Thursday, December 27, 2012

Introduction and task division of Software development companies

A software development company is basically an IT service provider company. These companies are involved in providing IT services right from developing the software to its maintenance.
The efficiency of a software development company is judged by the services it offers within the time-line. In a way all sectors are hugely becoming dependent on the IT sector and therefore the scope for software companies is on the boom.
All software companies follow a cycle which is called SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). It starts from hiring required machineries and recruiting IT experts who then conduct the entire task of developing the system.
Nowadays, many IT companies provide offshore service to its client i.e. a client from USA hires an Indian company to develop their software. They give their requirements which are then analyzed by the software development company and in turn they provide the time frames and cost estimation to the client.
Even onshore services are provided by few companies who send their experts to the client’s place and work in their territory.
The IT sector is the “it” sector of present day India. It gained momentum two decades back and it accounts for more than 6% of the country’s GDP. Although we might have missed being part of the Industrial Revolution, we are definitely ruling the IT Revolution.
With thousands of offshore software development companies coming up, India has become a favorite hot-spot for IT services across the world. This is because of the state-of-the-art services provided at the cheapest rate in compare to the other countries.
Software developers in India work dedicatedly in serving the clients all over the world, meeting their requirements and never compromising on quality.
Talking about the future of software companies, it seems to be very bright. Slowly and steadily, all companies are going paperless and for that they would require reliable and efficient software to manage their internal system.
Every department, every industry is now highly dependent on technology for fast and smooth functioning. Therefore, as the demand increases, IT industry will take a step further for its growth and find its place in one of country’s highest revenue making sector.

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