication application which make the business relationship more lovingly and attractive for secure business and successful business. eCommerce Technology provide us powerful application to access our social networking and online eCommerce store any time and everywhere.
Richness: Information that is complex and content-rich can be delivered without sacrificing reach. It has been so simple to keep the record of our tradition commincation within the eCommerce time. You can save your audio, video, sent files, recieved files or data in your user account.
Interactivity: E-commerce technologies allow two-way communication between the merchant and the consumer. You can call them by using the voip and track the communication record. And second is is email communication which allow you to access all kind of mailing systemes and tracking.
Information density: The total amount and quality of information available to all market participants is vastly increased and is cheaper to deliver. Most business owners use the shopping cart and do the order of product and purchasing online. Online shopping process allows a consumer or company to receive personal details, product shipping, billing and payment information from a customer all at once and sends the customer's information to the appropriate departments in a matter of seconds priority.
Personalization/Customization: E-commerce technologies enable merchants to target their marketing messages to a person’s name, interests and past purchases. They allow a merchant to change the product or service to suit the purchasing behavior and preferences of a consumer.
Social technology: User content generation and social networking technologies is most useful features which excelerat the client activity to share the information and content with one click. eCommerce technology has tie up the social media networking application to provide the best source of content sharing technology and eMarketing systems. You can share you content or data easily in just one click.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IBM announced software development solutions to cloud, mobile technologies

IBM Software Company has declared a range of new programs which will help clients to create programs faster and with better quality across several development conditions such as reasoning, mobile, and complicated systems.
The global software application force toward consistently increasing systems needs reliability and cooperation across the entire software application lifecycle and supply cycle. Often software application development groups are having difficulties to meet business objectives due to a lack of hard information. According to IBM, there is a need for distributed data and a regular perspective across business limitations, revealed through clear and sincere achievement.
To deal with these difficulties, IBM is going to presenting a new edition of its incorporated software application Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) remedy with prolonged style management abilities. CLM is designed on IBM’s open software development foundation, Jazz music, and delivers together IBM Logical Specifications Musician, IBM Logical Group Show and IBM Logical Quality Administrator in one easy-to-install and easy-to-use remedy.
The new CLM program assures that program design is included with relax of the program lifecycle. Development categories are now able to easily work together on the design and expansion of program with key stakeholders from across the company.

According to initial conclusions of an IBM Institution for Business Value International Study on application shipping,* more than three-fourths of the taking part companies said they are underprepared for major technology styles that will affect their competition. These styles include the growth of mobile phones, the ability to make use of cloud-based sources for versatility and benefits, and the growing amount of sensible products with included application. While 50 % of companies believe effective application shipping is essential to their aggressive advantage, only 25 % currently make use of it.
“Today’s business situation is how to deal with both the need for fast shipping and adequate control in the software development process,” said Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, gm, IBM Logical. “We must stability the need for rate and rate with better government to handle cost and quality, accomplish regulating conformity, make sure security, and have some level of financial of a routine.”
Top Bank in China Transforms Core Processes -- China Merchants Bank (CMB), headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has over 800 branches, more than 50,000 employees and is cited as one of the world’s top 100 banks. China Merchants Bank environment spans IBM System z and IBM Power platforms. With geographically dispersed developers responsible for modernizing core banking and credit card processing applications, collaboration became essential. CMB uses IBM Rational CLM software capabilities to create a multiplatform application lifecycle management (ALM) environment to help automate their development processes and breakdown skills silos for effective cross-teaming.
IBM Logical developer and ALM resources were introduced into our bank card migration and primary financial system venture,” said Zhanwen Chen, administrator of settings management, Chinese suppliers Suppliers Bank. “Replacing older resources and managing the initiatives of our 1,000+ designers enhanced our quality and performance.”
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Web Development PHP- The Innovative CMS Solutions

This representation is for CMS solutions. Everyone want to see their web page like excellent style, web structure, management, protected transaction and fulfill to mobile views exposure. This idea is not new - it's something that has been going with many of the well-known CMS solution.
In order to web development technique and maintain businesses must include new market requirements motivated by improved customer encounters in their web CMS and solutions.  Finding ways to tie your systems together to make one specific, controllable, and pleasant experience for your clients is how most effective companies are currently dealing with the idea of such improved CMS solutions. It's no longer about getting written text onto a web page without composing code- CMS are much more innovative with a powerful concentrate on marketing.
It is not just about developing your website, it's about offering clients with truly enhanced and customized experiences on every system everywhere. If you are looking for website development and for hosting you should think reasoning first when choosing a new Web CMS. Web CMS alternatives are becoming a member of the rankings of other "marketing cloud" alternatives with real SAS distribution and agile web promotion resources.

