Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apple Users taking their risks to repair iPhone and iPad

The business has showed up the growing number of problems on Apple’s after-sales service. In China suppliers, when an iPhone is out of assurance, The apple company will not substitute individual areas alone, only defective areas along with the handset’s mother board and battery etc. It has big reason to growing the number of complaints on Apple. Because the repairing cost of devices are very expensive in the apple's store. The repairing cost half of the price of new smart phone devices.
Local expert who familiar with Chinese IT law, said there was no substantive change in the new versions of the repair policies and the wording continued to be vague.
One source said she is a fan of The apple company items but the expenses of repairing an iPhone whose assurance has terminated at The apple company shop is too costly. The complete cost of the repaire can achieve around 1,600 yuan (US$255), which is near 50 percent the cellphone cost. Normally, Chinese suppliers iPhone customers would want to fix the broken part only, and they are only willing to pay around 200-300 yuan (US$32-48) for solving it. iPhone areas are relatively inexpensive in Chinese suppliers, most of them are came from the unique providers and can be buy in underground, while some are even high-quality duplicated areas. These elements are promoting inexpensive at Taobao.com, charging between 10 to 250 yuan (US$1.6-$40). These online providers have been doing a strong business, indicating many Chinese suppliers iPhone customers are willing to take the danger. An The apple company system element supplier can generate around 10,000 yuan (US$1,600) of income per month.
But there is no change in terms of repair of old spare parts in the revised version stated by Apple. During the warranty period, Apple owns those old spare parts, but that once this warranty is over they should be returned to customers as they pay for the repairs.

Smart phone providers in China suppliers are earning money by selling iPhone’s elements and DIY servicing packages as iPhone owners whose assurance has terminated are getting to fix their devices themselves rather than getting in to The apple company stores which charge significant fix fees. Over at Taobao.com, the most popular online industry in China suppliers, there are thousands of China providers offering all sorts of iPhone elements which range from battery power, cameras, supports, displays and audio cords, along with full specific guidelines on how to carry out the servicing.
Inexperienced owners may encounter problems when trying to open a handset themselves. It’s very easy to damage the display screen, internal cables and tiny chips during the fixing process, especially the preciseness of Apple products. Despite the risk, DIY maintenance remains an alternative option for Chinese iPhone users, since it is cheaper than professional repair shops and even more so than taking the device to an Apple store. Expert remind those who do not have the experience on assembly should not try to repair their iPhones by themselves, most of the people have no professional knowledge on the interior structure of their i-devices.
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