Friday, June 29, 2012

One of the most powerful features of magento ecommerce enterprises

First login into your shop by the word "admin" after the web address of your store locations, you can access the administration panel of your store. By default, after logging the Dashboard display.
In the Dashboard, the most recent store displays activity such as:
Most viewed products;
New Customers
In addition there are a number of statistics to be displayed, such as:
Total order value;
Average revenue per order;
Last 5 orders;
Last 5 queries;
Top 5 searches.
Websites and Stores
one of the most powerful features of Magento development company, is the ability to manage multiple websites and stores from a backend. This gives the store manager the ability to manage several stores linked to different URLs and displaying the same products but in different languages ​​at the same URL, along with a variety of different store configurations.

If you only sell your products from a URL in a language you do not need this functionality. The ability to expand to offering your website in different languages ensures that you can quickly grow and enter new markets.

A website is made for one or several stores, which the same customer information, ordering information and shopping cart information sharing.

Stores can be created in several ways. If they belong to the same website, certain information is shared.

Store Views are mainly used for different languages. For example if you have a shop to display in English or Spanish, you once a new store, and this creates two different Store Views.
Creating Multiple Websites and Stores
If you are interested in creating multiple Web sites, stores and / or store views, you can create it by navigating to System> Manage Stores.
For a new site, click Create Web Site right.
Websites each have a unique code is required. This code can be a text name, but without special characters and spaces.

Website name as would a good rule for the Code "new" or "new website" as your website code.
You can change the order of the display by changing websites "Sort order" to be used by this change in the admin area the order of the websites accordingly.

If you have not indicated any website to be displayed, when index.php is called by the browser, your customers will automatically be redirected to the "default website". What you select the Set as default checkbox.
create a new store and click on Create store, top right.
Select the Web site that the store should be associated.

Select the Root Category of magento which the store should be associated. In your categories configuration, it is possible to root multiple classes to create and to associate with different stores. The subcategories and associated products in these categories will only be displayed in the store to which the Root Category is associated.

If you do not want to use different Root Categories for different stores, you can keep the same Root category for all stores.

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