So choosing a web CMS platforms and applying it in synchronize with all business specifications and business preparedness is a complicated process and this needs consulting to services which includes high-level items like content architecture and strategy, incorporation and items like restructuring your website, new styles etc.
In the web CMS sectors the long run of PHP is shiny in 2013. Because it is free open source scripting language as programming languages. Do you know the reason of why it is among the recommended 'languages' for web designers and all website entrepreneurs. Overall it is quite simple and can work in a number of environments, web servers and operating-system. To all website entrepreneurs which want to create website this can convert into a considerable saving in the cost of hosting their website.
Affordable Hosting Cost: Open source is free so it can considerably bring down hosting costs, encouraging hosting companies to offer and recommend low cost PHP hosting services to potential clients.
Simplicity of Software: As a server-end language, it integrates into HTML pages without the need for any additional plug-ins, add-ons or software.
Platform Support: It works on a number of operating systems including Linux, Mac and Windows. What's more, it also supports a number of databases at the back-end, including Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL. This makes it pretty much platform independent and deploy-able in any environment.
High Levels of Security: Security of the site, customers and data from hackers is a growing concern. With the various different levels of security that PHP provides web designers, it provides much needed levels of security keeping the website safe against viruses, hackers, and more. The security levels are also configurable allowing flexibility in setting the levels of security depending on the needs of the site.
Speed: Usually the need for additional system resources is what slows down the hosting platform. Since PHM requires minimal system resources, it is a fast platform for hosting websites. Being fast and light also means that the performance of other processes also isn't affected resulting and overall fast and efficient hosting experience.
Flexibility: Being open source, developers around the world keep contributing features that add to the options PHP offers developers. Its dynamic load mechanism lends itself to web developers creating their own extensions too. In addition, be it the use of graphics, encryption or XML, PHP is quite easy to use for all these needs.
Compatibility with the Most Common Modules: Modules like Flash, PDF and Calendar are commonly used on websites these days. Compatibility with these modules is essential for any web hosting platform. Since PHP is compatible with most of these freely available modules, it means that web developers do not have to spend time creating new modules for their websites.
You can reach a large number of target-audiences. Furthermore, you can make sure that proper, updated information can be found on your website all the time. It is user friendliness should be discounted as a big plus. Whether you are a web developer or a business owner looking for PHP web development solutions, PHP content management system is better CMS for your industries specific website.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Design, Icon and Visuals Matter build a successful app

Apple’s working methods revolves around design excellence. It’s no coincidence the Apple apps stores are always well designed and integrates. App Design is the most critical component in creating a beautiful app. Like websites, apps are incredibly disposable. For an app should be make sense immediately, users should realize little guilty during in deleting it. The title of Steve Krug’s popular book encapsulates our task as usability designers: don’t make me think. Like a well-designed doorknob, the interface itself implicitly explains its own use and value.
Users have models in their head about the way the world works. Don’t design according to your database or programming limitations, but according to how the user thinks about things.
Every cool feature idea inevitably adds complexity to the app. Strip the app, the screens and even the elements within each screen to their essence. Good design is more about saying no to good ideas than it is about generating them.
Users are lazy. They don’t want to read instructions and they hate typing. The best apps figure out the absolute minimum the user needs to do for the app to function.

