Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top Joomla Templates: Responsive Web Effect

Basically Joomla ! is well known for the creative design and best web page effects. Joomla ! have biggest web layouts and styles which signify the biggest opportunity for a company to develop a web-site. Joomla ! would also signify small companies and draw clients to help make sales and become successful. Though any web-site could guarantee a reduction in growth time, its necessary to identify just how the best layouts will speed up your web design experience.
J51 - Evolution
Evolution is the first Responsive Joomla51 template release, allowing your Joomla site to automatically adapt itself to best accommodate the viewing device of your sites visitors. With the use of CSS media queries Evolution will automatically adapt its layout to fit multiple screen sizes. No longer do you need to create separate layouts for mobile devices such as phones and tablets as your Joomla51 template will now do this for you. Included you will also find all the features you have come to expect from Joomla51 with multiple layout options, font and color choosers, 6 color styles and much more.
J51 - Catalyst
Catalyst is a flexible and powerful Joomla template solution packed full with features to get your site off the ground. With its distinct design of dark midnight colors, Catalyst includes an adjustable template width to set the width of your site to best suit your content, 6 colors styles to choose from, multiple font and color choosers and a collection of 49 module positions, with all settings accessible via its easy to use template parameters.

J51 - Executive
With its clean and light design our Executive template offers the perfect Joomla template solution when content is the key. Highly versatile and easily customizable our Executive template offers a host of features including adjustable template width, 48 module positions, multiple font and color choosers, easy logo editing options and an array of template styled extensions.
J51 - Bordeaux
Bordeaux is an original and unique template for Joomla, combining elegance with timeless design and optimal technical qualities. A perfect restaurant template solution and indeed any website, Bordeauxs features include a massive 48 module positions, an array of font & color choosers, 6 color styles, multiple layout options and fully customizable module widths, to mention only a few.
J51 - Novation
Novation offers you a simple and professional Joomla template with loads of customization options allowing you full control over your content. Packed with all usual features including a selection of styles to pick from, multiple color choosers and 48 collapsible modules positions with width controls to name but a few.
J51 - Specialize
This versatile Joomla template solution offers you a unique design for your website. Featuring a crisp, modern design, Specialize will give your site that unique visual impact you have been looking for. Features include 48 collapsible module positions, multiple font and color choosers and super easy logo editing options all within our newly improved template parameters.
J51 - Chimera
With its unique style and design Chimera offers you an elegant solution for your Joomla template. Including all the features you have grown to expect from our templates Chimera boasts 48 collapsible module positions with full width controls, 6 color styles, text font and color choosers with over 100 fonts to choose from and a 3 column layout with 6 possible layout options.
J51 - Avenue
Avenue' is bursting at the seams with features including a massive 48 module positions, an array of font & color choosers along with 6 color styles to pick from. Multiple layout options and fully customizable module widths make Avenue a highly versatile solution for your needs.
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