Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Client words to take up a Software outsourcing companies

The expression of consumer may be meaning various things to completely different folks. You will come upon that if you have internal business and external business. You will conjointly come upon that, your clarification of associate external consumer is completely different looking on whether or not you are offer the impression of being at them from your company’s perspective, or from the attitude of a neutral.
A client is a business or entity that purchases one or more of our products or services and has an exclusive shipping address or site. A client is defined by a exclusive, six-digit Client ID.
If a large outsourcing corporation has three divisions that each has exclusive data centers in different sites (different ship-to addresses) then we would consider them three different clients.
These explanations are created by a Software Development Company to illustrate the clientele expression and supplementary terms. They allowed for clearer and more specific vocabulary, and allowed for reliable communication between all internal parties.
The client number is established at the time the contract is signed. Client Site – A “site” or “installed site” is a logical term for a client ship-to address. We do not trail where the software is ultimately installed.
In most cases, the physical installation site is the same as the ship-to address. However, there are probably instances where we ship product to one location, with the company sending the software internally to the actual “installation site”.
There may also be instances where we ship products to one location, which then sends the software to multiple internal locations. Since we shipped the software to one site, we still regard as them one client.
What happens actually in the case of inactive clientele who still uses one or more of our products, but they have no products on present maintenance? When reporting to shareholders and external entities, it is important to embrace these companies in the client count. They are, in fact, using our products, even if they are not paying present maintenance.
And in the case of maintenance clients – This is not a fully accurate term. Theoretically, there are no clients on maintenance. Only products can be on or off maintenance. In fact, one client may have multiple products, some of which may be on maintenance while others are off maintenance.
To find clients who have products on maintenance, we would need to look first for all products on maintenance, and then conclude the client those products are connected with them or not.
Close relative – A phrase to aggregate multiple clients under a common corporate umbrella. The field is available, but is not kept up-to-date today. (Some people in the Marketing Group might also refer to this as an “organization”.)
Partner – A company where we have a formal, contractual partnership arrangement. There are two types of partners. One is who sell our products. These are also called resellers or distributors. These partners have Client IDs, since we ship them products that they use for demos.
And second is whose products we recommend or sell. This includes companies who have products that we embed in our software, or companies that have balancing solutions to our products.
If these partners sell any of our products to another company, that second company is considered one of our clients, and has a Client ID. These terms and conditions are implementing on both as software development or product based company.
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