Consider UI Conventions
Users have certain expectations about how the UI on their devices should behave based on the conventions they see in the operating system and the primary apps they use every day. Pay attention to the UI guidelines (iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Android User Interface Guidelines) and be sure to understand a convention before ignoring it.
Don’t let eye scanning and focus groups intimidate you. Do whatever you can! Most basic usability problems surface by simply getting the interface in front of some potential users. Ask a few questions (“what do you think this app does? How might you do X task?”), and watch them. Do it early and often throughout the entire design and development process.
Visuals Matter
Beautiful apps sell better, are more enjoyable to use and feel more valuable than bland apps. Though beauty can be found in rich gradients, textures and shadows, strive for the subtler attributes of elegance, readability and tasteful layout. Use skeuomorphism (UI that mimics physical objects) only where it enriches the experience and doesn’t distract from it. If you’re unfamiliar with basic graphic design principles, The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams is a great place to start.
Touch Is Magic
Apple’s engineers don’t stop working until their products feel right. It’s why the first iPhone’s bouncy scrolling “scrolls like butter.” If an object doesn’t respond immediately to the touch, it reminds you that you are using a computer and not actually directly manipulating the object.
Gestures can provide a powerful connection between the interface and the user but can also be frustratingly undiscoverable if not implemented correctly. Experiment with new interactions and don’t stop working until every interaction, transition and metaphor makes sense and feels right.
Don’t Neglect Your Icon
The icon is most people’s first impression of your app. It also occupies a space on users’ precious home screen. The best icons are simple but memorable; they stand out without being garish. The icon should look beautiful at large sizes, yet iconic enough to be recognized within an app folder on the home screen.
About company information: We are professional Custom Software Development company in India. Also providing services as Magento Development, Joomla Web Design, Drupal Development, iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, and other more in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Denamarks, world wide business.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WordPress Website Development Features and Useful Plugin

WordPress is most popular open source CMS Platform based on PHP and MySQL.  WordPress has grown into a fairly popular content management, website development, and publishing platform. It is very easy to design and development. It has great features and is easy to get up and run the web application. WordPress is a great option for small businesses looking for an easy development and  professional way to create great designs for their website.
Development Supports
WordPress has strong and easy content management system. As Wordpress is open source software it can be operate by any one for personal or professional use. Best Part of WordPress is it’s plug-in, and this make wordpress out of the performance. There are numbers of effective plug-ins in wordpress which can be use to develop website easily and make it search engine friendly. Search Engine friendly I am saying that its content optimization, link structure, widgets which helps to meet it to the search engine closely. But as expected the level of support you get with them can be hit or miss based on the developer’s free time and desire.
Attractive Designing Component
WordPress gives best result in terms of keywords ranking as compare to any other web platform. Another service provided by Word Press Development Services is widgets. These are small modules that help users in the implementation of many plug-ins and drag-and-drop sidebar content. Widgets allow Word Press developers to add functionalities such as slideshow, news sliders, Facebook etc.
Let’s take a quick look at four easy WordPress design techniques for creating a killer site.
Useful Plugins
UberMenu Top Megamenu
Now it is the time of sticky Top navbar. It give the extra charming and easy to find the links. In the sense of SEO it come to breadcrumbs linking. Sticky menus allow your users easy access to your menu at all times, without having to scroll back to the top of the page to navigate to a different part of your site. This is a highly customizable menu option with drop-down capabilities.
It is compatible with WordPress 3.5+ and UberMenu 2.2.2+ with jQuery 1.8.2+ (included with WordPress 3.5+) Menu Management. One plus poing also it is regarding responsive design. UberMenu Sticky Menu Extension is automatically disabled for mobile devices (phones, iPods, etc), since fixed position menus may become inaccessible on small screens. It is simple yet very powerful. Click to Live Preview

Quform – WordPress Form Builder
Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms with total control. Ignore the codes or just don’t want to write the code for custom form but still want to use forms, this is the plugin for you. It is point-and-click building to create complex or simple forms for whatever you need.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support
This beauty does exactly touch the extra ordinary features to get alert on the website. Live Chat Plugin provides a way to chat with customers without paying for a service using operators and chat logs. Although WordPress has the own chat plugin and also support the third party chat tools. For the WordPress live chat you can download it from WordPress official website. You can Download
The Banckle Live Chat Plugin, you can effectively communicate and conduct live chat sessions with the visitors of your WordPress website.
HTML5 Video Player
This is the amazing features of HTML 5. It's video player has multiple skins and controls that work even in full screen mode. If you are using videos on your site then this is the plugin to use. It allows WordPress users to easily use HTML5 < video > the element enable native video playback within the browser. It works in IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, mobile devices including Android/iOS.

If you are being eager to download this plugin so you can download from here. Download
This is absolutely essential if you don’t manually manage your database or run your own optimization scripts. Plus you can rename users including the default admin user.
As WordPress Development Company has developed thousands of website in WordPress CMS. So that just giving notes of usefull features of WordPress Development.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Structure of CMMI will be discussed and detailed debate of different process areas

This information will introduce Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework to the software developer. Structure of CMMI will be discussed and detailed debate of different process areas of software which will be carried out.
Some of the key software manufacturing tricks like, software requirement management, software configuration management, software quality assurance, and software estimation will be discuss in feature. Some of the tools and their significance uses throughout the development process is scattered here for the new commerce.
A course in software engineering
Software Engineering Courses are useful for the integration of module and tools so therefore, below is given what we should do and what is the element is needed for Development Process.
1. Introduce the new commerce to processes in general and development processes in particular part of developing systems.
2. Develop an appreciation for focusing on the processes during development.
3. Introduce the new commerce to current development practices in the industry and quality assurance techniques.
5. Introduce the new commerce with process frame work - Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).
6. Enable to assess software processes maturity of an organization with respect to CMMI. Also should be able to suggest improvement in organizational processes to achieve higher process maturity with respect to CMMI.
Software Steps and Systems:

Following are the steps involved in systematic software. Examples of tools that may be used during the various stages are also provided. Note that though these steps generally apply to software in C, C++ or Java, they may be extended to Web – based software (e.g. development in PHP) as well.
For these activities we would be need of as documentation, Version Control (e.g. CVS, SCCS), Software metrics – performance related tools, Complexity, resource requirements, algorithms, Debugging and memory management, Coding style guidelines, Testing, tuning, code walkthroughs, Data Dictionary, static analysis, Block diagrams / Flow diagrams) Scheduling, milestones, API design, calling interface, Maintenance, bug tracking (E.g. Bugzilla), Requirements analysis and design (with feedback).
Technologies Used for all the three requirements the team used Java as its front end while for the back end multi database support was one of the requirements of message boards and Wiki. Thus the shortlisted message board and wiki were available with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server database. However since MySQL was currently being used in Tietronix it was decided to have MySQL as the database for message boards and Wiki.
After knowing this information of software development we have come across some new concepts about software application development and maintenance that how we use the tools and software development process. We did learn also how many systems and tools would be adopted to develop a software application and then deploying it on the portal.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stop Google Now from Draining Your iPhone's Battery

We were excited to see Google Now finally make its way to iOS, but it didn't come without problems. Many users report excessive battery drain due to location reporting. Fortunately, Cult of Mac offers a solution.
Hopefully the excessive battery drain be fixed sooner rather than later, then, but you don’t need to stop using Google Now completely until that time comes. Instead, you can turn off location reporting from within the Privacy section of the app’s settings — just hit the little cog in the top right corner. This will disable the features that rely on location information, such as live traffic reporting, but it won’t kill Google Now completely.
While this solution requires compromise, we'll hopefully see an update to the app in the near future that will allow Google Now to function fully without siphoning the life from your iDevice's battery.
UPDATE: Google contacted us to let us know that they believe the battery drain reports in the iOS Google Now app are incorrect:

Reports that Google Now drains battery life are incorrect. We understand people’s concern about seeing the Location Services icon stay on when they use Google Now. Many apps that keep the icon on actually do drain the phone’s battery because they require very accurate location. (For example a navigation app has to run your GPS all the time to keep you from missing your turn.) Google Now is built very differently: it uses cell towers and wifi hot spots for much lower battery impact.
We extensively tested Google Now on iOS for months and didn’t see reports of significant battery impact — we would encourage you to try it in the Google Search app for a few days and we don’t expect you to see significant impact on your battery. If you are seeing a problem, please do tell us (just tap feedback in the app settings). We take user feedback very seriously.
So, if you haven't actually experienced any significant battery don't go and turn off location services for Google Now as a preventative measure. If you do experience an issue, however, let them know.